Why Night Rider was canceled


Ok, this has to be my favorite submission, ever. Do you ever get the feeling that everyone was cool in the 80’s? Guys with perms could be TV stars, that’s just plain wrong.

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319 Captions for “Why Night Rider was canceled”

  1. Anonymous

    This was the sceen just seconds before “Kit” the under-rated actor/trans am got it’s revenge.

  2. Anonymous

    *said under breath* Are we done yet cause this 40 year old kid is really freaking me out.

  3. Robbler

    In the “New” Night Rider series, the famous voice of Kit is revealed when Gary Coleman climbs out from underneath the seat.

  4. mike

    After realizing he had chicken legs and was wearing bell-bottoms and ankleboots, David Hasslehoff snapped in a burst of pent-up rage and Hulkamania, lifting Gary Coleman and dropping him on his head in the awesome Pile-DriverTM maneuver, stunting Gary’s growth and denting KITT’s hood. KnightRider was subsequently cancelled after Kit activated Turbo-Boost and ran itself off a steep drop into a canyon, unable to exist with that horrible memory. The A-Team tried without success to convert KITT’s remains into a collection of household appliances.

  5. Anonymous

    Tomorrow on baywatch nights, a special guest star…

  6. Jason

    (both thinking) The guy with the poncho back there is TOTALLY ruining this bitchin’ shot for us!

  7. Anonymous

    This is a promo for the HOT new show that will be FOX’s next attempt to de-thrown friends from the top thursday night comedy. Also, it will do it, this photo is just too damn funny.

  8. Guava

    *Diffírent Strokes for different folks.*

    Pioneers of the Hollywood man-child interracial dating scene, David and Gary kept their love that knew no fashion boundaries a secret from everyone. (Here they pose for fans who discovered them leaving a drive-in movie together in 1983.)

  9. Anonymous

    Don’t ask me where my thumb just was.

    Me neither.

  10. ginny

    beam them up Scotty………….PLEASE !

  11. John

    Okay kid, just pretend you’re not scared of the leathery man and we won’t shoot you. Understand?

  12. Margen

    Um, could you move? We’re trying to film the plaid guys.

  13. vespa booy

    Two more reasons for not giving a damn that the screen actors guild is going on strike…

  14. Amber

    GC: You know, I only look this small because I’m standing 40 feet behind you…

    DH: If you say that one more time, I’ll tell you where this fist is going…

  15. vespa boy

    Kitt is thinking “when he turns off the camera, just a little throttle…and POW! These two pains in the ass are gone for good!”

  16. DrNudi

    Camerman#1: they’ve been standing like this since 1985…

    Cameraman#2: Just keep smiling… and… back… slowly… away…

  17. patrick

    hey- it’s my wallpaper. No, seriously. This picture is on my desktop.

  18. Vanessa

    System overload. Too many insults, too much to mock, where to start? WHERE TO START???

  19. flipgroove

    This summer, coming to a theater near you…

    Coleman, Hasselhoff


    Shorty and Smoove

  20. pebam

    can you take the shot already! i’m late for my 7:30 — on david hasslehoff

  21. Anonymous

    So I was trying to take a picture of my cousins and these jackasses pulled up and jumped in the picture…

  22. jolianne

    heh heh heh, i’m gonna kick em in the kneecaps and steal his money… heh heh heh…

  23. Kim

    Come on! I promise–we’re really, really big in Japan!!

  24. Anonymous

    KIT, “Where’smy cutters, wheres’s my cutters!?! Dammit, Im not the Mach 5!!!!!”

  25. TheParakeetGuy

    gc: Can we hurry this up? I’m late for dialysis.

    dh: Always looking for sympathy. At least you can see out of your right eye!

  26. pangie

    i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i wish i had a car who looked good, i would call her…

  27. Jerry

    This fight was just added to Fox’s ‘Celebrity Boxing’ … it’s a 2-on-1 match!

  28. Kelli

    The car says: Back off guys, you’re making me look bad!

  29. Satirical Irony

    I’m David H and I’m 50 times bigger than you – GET IN MY BELLY (And this is my token cool car because it’s the 80s and I wouldn’t have a career without it)…

  30. ellen

    what’s with the ladders and the guys in plaid shirts?

  31. D.L.

    Okay, Gary, get back under the hood, climb into your little spinning cage and get this car moving!

  32. Melanie

    Hey, look at the little guy’s thumb. The pattern on the shirt makes it look like his thumb is glowing or on fire or something. Teehee

  33. Anonymous

    We’re gonna get some *TRIM* tonight !

  34. Anonymous

    This was taken the day we moved into our apartment. Now, people never say anything about the “color” issue, but we always have to field questions about how guys of such different size can have sex! — The fact is, Gary’s much more hung than I am.

  35. ClitCommander


  36. Invisagoth

    Wouldnt it be funny if the emergency break just snapped?

  37. Anonymous

    “Let me jump aside and move forward fast, KID”

  38. Anonymous

    “Let me jump aside and move forward fast, KITT”

  39. Newt

    You Son-of-a-bitch dave you said this car really talked.

  40. Tim Zeiss

    “Hey Willis! Mr. D could never afford a car like!!! He never touched in such wonderful ways, either!!!!”

  41. Brian

    “Don’t think that midget is going to be driving me anytime soon!”

  42. oni424

    David thinks gary is just the right height, and gary thinks david is just the right height

  43. carter

    Gary is just the right height to give him head standing up… that’s gotta be so convenient

  44. Lou

    If kit was really a smart car, he’d run them over.

  45. nathaniel vincent

    the car talks? what you talkin bout?

  46. Anonymous

    Emmanual Lewis poses with Henry Winkler.

  47. Furry

    so,David, do you think if you ever get a show involving lifeguards….

  48. Durgood

    whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie? whatch’ya talkin’ about fonzie?

  49. jasonclick

    Mid 80’s,somewhere in Mexico, the fall of mankind was masterminded by Gary Coleman, Kit and David Hasselhoff..until the A-Team showed up and kicked some ass! GO JOE!… wait, I mean, go MR T!

  50. fisher

    After just a few episodes of “That ’80s Show” we remembered why we were so glad when the ’90s began.

  51. Punkenuff182

    “Just seconds before KIT flipped out, ran over Gary Coleman, and headed for Mexico”

  52. AmbientBleue18

    …Police say this picture was taken just days before the mysterious disappearance of both their careers; if you have any information as to their whereabouts, please call

  53. Justin

    If I could only hit the accelerator in the KNIGHTRIDER right now…..

  54. Anonymous

    All right Gary, fun’s over. Back in the glove-box.

  55. John Woolard

    Was this before, or after, Gary kicked that woman’s ass at the Army-Navy surplus store?

  56. SailorBob

    Knight Webster
    Coming to Fox this fall

  57. Robert

    Do you think they know that the car behind them has no breaks?

  58. Reed

    Once in a long while, a star comes along that changes the face of television forever. Too bad these losers got in the way of Kit!

  59. Anonymous

    I know the 80s sucked but god damn those people are losers…

  60. Rock Fortune

    Gary says that peeing your pants is cool!

  61. Bucinum

    We are people from the future. We are here to save the world circa 1943 from destruction. It’s all good.

  62. Anonymous

    This is so much like my nightmares it’s scary.

  63. jp

    [photographer] OK, great…how let’s try putting those thumbs in EACH OTHER’s assholes…

  64. Van H.

    And finally David Hasselhoff met his biological father…

  65. jonjon

    This week on LIFETIME….”Biological twins seperated at birth…finally reunited”

  66. Drox

    Wow! Standing Next to Hasselhoff..and standing next to a car thatI will probalby be stealing in a couple years from this bitch

  67. MrMidi

    Posing to celebrate their 30th birhtday.

  68. Jay

    Years later the guy on the right went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars with a syndicated TV show about lifeguards.

    No. Really.

  69. Jay

    In Germany the LOVE the guy on the right- and they HATE the one on the left!

    (And they probably think the car is cool,… who doesn’t?)

  70. Steven

    Moulder and Sculley find themselves in new bodies in the scariest x-files yet!

  71. Don MatÈo

    Hasselhof: We’re changing the name in WEBSTER-RIDER.

  72. -x-

    -gritted teeth mummer- This just killed my career

  73. chris

    Failed “Got Milk” Ad:
    Milk, Helps you grow big, unlike Gary here

  74. Shocky

    Hello, I am the Knight Industries Two Thousand, In persuit mode, my top speed is 350 mph. I can jump 60 feet in the air, smash through 4 feet of concrete, even microwave-jam an attack helicopter. In this episode, I also gain the ability to vomit.

  75. Fenris

    Not knowing that the car’s parking brake was turned off, Mr. Coleman and Mr. Hasselhoff soon plummeted to their horrible deaths. And the world was at peace.

  76. Jason

    (Gritting teeth)”just keep smilin you little monkey or its back to Kenya for you!”

  77. Iron_Mike

    Look what I found Ma’ can I keep him?
    What you talkin ’bout David

  78. Anonymous

    I have the poster on my bedroom wall and I kiss it before I go to bed every night.

  79. gunrunner

    KITT Mystery solved during engine re-rit, talking car my arse

  80. gunrunner

    KITT Mystery solved during engine re-fit, talking car my butt

  81. Anonymous

    Trains, Plains and Beach Blanket Bimbos…

  82. GodFather

    Are they gone yet, my cheeks hurt

  83. Karl Marx

    Taken instants before the tragic car accident.

    To the driver…..a gold medal

  84. monkey

    Call me webster again and I’ll bite your knees off

  85. Marek

    “I stuck in my thumb and pulled out a plumb and said ‘What a good boy am I!'”

  86. Anonymous

    Look at what great things can happen when the races unite. Not since well…ever have we seen a duo this cool.

  87. Anonymous

    Watcha talkin’ ’bout…you’re still a homo.

  88. Anonymous

    Ahh the 80’s…What in the name of all that’s Holy were we thinking?

  89. Anonymous

    Mine’s about this big. Really?? Me, too! Why do you think I got the car?…

  90. james h

    The pilot for the revamped Starsky and Hutch show was met with mixed reviews.

  91. Len Patterson

    The winner & first runnerup putting on the Mojo after wiping out the competition in this years ‘Aaayyy Fonzy’ look-a-like contest.

  92. Resisobilus

    Knight Rider meets Night Watchman

  93. alan seaton

    The night rider automobile gained unsurpassed power because it summoned hasslehoff to use little black children as fuel

  94. Rightful_Earl

    Well, no, he’s not my slave, exactly. I mean, slavery is illegal, heh heh. No, he’s more like a pet, you might say…

  95. Loadman

    Keep smilin Davey – after this photo shoot I’m gonna tag your mom again.

  96. mr 80

    Despite cutting edge technology, KITT could only sing along as his human friends enjoyed playing “I’m a little T-Pot”

  97. Brian

    Gary Coleman, here at age 35, is David Hasselhoff’s mentor. On this show, he teaches him how to be a fag, including making him wear tight bell bottoms and having David grow an afro, claiming to David that “He looks fly”.

  98. Casanova

    A show that stars David Hasselhoff and Gary Coleman? Now I know there is a God.

  99. Chris

    Yet more celebrities who approve of and are willing to sacrifice themselves, to create human leather. White leather coming soon!

  100. M!SFiT

    Ahh… so now we know how they did all those driverless scenes!!! It was Gary behind the wheel all that time.

  101. spud rathje

    Gary: “Get outta my way tall beeeyatch, I’m drivin’!”

  102. Paul

    David: Doing anything after this, Gary?
    Gary: No.
    David: Let’s go for a beer.
    Gary: Sure! Let’s go!
    David: I’ll drive.

  103. joyce

    I would like to have well built male in any of the following places:
    Nellore, Tirupati, Gudur, Chennai

  104. Rob Stevenson

    Rob Stevenson!

  105. Rentalbean

    David Hasselhof returns as the father of adopted inner city kid Gary Coleman in the all new series “My Little Black Night Rider”

  106. werd

    david smiles as he realizes he’s taken shits bigger than coleman.

  107. Sceezy

    “I’ll let you drive my car if you buy me a forty.”

  108. rfe

    Welcome to hollywood escorts. White and tall or black and small…we can take it all.

  109. tanole

    Shaun Cox has some new cocks to play with!

  110. jack meoff

    So, Shaun cox is still having a lot of fun then!

  111. jack moff

    Tell me Shaun, do you wipe the jizz into the monitor so as to impregnate Gary and David? Or do you lick the jizz off and pretend its theirs?

  112. jck moff

    Tell me Gary and David, Is Shaun Cox STILL a HOMO?

  113. jck mof

    Tell me Shaun, what else have you been doing for the last two years besides voting for your caption and jacking off to Gary and

    Tell me, Shaun, what else have you been doing for the last TWO YEARS besides voting for your caption and jacking off to Gary and David?

  114. hippeee

    Gary, David, Please show us how big Shaun Cox’s cock was when he jacked off in front of you.

  115. woowww

    Gary, David, tell us, has Shaun Cox ever been the employee of the month at Hollywood Escorts? How many billions of men has he served?

  116. Gary Coleman


  117. Bob

    I’m coming out of the closet, finally !

  118. POT-HED

    Photo taken nanoseconds before KITT rabidly enforced the basic tenet of evolution – survival of the fittest.

  119. canadiana

    Night rider condoms big white or small black we got em all

  120. Gizmo

    “What’s got two thumbs and likes blow jobs ???????”

  121. Gary & David

    With Knight Rider and Diff’rent Strokes both on dvd in the same year maybe the royalties will allow us to quit Hollywood Escorts and just suck cock for fun!

  122. Jesse Furguson

    Thumbs up if you know what dicks taste like!!!

  123. dildodunker

    Instead of the traditional bonus features discs accompanying the DVD releases of Knight Rider and Diff’rent Strokes, Gary and David promise to put their thumbs up the asses of all DVD purchasers.

  124. Bart Knockerole

    “Okay guys, thumbs up if you’ve tag-teamed Aaron!”

  125. Oo_TEL_oO

    Hey, I might be small but one of these days Ima be drivin’ a car like David! Aint he one cool mofo? 😀

  126. lauren vettel

    Whoops, my cock fell off. i named him gary coleman.

  127. Cliffyt

    Kevin Keegan congratulates Shaun Wright-Phiilips on his Player of the Month Award

  128. mE



  129. Jim

    Hey Jim,

    How are you and Bill Burns and Ryan Paviza?

  130. Darthkee

    The Hoff rules man !!

    You all want his juices

  131. J. Poulos

    June 2005, Mall Security of the month!

  132. Anon

    You are soooo gay Gary!

    What you talkin’ bout David? You sucked my dick!

  133. Rusty

    Hoff: ok gary, in the back seat.
    Gary: uh-ah sucker, i aint playin’ this game

  134. Rayzor

    We beleive in you Michael.
    You are Inocent in our eyes.

  135. fontabg

    Quick guys help me get this ladder up so we can escape. After they stick their thumbs up each others asses they commin’ after us!!!

  136. fontabg

    David is seen here posing with Kitt’s engine oil dipstick. As you can tell by the colour oil needs to be changed.

  137. fontabg

    Both men claim to be very successful getting into ladies pants though only one uses the technique of crawling up through the bottom of the pant leg.

  138. Michael Dell'Olio

    Congratulation Lauren and Mike!

    Good Lucky,
    Your pals D and G.

  139. Brian Straub

    This should be your next tatoo, good backpiece material.
    xxxooo MA & PA

  140. hock

    Grant B.

    We would like to see you naked again!

    David and little goliath

  141. alex

    Happy 30th Birthday Timothy!
    Any chance of a threesome??

  142. TBBulldog

    Yes Herr Lichenschtik, it’s about the size of my thumb.

  143. bob

    “We’ve got a long way to go and short time to get there……see I told you I would make a better bandit than Burt Reynolds….Gary, you can be the snowman”

  144. Mike

    GARY!!! Behind you THE CAR!!! THAT Jealous creepy CAR!!!!!!

  145. Chris

    At last! Evidence that there really is a “Whole” a “Kit” and a “Kaboodle”.

  146. Nevar Maor

    View the picture …
    Read the captions …
    Despair for the human race

  147. Mike

    Night Rider Rocks I have an 88 GTA Firebird and im doing the conversion kit to make it look just like Kitt

  148. SD

    Keep up the good work.

    Your Friend David

  149. PM

    GC: oh yessah massa, I will stand next to your penis
    DH: well open wide.

  150. Mark Burgin

    Congratulations on your stupid thread Mark!

  151. Canadia99

    Forget the leather, forget the shortie- the only thing COOL AND BLACK here is the goddamn car…..

  152. Robert

    Alright, that’s not working, let’s get the black kid out of the way.

  153. porno

    Cinsellik bir çiftin en mahrem ve en özel anlar?d?r.
    Daha da yak?nla?malar?n? sa?lar. Ve daha birçok ?eyi.
    Bu olumlu etkileri Hera Kad?n Sa?l??? Merkezi Yöneticisi Kad?n Hastal?klar?
    ve Do?um Uzman? Süleyman Eserda? görebilmeniz
    için baz? ipuçlar? veriyor.

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