Frozen Fireman


Lucky you it’s double-post monday. I’m not making any guarantees about this becoming a regular thing. Thanks V for the upload.

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87 Captions for “Frozen Fireman”

  1. Viehauser


  2. Anonymous

    This will look even more sad in the spring when it’s half melted and mangled.

  3. greg

    I sure am glad I brought my American Flag scarf.

  4. DrNudi

    hey! some parts of me are melting faster than others… damn you cruel sun!

  5. Eric


  6. Eric


  7. Chris Hughes

    Hey, this is a really nice flag. Did you see this flag? Yeah, this is really nice. You don’t see stitching like this anymore.

  8. Knotso Cleva

    in real life all the firefighters were made of snow, but in the memorial one is sand and one is marble

  9. LM

    Lonely and confused, Karl sculptured his ‘fantasy woman’, and later froze to death.

  10. Bella

    after stealing from the vet cemetary, darril decided to return his costume and check back into the clinic

  11. Victoria

    Do you think anyone would notice a little patch of yellow snow?…

  12. Prdad007

    I’m an highly trained actor. I’ve done shakespeare in the park! I even did a scene with Jen-Luc Picard! Wait’ll I get that agent.

  13. ClitCommander

    John knew better than to gaze into the eyes of the medusa head that he carried in his father’s flag for so many years, but curiousity got the better of him…

  14. Anonymous

    for all you who think this is comedy… ask him to laugh with you and see if he lifts his head.

  15. Bush is a terrorist

    Eye for an eye…
    If the U.S. government won’t stop acting like an international terrorist organization, there will inevitably be more incidents like 9-11. Unfortunately, it’ll be the civillians who die. If you’re really serious about the ‘war on terrorism’, you have to abolish government.

  16. Stop

    Don’t laugh at this. This is not funny. Take in the seriousness of this. God Bless America

  17. BlueBox

    I wonder how long I’m sup-up-up-uposed to wwwwait out hhhere… Thhis better not bbbe annotherrr prannnkk I bbet * Hey, who are you?

  18. Chris Crust

    How ling have I been sleeping out here?

  19. Anonymous

    As a Firefighter, this should not be in a comedy thread. There is NOTHING funny about the death of 343 Brother Firefighters, and thousands of innocent mothers, fathers, brothers, siters etc, etc… Have some RESPECT!!!

  20. Anonymous

    Faces of the past, memories of the last black hawks knocking at the door, some day I will win this forgotten war…

    I lost my applejuice…

  21. Furry

    Byfar the best icesculpture in our county fair!

  22. fisher

    I’m sorry, Frank. I know you want to go down there and do your part to help America recover but we snow angels just don’t make good firefighters!

  23. Jason

    The fireman and angel mourn the loss of his pet rat at the bread factory.

  24. Katrina Crow

    God Bless America may the angels comfort u

  25. Justin

    With snow exsgtinguishing all the city’s fires, the distraught fireman sat down in his front yard to think…….and never got up….

  26. Jordan Woll

    You nkow what small hands
    mean! ………….small gloves.

  27. Reed

    A touching tribute to all of the firefighters who froze to death on January 11th.

  28. Mr. Ramon

    “He had a close encounter of the worst kind with a Hellfire missile.” U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Richard Stufflebeem describing what happened to an Al Qaeda terrorist after he was spotted by an unmanned Predator spy plane.

  29. Shelley (member of DVFD)

    As a member of a strictly volunteer fire department. I find no humor in this whatsoever. People volunteer their time to help save victims. This may mean they loose their own lives. There is absolutely nothing funny about this photo. And everyone who made it into something funny should be ashamed. God bless America and its heroes.

  30. Bloodthirster

    Angel: What’s wrong?
    Fireman: My mommy will be pissed when she sees I’ve used this flag to blow my nose andd wipe my ass clean after I’ve shitted in het flowers

  31. Don MatÈo

    I became a firefighter because I hated to be cold!!

  32. Fenris

    yes, pride bla blah, yes, patriotism blah blah. theres a whole world out there america. im sure more people in africa die of aids in a month then the number of people did on 9/11. get over it. yes it can happen to you too.

  33. Babylon

    Hmm… it would be a cooler pic if the firefighter had the wings himself…

  34. Anonymous

    “Bush is a terrorist”????
    YOU GUTLESS SLIME! Bet you cant say that to my face! Try IT FAG!!!
    I love this land and Pres. Bush!
    714 534-9700

  35. georgepoint

    A firefighter, tired of eating cooked corpses, relaxes for a moment to settle his stomach. FISTING!!!!

  36. Karl Marx

    awww….hes just mad because the village people won’t let him join

  37. Karl Marx

    Angel versus fireman….the fight continues

  38. Anonymous

    The events surrounding 9/11 will forever be etched into our collective consciousness, just as a cat will be etched to death every time you masturbate.

  39. Hailey

    Bush most definately IS a terrorist, and i would be the first one to uphold the anarchist spirit… you are right when you say September 11th was a small tear compaired to the ones shed in other corners of the globe… BUT… when is death ever funny? we may be wrong and they may be right and i know our government can eat a lot of shit… but death, be it in large numbers or small is never something to make a joke over. if you have no respect for our government, or our hypocraztical patriotic nation… join my club… but please… its death and its dieing and you only have room to laugh because your mother was not in the trade center and your father didnt die putting out the flames.

  40. Resisobilus

    “There, there, Frosty. I know you want to help, but you’ll melt before you get 20 feet from it.” “DAMN YOU, Professor Hinkle! DAMN YOU!!!”

  41. alan seaton

    damn I just pissed in the snow and these guys started crying

  42. Patriot

    God bless the USA (Why the hell is this thing doing here?!!!! its NOT at all funny)

  43. paul bonser

    he sits the last of the firefighters still waiting for his pay rise

  44. ConManXVII

    Tragically Frosty’s firefighting career was cut short

  45. Rowland Allsopp

    needless to say frosty the snowman and the x-mass anngle found that the american flag ish not fireproof

  46. Frank

    Hi. I’m an american and i’m a total cunt.

  47. Swift Boat Veterans for Lies

    Thousands died while George Bush lied.

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