Ninja squirrels


Here is the next one, thanks gibbone717. By the way, thanks to all of those who sent me your photos. I received 27 total – well 26, I don’t think I’ll be using the one with Pam and Tommy but I appreciate the effort Dan…you big perv. Comment away!

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131 Captions for “Ninja squirrels”

  1. Anonymous

    You’re flying squirrel Kung Fu is weak! Now I must distroy you.

  2. Anonymous

    Brothers don’t shake hands…brothers gotta hug!

  3. Anonymous

    Ang lee’s follow up movie to Croutching Tiger Hidden dragon: Bouncing Gopher Hidden Fire Cracker

  4. MikeF

    Frame by frame analysis shows stunt doubles

    performing final fight scene from MI-2.

  5. minders

    Jealous lovers fighting for the coveted spot in Richard Gere’s ass.

  6. Eric


  7. Melissa

    “Don’t try to understand ’em, just rope, throw an’ brand ’em…”

  8. Jeff

    The Matrix III. “When humans fail, nature calls”

  9. Lynne

    In the lesser-known cousin to the Bermuda Triangle, certain regions in the Nebraska Triangle have been known to spontaneously lose gravity, causing the effects seen here.

  10. Lynne

    “Oh my God, Bill! It DOES look like the writing from Dinotopia!”

  11. Porked Your Mom

    Oh shit Dale! Mr. Wonka is gonna be so pissed! he said not to drink the soda and now look…

  12. Invisagoth


  13. Newt

    Well, we have to do something with our time since they banned cock fighting. It’s just not quite as exciting.

  14. slc

    I told you smoking this shit would make us float.

  15. shawster

    Bob was a little freaked out after he cleaned his habitrail; really, realy well.

  16. kandigurl

    When small forest animals play chicken without partners.

  17. Wayne

    chipmunks unaware that they’re frolicking on a cloaked PREDATOR’s (as in the movie…) crotch. save them, ah-nold!

  18. Wolfman

    “Your tiger style is strong, but my monkey style will defeat it.”


    Some things just don’t need commentary

  20. Anonymous

    Only when you can take the pebble from my hand, young grasshopper…

  21. nathaniel vincent

    you guess how many pellets hit the ground before i do

  22. Wulfgar

    The new Cats and Dog’s meet Crouching Tiger movie: Jumping Chipmunk, Leaping Ferret

  23. Furry

    Standing: HEY LIKE THE TATOO! Jumping: Thanks i copied you

  24. Tyler Barton

    I guess they were overly excited about finally getting out of Richard Gere’s ass …

  25. meowcatchow

    finally, your traning for running cars off the road is complete!

  26. fool

    hahaha! someone flung chipmunks out the window!

  27. Dumbass540

    Hey baby you better get down fast or else I’ll land on you and start F&*% you!

  28. AmbientBleue18

    Seasoned anthropologists will know this instantly as an initiation ritual into one of the most dangerous inner-city squirrel gangs around, the Rabid-Nut-Munchers.

  29. nacio

    ….we all knew Chuck was going to lose when he placed all of his money on prairy dog “I”…. Go to

  30. Glenn

    Those crazy squirrels and their gang related tatoos…

  31. Lay-Z

    FIRST RULE OF CHIPMUNK FIGHT CLUB-Dont talk about chipmunk fight club

  32. jar jar

    hey it’s teenage homosexual rabid chipmunks. alvi, simone, teddy not pictured died of crabs;)

  33. Anonymous

    Contestants vie for position in the felching finals!

  34. Jeremy

    How about my nuts to your face style?!?! Or my face to your foot style!??!?!

  35. clifty

    If we practise enough we are gonna kick those teenage mutant ninja kittens asses!

  36. fisher

    Sparks flew and professionalism was thrown out the door as prima donna squirrels Nutters and Chippy duked it out during this taping of a Geiko commercial.

  37. Anonymous

    Crouching Prairie Dog, Hidden…err..Prairie Dog.

  38. Shocky

    Wow, we’ve never done THAT at the same time before!

  39. Hecata

    Bruce Lee’s pet squirrel takes the championship in “Nature at it’s best” competition.

  40. Angie

    Yang, we are brothers. Let us not fight. The struggle between good and evil is strong. I Yin, can tell you this. I wish not to fight you but if I must!

  41. Anonymous

    Not knowing that the temporary tattoos were really satanic symbols these once cute chipmunks are transformed to menions of the apocolypse

  42. Mike

    …And the award for best action sequence goes to…

  43. cmc

    formerly of the chipmunks alvin and simon of the chip punks reportedly had a falling out over alvin advances towards simons girlfriend, giving her a big nut

  44. Anonymous

    SHTI!!! The 2-year old put the rodents in the fishtank again….

  45. Major Adventure

    After a futile search, they finally found the Invisible Man, dead in the wilderness, when vermin attempted to nest in his head.

  46. rick smith

    then squirrel master steps in and whips both there asses

  47. asslord Jimpress

    In a bucket, ret set set. Lloyds of London insures fists against stank from fisting, but only if blood is profuse and shit is smeary. why would i say that? I love to press the feces from my penis into my moms hair where my dad burns his plastic knee fix thingy. What do i say? I dont care why Jim goes fancifully into the world of fathering nickel-nutted children named Patrick Shiller (425) 836-0245 Call him he has the nickelest nuts ever, as they never descended into his scrotum which I licked once with a humbau. Tree pointing.

  48. KDawgTheShit

    And after the fight, the winner must run swiftly up this lubricated felching paper-towel tube for the grand prize!

  49. Mortius

    Everyone loves Kung Fu fighting, hamsters kicking the shit out of each other like lightning.

  50. gata51

    What kind of beans did we just eat?

  51. Ant

    After being trained via the Matrix Jui Jitsu program, they began to practice their newly aquired skills.

  52. joe sgambati

    dude chipmunks dont smoke weed?…

  53. yannibear

    I told you the BEAN SALAD wasn’t a good idea for breakfast!

  54. golfgirl

    (Sing with me)…Everybody loves kung-fu fighting! Hya, Hya.

  55. Anonymous

    Flying squirrel hidden chipmunk

  56. Les

    The new martial arts film, “Crouching Acorn, Leaping Squirrell”

  57. Kit Kat

    Could somebody PLEASE stop the “Chariots of Fire” music???

  58. paratrooper

    Richard realized it wasnt good to send Chipmonks into space when the first pellet floated into his eye

  59. LiZor

    Adaptation. Improvisation. But your technique is not your weakness.

  60. Mac Daddy/Daddy Mac

    totally krossed out, well make ya jump jump, im bout ta warm it up

  61. Datz_It

    suddenly, the one on the left started saying Kameh ha mehha

  62. AmIDemon

    Who would of figured all it would take to fire up them varmits with a little spray paint on their back
    and alittle angel dust in their water

  63. JT

    Coming this summer….”The Nutrix”
    Starring Keanu Reeves as Neo and Rocky the Flying Squirrel as Morpheus.

  64. Allison

    Simon and Theodore fight over their gay lover Alvin.

  65. etl

    ok, we’re floating. can i panic now?

  66. Applejuicemaster

    Coming this summer in a cinema near you: THE CHIPMIX RELOADED!

  67. Princess

    Your Mother was a hamster, and your Father smelled of elderberries!!!!

  68. Impfac

    After all the hype and behind the $300 million dollar budget, Matrix 4 wasn’t much of a movie.

  69. EvilBalrog

    Now that we’ve perfected our ninja techniques, let’s get that guy who designed Whack-a-mole!

  70. Bob Smith

    O Canada!
    Our home and native land!
    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide,
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land glorious and free!
    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

  71. Taster of Pork

    Waaaacho! You killed my father *mouth still moving* now i must kill you!

    *mouth moves a bit* haha! You shall never avenge your father!


    He choked on a walnut

  72. Kathleen

    “Duck, Duck…Goosed”. Awe damn it, I have to go in Richard’s ass again!???

  73. Kathleen

    RUN! I heard Richard has worked his way up from hampsters to prarie dogs!

  74. Andrew Anorak

    I’ve got an H, you’ve got EI (or EL), lets fint some more praerie dogs so we can spell rude words

  75. TJ

    crouching tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aint got nothing on flying rodents

    hidden dragons?


  76. Four by Four

    Can’t you see my Hebrew markings? I am with God!

  77. Fluffy

    You think you can defeat me, Ha, you make me laugh. This fight shall lead to you dimise…Hiya!

  78. Tigra

    CHIPPENDALE’S new act considered too literal.

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