Miss Wisconsin

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56 Captions for “Miss Wisconsin”

  1. Alex Kaseberg

    A Wisconsin 20. An Eight with a Twelve-point buck.

  2. Lt Columbo

    She had the crocodile skin pants, now she was eyeing up her new handbag

  3. Lt Columbo

    After seeing the state of the other local men, Miss Wisconsin was quite pleased with her arranged marriage.

  4. Lt Columbo

    …but it’s a brainless, lifeless, dumb idiot…said the deer

  5. trinawoods

    Miss Wisconsin was promised “big bucks” to model those camo pants. Think she’s figured it out yet?

  6. s.chandler

    “Not only can i dump my stupid viagra popping boyfriend, i never have to visit a sex toy store again!”

  7. Colin Grierson

    Did I really make you feel horny?

  8. Alan Seaton

    So which one is the deer in the headlights?

  9. Christian

    Miss Wisconsin does a Snow White — except the deer is dead and she’s already had too many poisoned apples.

  10. Rob

    Miss Wisconsin was practicing deer hypnosis for the talent competition but was forced to find a new partner when officials found compromising photo’s of the deer on a beastiality website going by the screen name Buck Wild

  11. trinawoods

    How about a little thinning of the blond bimbo population for a change?

  12. Pete Jones

    “The exploitation of these helpless, dumb animals in Wisconsin is appalling” …said the Deer.

  13. The Guru

    How about tonight you can feel me more!

  14. Michael E

    Who knew you could find whitetail like THIS in the woods?

  15. trinawoods

    Mira Sorvino joins the NRA.
    Thanks Charlton Heston!

  16. RedskinRay

    Something getting mounted tonight.

  17. Simon

    OPTICAL ILLUSION: If you stare at this picture for a long time, a deer may suddenly and unexplainably appear for a moment.

  18. Ronda

    Not exactly what I meant by going commando.

  19. breeman

    That stag does not seem to be enjoying her rubbing his horn.
    Can stags be gay.



  21. five twelve

    A job at the zoo…
    “the touch is the game”

  22. abi

    When she heard there was going to be a “horny thing with lots of hair”, this wasn’t quite what she had in mind

  23. Tigra

    Now, which one goes home on the hood of the truck?

  24. dev

    I was given a choice between hugging a deer in Wisconsin or Tom Cruise in Hollywood.

  25. Joel

    “so this scene, i take off my trousers and bend over. hmm, sounds easy enough.”

  26. Superpoop

    “Like, Oh My God, it’s like, a THREE-Point!”

  27. Daniel Denniss

    Surprisingly this was Sophie’s last wish before being driven off into the dark by two Italian stereotypes.

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