The force isnt with this guy


I got this photo a long time ago from a web site that claimed to have no idea what was going on in the photo, I don’t know if I should believe them. Dan, I’m sure you are wondering why this photo made it and your smut didn’t – the answer, everyone has seen Pamela in her nickers, but not everyone has seen this guy in his diaper.

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178 Captions for “The force isnt with this guy”

  1. Kari

    After many attempts at putting up his picture on the INTERNET, Tim finally choses to reveal his true self.

  2. Tim

    Hey! Ok, that’s funny, but Kari tell the truth – you’ve been after me and my depends for months.

  3. mike

    “Young Jedi, levitate this rock… Young Jedi, avoid these flying objects while blindfolded… Young Jedi, feel the force… Take THIS you short, son of a prune, alien bastard! How’s The Force feel now?”

  4. Anonymous

    Along with Jedi roll playing – I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and a good cry.

  5. Jimberley

    Baby new year gets a day at LucasFilms when he realizes he won’t quite make it until December 31 on his lousy salary.

  6. Anonymous

    Is that your “light stick”? Or are you just happy to see me!!!! WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!

  7. brian

    You may not be scared now, but just wait till you see what’s waiting in this diaper!

  8. fred savage

    George Lucas : “It came down to either Jar Jar Binks or this guy. Now quit your bitching!”

  9. Lynne

    I knew I shouldn’t have eaten the enchilada before bed…

  10. Anonymous

    Now if my pennis were jsut 2 inches shorter I could touch my toes.

  11. Dan

    Post-production shot from ILM: The light sabre effect has been added, but Mark Hammill’s CGI body has not. CONFIDENTIAL at the request of Mr. Hammill

  12. Porked Your Mom

    oh yeah baby, i’m dead sexy baby

  13. Invisagoth

    If you call within the next 30 minuets you will receive a free copy of George Lucas’s sick fetish video free with your pre-ordered StarWars Episode 2 video!

  14. Inxply

    The force is strong with this one.
    Hey Yoda ,Darths at the pub wanna come?

  15. Tyler Smith

    Out-take from Star Wars: A New Hope. Scene: Pud, Luke Skywalker’s lover, learns of Luke’s “Big Secret”. Finding his spare light-saber under the bed and flying into a fit of jealous rage, Pud weilds the unruly weapon high into the air and swings, narrowly missing Luke’s off-camera penis and cutting off his own head. So ends the brief, sad life of Pud Solo.

  16. Anonymous

    The force is strong with this one.
    It should be. He ate Yoda.

  17. benny p

    …. hunny… i told you its bed time! your not playing with your light saber again are you?!?!

  18. Newt

    At the 10 year reunion of the Jedi Class of ’85, people have been heard murmuring “Wow, Luke really let himself go”

  19. Wedge

    And you thought the dark side of the force was scary!

  20. Damion

    (( Enter Depends theme music ))
    Sometimes, you need protection….even in a galaxy far, far away.

  21. Anonymous

    why does the light-saber have a shadow?

  22. Tim Zeiss

    “WOW!! This new light saber really makes those screech marks disappear!!”

  23. Anonymous

    At the screentest for “Jabba the Hut”

  24. Micah

    When Sumo meets Jedi: the true Dark side of the Force

  25. Anonymous

    A fat guy in a diaper wielding a light saber.

  26. Anonymous

    It’s Jack Black’s first audition tape!

  27. Wolfman

    He can use the force, but he cant hold his liquids?

  28. me

    The over sized infant masters his unique jedi diaper hold!

  29. CloudHobbs


  30. Anonymous

    Rejected villain for Episode 2 – Darth Doughnut.

  31. KT

    Luke and Leia’s inbred son. I am your father, and your uncle! YE-HAW!!!

  32. Anonymous

    Master your saber!… NO! the LIGHT saber! Wrong saber!

  33. Anonymous

    What’s the problem? You’ve never seen Liam Neeson without makeup?


    Star Wars and Farmer John bring you…LARD WARS

  35. tortured soul

    Geez, the costme depatment was under-funded

  36. Indy

    Mr. Homes at halloween (hillview inside joke its funny if u saw Mr. Holmes

  37. Lou

    Luke: where’s my lightsaber?
    Leia: where’s my hair remover?
    Han-solo: where’s chewbacca?

  38. nathaniel vincent

    does anything really need to be said

  39. Gram

    I shall use the powers of my NIPPLE BEAMS to DESTROY YOU.
    *unscrews detachable nipple*

  40. Tyler Barton

    “DAD! I told you to knock before you just walk in!!!”

  41. leisureleague

    oh luke, you are really letting yourself go man. i know this great twelve step program. i mean it man.

  42. jasonclick

    Meat Loafs failed audition for Star Wars, but luckily, Dr. Frankenfurter was nearby….

  43. Quique

    Oprah Winfrey sometimes puts on a jock strap and swings around a light saber.

  44. Quique

    Nobody believed me when I said that Oprah Winfrey was a Star Wars fan…

  45. Anonymous

    “I have nothing better to do, so let me amaze you with my jedi mind trick as i pull down my diaper with my mind”

  46. Anonymous

    And yet he wonders why he stills lives in mom’s basement

  47. Anonymous

    Dude, buy some pants.. while your there get a shirt too. Your mommy won’t know if you put it in the cart when she isn’t looking

  48. Anonymous

    The newest character Bobba Fat and why (obviously) he ended up on the cutting room floor..

  49. Robert

    Does anyone understand why the light-saber, which is mae of light, is able to cast that shadow?

  50. Elvis' Ghost

    What terrifies me is that somewhere in these United Sates a guy said, “Hey, y’all, I’ve got a great idea. Get the camera.” He’s out there boys and girls. He’s out there.

  51. jabba the butt

    Dog off-camera, to self: “Ya know, sometimes I just don’t understand him at all.”

  52. boris455

    wow, mark hamill really let himself go…
    may the flab be with you

  53. Anonymous

    Mommy, I made a phantom menace in my diaper.

  54. van H.

    After having saved the day once again, young master Skywalker found that his hair was still in perfect shape, thanks to SW Supergel.

  55. anonymously amused

    genetic cross-breeding gone bad: skywalker/superbaby mutant on the loose!

  56. no niguh with atitude

    oh god have mercy of this poor

  57. inked

    Jedi warrior Incon Tinent from the planet Depends.

  58. Steven

    Proving once again you don’t just “get back into life with Depends”

  59. Don MatÈo

    Strip, so I can poke you with my big green stick!!

  60. FrozenDragon

    Anakin’s failed son, PUKE Skywalker!

  61. Anonymous

    Luke … I’m your father … and your mother at the same time.

  62. Anonymous

    And they said I’d never amount to anything.

  63. Mr. Pickles

    …..What a fat, ugly, piece of shit (but im sure you all noticed)

  64. Anonymous

    vies goe ma de commentaar is beter dan de foto

  65. Fenris

    all that radiation from that plutonium saber must have made that baby grow at least 5 times its size.

  66. Fenris

    i told you we shouldnt hand babies big pointed sticks of plutonium. just look at the size of that thing

  67. Jason

    Everyone back off! not until I see Leighs R2-Dcups

  68. Geist

    Using more of the Fork and less of the Force…

  69. Woodman

    I always feel so foolish when I see photos of myself with my underwear on backwards.

  70. belen

    The WWF’s newest sensation: Sumo Skywalker

  71. rick smith

    dont smoke crack and trip at the same time

  72. AziaNReD

    Adult Diapers? Now Lucas has gone too far with the Starwars licensing.

  73. Tezza

    obi wan ate too many Bic Mac yoda is having him exercise it off

  74. ktownman

    Judge me by my size do you? As well you should not! HMMMMM.
    Whose your Father? Whose your father……..?

  75. KDawgTheShit

    New work opens up for the “Dancing Baby” from Alley McBiel.

  76. Anonymous

    with the introduction of princess lea, the star wars fantasy dream soon took a turn for the perverted

  77. Anonymous

    first things first, where’s ya’ shitter?

  78. darqhorse

    Its the Sith lord Darth tit jigglious!!

  79. PhatMick29

    The character “Flabby the Gut” didn’t quite appeal to the production crew of the next Star Wars movie.

  80. Nerve Wrack X

    Whack fat, with fat whacker!

  81. john

    does the fact that he is holding a light saber make u not notice he’s wearing dipers?

  82. CarMichael


  83. smioux

    at the airport, Meatloaf gets nasty after customs find 10 pound of crack in his underpants

  84. Les

    Sneak Peek at episode 3: Brando is Jedi Kurtz!

  85. Samanrha

    I’m a big fatty who needs a life…..

  86. nurg

    Han and Leia learned it was not wise to deny their son his pudding cups.

  87. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    The Empire Strikes Back
    well not hard,this guys is the whole empire

  88. travis we

    “my the force be with u”. “but a warning u cant eat the ewoks because they are on our side.”

  89. Rob

    “Next we move on the the new jedi power of X-rax vision!”

  90. paul bonser

    let me in betty your sex games have gone 2 far

  91. E.S. Anderson

    Republic Solider to other Solider:The Republic is Doomed. For God Sakes where are his pants.

  92. Atrocity

    It’s a hoax! THIS guy is Luke’s father.

  93. ConManXVII

    Jack Blacks cut scence from Episode III – available only on DVD

  94. John

    Well, we couldn’t get Mark Hamil for Chapter VII so…

  95. nick hudson

    oh my god I think Im in love with this big pile. Green looks good IN me.

  96. lynn

    hey man did you loose you razor or are you from the ape family. the are as hairy as you are. need a razor?

  97. lynn

    put some clothes on your’e not a baby anymore to playing with toys and running around in a diaper

  98. EvilBalrog

    In his older days, Luke couldn’t handle the excitement that comes with being a Jedi Knight.

  99. quacky

    Darth numnuts knew that once a space ferret burrows into a man’s underwear, the only chance for survival is to turn the light saber on one’s own genitalia.

  100. Funny_Bunny

    *Thump Thump Thump* George are you playing Star Wars in the bathroom again?

    No Mother!

  101. rick12string

    Bert’s new purchase at that ‘questionable’ store was bound to intrigue his wife, Mufflina….

  102. Andrew Anorak

    George Lucas’s attempt to jump on the Muppet Babies bandwagon – Star Wars Babies!

  103. loans

    You are invited to check the sites about- Tons of interesdting stuff!!!

  104. Michael

    Wow, that Starwars kid got old! Like Mark Hamill in Empire Strikes back.

  105. Dr. Phibes

    Next on Fox When Virgins Attack.

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