One of these things is not like the others…

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74 Captions for “One of these things is not like the others…”

  1. s.chandler

    “GIRLS! You know what big ears really mean!”

  2. Simon

    Usually only in playoffs do Cheerleaders resort to the showing of “a little bit o fur” to get the crowd going.

  3. Simon

    One snip and two weeks of bed rest later, Willy E Cyote was once again able to function with the squad although not the same ‘function’ we were amazed with in the video ‘Cheerleaders Go Animal IV’

  4. Shadowbat

    Deny it as she may, it became sadly apparent that the head cheerleader was taking massive doses of steroids.

  5. Coyoty

    After years of failing to catch a roadrunner, Wile E. Coyote is just happy to get a goose.

  6. Rowan Boldock

    The cheerleaders were only smiling because not all of Willy E Cyote was in proportion.

  7. trinawoods

    Sure, Ned’s questionable gene pool had held him back in the past, but he wasn’t about to let that stop him from fulfilling his life-long dream of becoming a professional cheerleader.

  8. Alex Kaseberg

    “So then Little Red Riding Hood pulls out a gun and says; “No, you’re gonna eat me like the story says.”

  9. Tyson

    hees a cool guy dont you think so.I recken hees lucky because he gets all the girls I wish I got the same dont you.

  10. Scott

    It’s not as if he stands out enough that he has to go and forget that today…he was suppose to wear the home jersey!

  11. Jason Sanchez

    I should admit, Girls, I’m not really a cheerleader. But I did say at a Holiday Inn Express hotel last night.

  12. Isaac

    The coyote couldn’t resist wearing a one-piece miniskirt too.

  13. D. Ferguson

    Look at me! I have multiple dates all at one time!!!

  14. RandomTallPerson

    Bob suddenly felt better after taking what the doctor had prescribed…

  15. Jonathan Avera

    Tonight my name isn’t Peter Cotton Tail….its Peter GETTIN’ Tail!

  16. trinawoods

    It’s about time Tim Duncan came out of the closet.

  17. Woody

    Yeah once i was the best cheerleader in the western world, untill one day some one said, Hey! Wait a second shes just a big dog!

  18. -Mascot

    Always the victim of some dumb prank, by the look on his face it appears the tabasco sauce in his leotards finally kicked in half-way through the routine.

  19. -Mascot

    “…and this one time, at cheerleader camp, I took the coyote, and I put him in my…”

  20. Kosta

    During Half time the Spurs maskcot wanted to show that there is something shorter than shot skirts and its called just wearing a jersy.

  21. Kelvin(Kelly) Hargrove

    What Roadrunner..?? Where see Roadrunner..!?!

  22. -0STEVE0-

    and people complain about those crappy cartoons about muslims…what are the cheerleaders going to do?!

  23. Les

    Wile E. Coyote finally gave up on the Road Runner and found a career that was not as stressful nor painful.

  24. resisobilus

    “Ready? OK!! GImme an A, gimme a C, gimme an M, gimme an E! Whats thats spell? ACME!!!”

  25. sillymonkey

    Shi. I can’t believe I slept with him last night.

  26. Ian

    Look at that JACKASS over there dancing with the ladies.

  27. (_8(|) DOH!!

    One of these things is getting old…

  28. Mikw

    I hope nobody notices I’m Not wearing any pants.

  29. David Knight

    The San Antonio Spurs Cheerleaders were beginning to regret asking Bugs Bunny, on a week long bender with the Looney Toons Gang, to come and join in.

  30. Andy

    who ate all the acid!!! LOL! rofflecopters!!!

  31. Rufus

    Christine couldn’t help but feel she didn’t quite fit in with the group…

  32. Pam M

    The pressure had been building up
    for hours inside the hot costume..
    soon the crowd would have nothing to
    cheer about…

  33. Antonio Deleo

    Here we see Bill Clinton promoting his friend Al Gore’s recent movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, by showing us how Global Warming can cause erectile dysfunction among coyotes with hot babes.

  34. Colin

    If only Kerry had put the black dress on, No one would have suspected a thing!!

  35. Sonic

    Is the one in the middle saying “This was the last costume after the cheerleader outfits strangly sold out”

  36. David Johnson

    Now that’s what I call a Rampant Rabbit

  37. David Taaffe

    Now that’s what a call a Rampant Rabbit

  38. Grace

    These Girls Could’nt What To Play With This Rabbit Wink Wink 😉

  39. Sahil Lamba

    Beep Beep………damn he’z a real playboy

  40. Chris

    Ok Ok I think I know who it is… the one on the end is lezbian.



  42. claire

    somewhere between the pyramid and the Can-can line, Wiliemina realised that maybe, just maybe, she should have shaved her legs..

  43. whoops

    Claire: *whispers to fellow cheerleader* Ohmigawd, Sally!? How many times have I told you to shave?!

    Sally: I get cold sometimes…


    They wont be all smilies when he takes the head off, they will get a big shock because its Andrew LLoyd Webber under there ! AAAAARR !!

  45. tev

    Tev as his friend’s wingman, knew who he was going home with

  46. Mandy Penson

    Laugh now, but he nailed 5/7 of them. Twice.

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