How have you been Mel?

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32 Captions for “How have you been Mel?”

  1. Cowboy Frank

    No officer, I haven’t been drinking – my ‘Swerve If You Love Jesus’ bumper sticker must have fallen off.

  2. Sahil Lamba

    If everything is not lost then where is it….???

  3. Alex Kaseberg

    “I’m sorry, but did you just say would Jew like to smile?”

  4. trinawoods

    Poster Boy for the pathetic no-sense-of-humor-but-think-they-are-a-riot asswipes who rate these captions without knowing the meaning of the + and –

  5. james mcdaid

    She was my sister honest, she just bent over to my side of the car because she dropped a contact…..

  6. Tiny

    Mel: Jesus touched me when made that movie, I drink to forget how much it hurt.

  7. Jim Hourihan

    “You’re asking me why I don’t like Jews?I converted to Judaism last year. I agreed to be circumcised but it all went wrong when the rabbi lopped 4 inches off the end of my penis. So yeah I am upset. I’ve been left with a 10 inch stump.”

  8. Jim Hourihan

    “My agent said to my wife that my fart smells worse than my breath. But she put him right, she told him to stop f****** exaggerating.”

  9. Darin Madden

    Ich bin eine kleine Teekanne kurz und stämmig, dies ist mein Griff und dies ist mein Ausflussrohr

  10. Sahil Lamba

    Life’s a bitch, ’cause if it was a slut, it’d be easy.

  11. Zombie13

    I’ll give you 2 million dollar ransom to kidnap me and make me stop making another movie.

  12. Michael E

    I guess they CAN take our FREEEEDOM!!!


    ” What day is it ? ” its drink your self to death coz i got too much money day. By the looks of it !

  14. Chloe

    Um…I have been taken hostage. If you don’t leave $50 million on top of the big HOLLYWOOD sign, I will be killed.


  15. Sean

    customs just had to take the P**s out of Mel’s passport photo.

  16. tev

    Wal-mart proudly uses Mel Gibson as a model for its new 3-d image shirt line

  17. Joel

    “hi, my names steve, im 29, iv got a bubbly personality an looking for a woman who doesnt mind a liar!”

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