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Welcome to the Salted Wound image caption test site. I am still working the kinks out of the system, after that I will think about design. Go ahead and add a caption to the image by clicking on it. Big Thanks to Erin from for letting me use the Photo. She took it on the day she jumped out of a plane, and then someone stole the image from her site and sent it to me.

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108 Captions for “Sign Art”

  1. Anonymous

    The back yard of Jesse Ventura. “Beware of Owner” sign not pictured.

  2. Bart

    Also, Caution – Yellow rope tied to caution sign.

  3. Jen

    This is the last image little Jimmy saw before he was impaled by a rogue skydiver.

  4. Anonymous

    See if you can handle my exploding kneecap parachute drop. Heeyyayaaa!

  5. Anonymous

    do you think they had those near 007 when he was paratrooping in?

  6. DJ

    This sign was eventually changed to ‘ASS-KICKING PARACHUTER AREA’

  7. Eric


  8. Porked Your Mom

    After the accident, I forced the city to erect this sign, so that others wouldn’t be harmed by this plague of skydivers we’re experiecing this year

  9. Invisagoth

    “Hey Joe i have a good idea… lets paint that land mine warning sign to somthing else… hehehe”

  10. benny p

    one time when i was all alone by myself i began to think what it’d be like if everyone on earth had a dog with the same name that allways talked in german and some one once said hey …..then they left

  11. shawster

    why do they say “Heads up” when they really mean “Duck”

  12. Chris Crust

    This year’s banquet was a sucess as we recieved 25 million dollars to end “Headremovalbymeansofparachutingguysyndrome.”

  13. Invisagoth

    I think the Japanese Liberation is an important step in our modern history. Such other futile attemps at such have made it imposible to come to a comclusion to the deady coca cola incadent 20 years past. With such a high demand for rice in the world i find i a problem to have butter in such small ammounts. The Soy Sauce production industry is slowly going to flurish until we use it instead of frosting on our cake.

  14. Jesus

    Plane on the left: Twenty bucks says I get the next one in the groin.
    Plane on the right: You’re on!

  15. tortured soul

    What you didn’t see,
    Above this sign is one showing the parashuter getting chopped up in the plane prop

  16. Furry

    “KER POW!” “THWAP!” “BAM!”…three possible sounds of being hit by a parachuter

  17. Tyler Barton

    A clip of the new Chuck Norras movie …

  18. Crazy Cajun

    DELTA’s super economy class passenger
    service to non-scheduled airports

  19. SuperTech

    Beaurocracy spoils another secret invasion.

  20. fisher

    Next on the history channel: They were called the Higgins Boats of the 41st airborne division – how parachute landing signs won the war.

  21. the schmin

    damn you hit me…hey nny…I’m not happy

  22. Elf

    Martial arts paratrooper!
    “I knockuh yoh neckah offuh!”

  23. Adam

    who wouldn’t see some crazy bastard with a parachute flying at them anyways? not EVERYBODY in america is retarded

  24. Elvis' Ghost

    Aslo: Caution: Explosive Dummies

  25. lyrcom

    Unfortunately, the map neglected to mention the minefield….

  26. Jean-e

    Their top secret plan to drop in on the bad guys by surprise, might have worked, if only they weren’t so concerned with safety first.

  27. Steven

    Parachute landing area …. and oh yeah, prop planes take off here too. Proceed with caution.

  28. Angie

    Caution parchuters if you can read this in time: Ground may appear further than it seems. Proceed with Caution.

  29. CloudNine

    In event of failed opening, please aim for the trees.

  30. kittykat

    Hey look Joe Bob! That one forgot the parachute!

  31. Fenris

    Many a horrible parachute suicide bombings have occured at the field, although the ONE LITTLE SIGN IN THE WHOLE FRIGGIN PLACE was expected to decrease parachute suicide bombings by as much as 400%

  32. Major Adventure

    EXTREME SKYDIVING: When hitting the ground isn’t enough.

  33. Anonymous

    50 accidents a year, all cause 98% of parachuters are illiterate… who would have thought?

  34. cutie!

    | CAUTION |

  35. Anonymous

    the sign below says watch out for other signs including a sign portraying other signs kicking signs with exploding signs. signs

  36. Elizabeth

    I love how our groundbound friend is just kinda tipping over there. He recognizes the superiority of any man able to bend his knees.

  37. TxBluze

    Dude, Keep it up and I will jump out of this plane and kick your ass!

  38. Furson

    In another move to cut costs and please Wall St. and shareholders, DELTA AIRLINES announces new non-stop policy for ALL domestic flights…

  39. Tsura

    In leue of all the high crime rates of sky-diving terrorists, the Leftist Wing decided to have Parachute owners register their parachutes and have them only uses in the designated areas, in hopes to cut down on sky-way terrorist attacks.

  40. Anonymous

    Beware: Men with large tacos attached to strings. And Men with exploding arms.

  41. Mikemenn

    Subtitle: Contact with parachuters could result in electrical shock.

  42. Ellie

    The FBI’s latest attempt at warning the US public of terrorist attacks.

  43. Anonymous

    Osama’s favorite hangouts became so well known that eventually OSHA had to step in before someone got hurt.

  44. tps

    Look what I made with an inflatable mattress and two pieces of string

  45. Mike Hiribachi

    The top secret script to Jackie Chan’s new movie was leaked! Authorities are still working on how such a grave error could have been made.

  46. Grizzam

    A screenshot of the Beta test for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind – outside Icarian Flight school

  47. BillyJoeBob

    Only you can prevent being kicked in the goodies by the 101st airborn…

  48. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    Warning:pedestrians with explosive left arms

  49. paratrooper

    Private, that is an improper PLF, not get up there and do it again!

  50. Bishop

    Warning: You’re gonna get your ass kicked by a parachuter.

  51. paul bonser

    warning dog s..t dumpers get kicked by flying park guards

  52. Datz_It

    They didn’t have all that much money left fot the special effect for the new Jackie Chan movie

  53. Newt

    Caution – Skydivers kicking cardboard cut-out area.

  54. ConManXVII

    Caution: Beware parachuting ninjas

  55. ange

    Warning: Strange, flying, kick boxing creatures from outer space are known to land in this area!

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