Golf champ


I have a feeling I’m really going to regret posting this photo. Cristie Kerr kisses the trophy she received for winning the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge at the Twelve Bridges Golf Club in Lincoln, Calif., Sunday, April 21, 2002. Please be merciful.

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111 Captions for “Golf champ”

  1. Anonymous

    If I weren’t a lesbian, I think I would enjoy this a little more.

  2. Babylon

    Mmmmmm…. I think I’ll call you Tiger…

  3. Anonymous

    and people say golf isn’t fun…….they give out sex toys!

  4. 9Nails

    Tiger Woods’s new ball washer… Lucky fool.

  5. Major Adventure

    Upon seeing the results after the Adult Video Awards, Cherios executives plan to review their coporate sponsorship policies.

  6. plankton

    here’s another reason why I take my notebook with the wireless connection into the bathroom. boing…….

  7. tatroyer

    Johnny Double Dog Dared Sally was to kiss it. Little did Johnny know that
    Sally carried her of her own.

  8. steve just

    umm…. ah… no mom, it’s not what you think! That’s my golf trophy…

  9. Justin

    Oh yea, this will provide hours of fun….

  10. Justin

    The cover of the new Hustler film, Women of the LPGA: They love playing with balls, and shafts……

  11. sumdude

    “…And for her hole in one, she gets one in the hole.”

  12. sumdude

    “Crystal Phallus? I thought the prize was a crystal “palace”!

  13. onebad427

    after endless hours of practice, Jill finally mastered playing the skin flute

  14. d Lo

    finally glass, i’ve sick of pulling out the splinters

  15. Anonymous

    Her husband: “Well, there goes my sex life”

  16. Shocky

    She spent the afternoon enjoying a nice piece of…glass?

  17. The Beaver

    Its nice but, It doesn’t taste as good as my boyfriends big tootsie roll!!

  18. Anonymous

    “Okay, who replaced my lip-balm with superglue?”

  19. spat

    “Cwould swomeboffy prease hep me wemove my thong, I’m stwuck”

  20. jasons Bunyons

    I will hug you and squeeze you and call you my “Crystal-Warrior”

  21. Shaun Webb

    “I asked to borrow a glass piece, and she brought me THIS!”

  22. chas

    This is how you make the putter stand on end

  23. chas

    Now I’m a sho-in for the Ryder-leggs open.

  24. beezer

    This brings an entirely new meaning to glass blowing…

  25. PowerHouseLX

    Practicing her stroke, she finally becomes a champion!

  26. PowerHouseLX

    No more “short” games for this young woman.

  27. chas

    Screw the display case in the den. I going to mount this one in the bedroom

  28. Frank Chibu

    It doesn’t smell like lemons…

  29. adam

    Suzie, having beaten Tom at the Golf tournament thought she would rub it in. In fact, Tom had the last laugh!

  30. Donkeypuncher

    Much more than a trophy… it’s a best friend!

  31. Karl Marx

    This is what happens to Golf coverage during sweeps month….

  32. Karl Marx

    The Spice Channel and the Golf Channel proudly present…..

  33. Big M

    Yes, Yes, Yes, I got a giant dildo for a trophy

  34. Anonymous

    Never got one these in junior golf!

  35. Anonymous

    cristie kerr, congratulations on winning MY (wink) tourney this year…

  36. Chuckie

    “Acme Trophy Shop….Mistake, what mistake?
    Yes, I made the trophy for the Long Dong Golf tournement.
    It was supposed to be Long Drug?..Oops.”

  37. boomer

    I think I’ll call it… Tiger.

  38. Anonymous

    Time to start eating Cheerios.

  39. Beaf

    My opponent was happy that she got the birdy… but with this i will show her how to spread eagle

  40. Beaf

    She asked how i beat her, and i replied “because you putt from the rough”

  41. wb22gprix

    Hey, I resemble that trophy.

  42. SuPeR_BrOtHeR

    Kiss the glass dildo for good luck!

  43. Slayer

    “I loooooooove C… Cheerios! Cheerios… I love Cheerios”

  44. blues40

    If Tiger gets to put on the green jacket, I get to put on the trophy!

  45. marcio

    “It’s not my favorite size. I prefer the extra large one”.

  46. marcio


  47. marcio

    Trophy Shape = Copyright ROCCO SIFREDDI – All rights reserved

  48. Anonymous

    She’s kissin’ glass phalus! Dude, where’s my phalus?

  49. clo

    here, you wont this trophy too *unzips*

  50. Keenan DeAngelis

    Sherri, winner of the North American Womans Golf finals, was seen walking to her limo without her trophy; but the grin of victory was unmistakeable.

  51. Anonymous

    Sherri, winner of the North American Womans Golf finals, was seen walking to her limo without her trophy; but the grin of victory was unmistakeable.

  52. drahkenfire

    Welcome to the list of distinguished Weiners of the Skins Game.

  53. dzine

    First it was “Co-eds on Vacation”, then “Trailer Trash Hotties” and now, coming soon to a video shop near you, “The LPGA Trophy Wives.”

  54. Donnie

    Thinking ice sculpture was trophy this golfer got her tounge stuck

  55. Ozzy

    One time at Golf Camp, I put a lucite trophy in my…

  56. WolfSoul

    The women of the LPGA must not get out much . . .

  57. Anonymous

    Sally’s little secret to playing all 18 holes.

  58. Ron Ryan

    “Ummmmmmmm this will look nice in my
    bathroom. I will call you “Phillayoh”.

  59. FrozenDragon

    Ha, jealous bitches! You can have the lifetime supply of Cheerios, I won the replica of Frosty’s Penis!

  60. Troy

    Hustler announces new Golf issue, holes, shafts and putts exposed.

  61. Anonymous

    This ones heading for the rough.

  62. Anonymous

    Driver, don’t even know her. Hit it over the humps and make a birdie out of it.

  63. daniel mor

    ammmmm it is good to imagine it is a dick – didn’t have sex for a long time you know!!!

  64. Alan Seaton

    That’s right girls! join the silver surfer fan club today and get your own replica of his penis, 2 out of three women can’t tell the difference!

  65. benwood

    Golfer wins tournament but gets shaft in prize snafu.

  66. Anonymous

    “… You wore green so you could hide …”

  67. Mark Beular

    It wasn’t as good as her vibrater but it was all as good in the LONG rund

  68. MeeMah

    Is this ANOTHER blonde joke? (being ‘merciful’)

  69. Justin

    What does it say on her cap and on her shirt?? chee.. chee.. Cheewhat?? Cheesus!! Cheewahwa? or Say Cheese??!!

  70. fddsf

    Mmmmmmm…smooth, can’t wait to get this home – but where do the batteries go??

  71. Go Go Girl

    Oh Yeah…Oh Yeah Baby…Pass the lube! Par-Tee!

  72. ray

    now she’ll really know what a hole in one is

  73. Chris Basham

    In a related story: Golfer goes to dentist for chipped tooth after winning tournament.

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