Because I bared full frontal in the previous image (according to Kari). I figured I may as well bare the back side of my soul as well. Enjoy.

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156 Captions for “Yeti”

  1. Anonymous

    Proof that your hair does fall through your head and out your back!

  2. Jon-jon

    Maybe this is one of the terrorists. Yeti lookin’ bastard.

  3. DJ

    He finds out the hard way that bathing in Rogaine simply won’t make your bald spot disapear any faster.

  4. MuffHound

    Through the mericle of Time-warp photography, it’s Tim in 10 years. hahahha

  5. erin

    “oh sweet jeezuz, please don’t let him lean back into my knees with his…OH MOTHER OF GOD, HE’S SWEATY TOO!!!”

  6. Anonymous

    When the NADS hair removal system met it’s match!

  7. dave

    Everyone knows if you do it too much, you’ll grow hair on your palms. Now we see what happens if you do it BACKHANDED too much.

  8. Mat

    “Well that’s the last damn time I get a haircut after finishing work at the glue factory…”

  9. Anonymous

    What the f@#%! Where did this hair in my drink come from….it better not be a pube!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Why model airplane builder and a hairdresser can’t be together.

  11. crad

    too bad the rogaine isn’t more area specific

  12. fred savage

    Yeah I tried Nair, but it gets expensive when I’m through my third bottle and only half done.

  13. Lynne

    Why I’m never a spectator at organized sports.

  14. Invisagoth


  15. Steven

    darn baldness, I’m really thinking of a hair transplant

  16. Zachary

    Rogaine $70 Comb 2$ Never having to wear a shirt again Priceless. Somethings money can’t buy, for everything else there’s mastercard.

  17. Newt

    I’m growing it out for the winter, it keeps me warm.

  18. Abby

    When most people hit middle-age and begin losing their hair, it only grows out of their ears and nose. Larry always had to go one better.

  19. Anonymous

    And you thought Planet of the Apes was a fictional movie..HA!

  20. Micah

    I’m not just a member, I’m also the president of the Fleece Blanket Wannabe Club for Men.

  21. Anonymous

    I didn’t realize that pet chimps are allowed to go to sporting events.

  22. Wolfman

    I think he put the rogain in the wrong spot.

  23. CloudHobbs

    “I sure wish I knew what people behind me keep laughing for….Must be some comic or something…”

  24. Jack

    You think my back is hairy? wait until you see my (yeah, you know what i mean) full bush

  25. Anonymous

    (deep hick accent)

  26. Jim Bob

    Masterbation: It’s not just for palms anymore.

  27. Kyle MB

    He calls himself human but we realy know he is the MASCOT.


    body hair growth enhancer from Rogaine.
    “have the biggest BUSH on your block”

  29. Furry

    On his yearly vacation bigfoot discovers a new pastime…

  30. Tyler Barton

    Until I saw that they ARE wearing glasses, I thought my mom went to a baseball game.

  31. leisureleague

    I’m going to give epil-stop this guy’s number. i feel he could take them places they could never dream of

  32. jasonclick

    Damn, them there sasquatches are gettin’ braver and braver.

  33. Erica

    Shit honey…Did you refill my rogaine in the body wash bottle?

  34. fisher

    After most hominids had given up all hope of them ever winning a Series, the Cubs still managed to fill their seats with the few remaining Neanderthals left on this planet.

  35. AmbientBleue18

    …and here we have a genuine American silverback. Move along children, the reptile house won’t be open all day, you know

  36. Broken

    strangely, jim couldn’t stand pubic hair.

  37. Anonymous

    When did he have time to learn how to walk on two feet?

  38. Anonymous

    Sunscreen!!!…..I don’t need no stinkin’ sunscreen!

  39. Jordan Woll

    hey man, i like your sweater. Is that made outta moehair or something?

  40. Adam

    i didn’t know it was possible to be allergic to other people..

  41. hair's prey

    Lesson #417 for Teenage Boys: While it may be tempting, resist the urge the shave more than your face.

  42. iamdrunk

    masterbation not only kills kittens and makes hair grow on your palms 13 yr old jimmy found out.

  43. clifty

    Chewbacca desperatly wanted to fit in.

  44. FoxTrott

    I didn’t know that werewolves really existed…

  45. Anonymous

    I guess you didn’t read about the side effects of Rogaine.

  46. pfr

    Looks like my ex……!!!! My God….it is my ex!!!!!

  47. Tessa

    Furry man seeks lady with knitting needles to knit a sweater and live furryly ever after.

  48. CloudNine

    Please doc, can’t we just take a little off the back and move it up top or something?

  49. Hecata

    Jack be nimble jack be quick…that man has more hair on his back than most men’s dick!

  50. Don MatÈo

    That hairy bitch is blocking my sight!!

  51. Big M

    He is growing hair everywhere for that expensive transplant

  52. Jorre

    So King Kong DID screwed that girl after all…

  53. chris

    Bigfoot comes out of hiding for a ball game, but the mockery reminds him why he hides in the forest

  54. Mike

    General admission ticket: $12.00
    Big foam finger of your fave team: $4.00
    Breaking out of the Zoo, and catching a ballgame: Priceless

  55. Mr. Pickles

    An escaped middle-age gorilla watches soccer.

  56. Zhah

    Jim knew he shouldn’t have gotten that job working as a tester for the local Rogaine factory, but he needed the money for his new hair transplant. Oh the irony…

  57. Fenris

    yet another reason why clothes were invented

  58. cmc

    Have you ever seen Reverse Inverted Male Pattern Baldness?

  59. cmc

    Have you ever seen Reverse Inverted Male Pattern Baldness?

  60. Woodman

    I think I need a hat, because this bald spot makes me very conspicuous.

  61. mdc58

    Robin Williams takes in a Red Sox game.

  62. TheJester

    Mike took his love for the Washington Wolves just a bit too far !

  63. cutie!

    Damn! One of the chimps escaped from the zoo again, where is my tranquilizer gun?!

  64. liam j

    i think my wifes in there somewhere

  65. KDawgTheShit

    Sasquatch, seemingly indeginous to the Cleveland area, was spotted again this week after a grusome blood bath at the Cleveland Indian’s stadium on Tuesday.

  66. iluvtoupees

    And with a spark of genious, back-hair-gallore was founded.

  67. Anonymous

    Chewbacca was delighted to find out that the Padres did in fact have a wookie appreciation day.

  68. Nerve Wrack X

    Tickets to local sporting event: $25
    Hair-It-Goes Miracle Hair Grow: $300
    Spilling it all over your back, missing your head COMPLETELY and having the balls to NOT wear a shirt: Priceless

  69. Chris Gregory

    Scotty Howard Strikes Again ! ! ! !

  70. masterbaker

    Shit! The doctor told me that my back hair would fall out before my head hair.

  71. masterbaker

    Your telling me that you havent heard?!The new life size furbie!

  72. MISC

    Yes! Nads for Men Works Just Like Nads for Women!

  73. Anonymous

    Some people should not go shirtless.

  74. mark

    demonstrating his resourcefulness, man maintains a comfortable personal space in crowds.

  75. dave

    where do you stop when shaving your neck???

  76. james h

    Charle realized that the fur coat was a littke too fancy for the ball park.

  77. phenn


  78. o2bjang

    the migration path of the north americans males hair is fasinating. Believe it or not, at one time this ape like creature only had hair on the top of his head, and his back was bare

  79. U-boat

    Well, my mother “sdudied” Chimps for 30 years…

  80. U-boat

    This guy washes his face and shampoos all the rest…

  81. alan seaton

    this guys proud he’s finished with chemo-therapy

  82. Gary Coleman

    The true definition of “ironic”.

  83. Phaeton

    Sadly, the president of the Hair Club for Men knew this day would come.

  84. nurg

    Hairy guy: “Eww, look over there, that chick in shorts didn’t shave her legs! Is that disgusting or what?”

  85. Lisa H.

    A sure sign you need to move to a cold climate area.

  86. paul bonser

    that dam bold cure got everywhere except my head

  87. Atrocity

    “I tried this new hair loss remedy and…”

  88. etl

    youd think that with all the hair on his back he’d have a little more on his head.

  89. Taba

    since when did robin williams have male pattern baldness???

  90. Funny_Bunny

    All his hair is going South. Look at the bright side, at least he wore shorts…

  91. Mascot

    …hmmm…is that my cousin Alfred…I didn’t know he was coming to the race this weekend…

  92. Andrew Anorak

    Oops I’ve just spilled hair growth tonic on the man in front of me!

  93. Dean

    I have that same awful gene, where you’re hairy everywhere except where it counts. Its two kicks in the teeth. It’s all I can do to fight it with Regaine and body waxing.

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