Catnip Online

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69 Captions for “Catnip Online”

  1. s.chandler

    Yum, imported french catnip by the kilo! where’s my owners credit card?

  2. Brian Meskill

    My Genealogy research would be alot easier if they just called it a Vagina.

  3. Fartman

    Catbert, the evil director of human resources at Google

  4. RedskinRay

    “Wow, we look funny shaved. What kinda website is this?”

  5. cyco Lee

    If only
    I had tradmarked “pussy” long time ago, I would have that new cat condo by now

  6. trinawoods

    Hey, it’s easier than trying to teach a senior citizen how to use one.


    ” Darling I said I needed a mouse matt not a mouse cat ! “

  8. Oh Caption My Caption

    I don’t get it….where’s this “mouse”??

  9. Michael Robb

    Strange! They told me finding a new mouse was only one click away.

  10. trinawoods

    It’s all about multi-tasking here at Homeland Security headquarters.

  11. Kitta Aleph

    What am I doing here? I am not supposed to be here.

  12. lew

    i tell you what, go on google and type in pussy, you won’t half get a shock

  13. danm36

    Ya mouse isn’t chewable, and the catnip from e-bay is probably fake too.

  14. Dennis Adams

    I don’t get it. This mouse is no fun, it does not try to escape..

  15. Brian Muir

    Dear Penthouse Forum,
    I never thought it could happen to me, and then one day I felt the weight of the family dog on top of me…”

  16. tev

    Ok, the caption on my profile will be “Purrr-fect”

  17. fishersm

    Dangit — c’mon Blizzard — why won’t you let me capture this Defias Bandit as my pet?!?

  18. m.bhikshu

    This is not your real mouse
    Hit the correct mouse to eat

  19. Alyssa!

    Hmmnn… Now for hacking into the personal files …. AND WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?!

  20. Kennny

    See I told you that might not even be a woman in that chat room.

  21. tyduggan

    he overheard that the internet was the best place to find pussy

  22. Nickolas Dravus


  23. Amanda S

    Now thats the Pu$$y I was looking for…

  24. George


  25. Fisher

    You know that feral druid in your guild who always wants to be in cat form…?

  26. Fisher

    I never thought I’d be one for online dating services, but after my friend set me up with that skunk with a French accent…

  27. Randy

    The Smith’s home business became overwhelmed during the succesful internet marketing trial. They had to get ALL the family members to help.

  28. Fanta Man

    Cat:Ok if i tap in to the main frame i could…wats this catz porn (.)(.)

  29. Ashley

    Attractive, GSOH, own lap, own bowl, own litter tray. Looking for similar for casual/serious relationship. NO alleycats…….

  30. Mandy Penson

    “who the hell put my picture on the internet?! “

  31. Joel

    this is what the world has come to!!!

  32. Daniel Denniss

    A Nigerian General says he has £100000 for me to collect from a bank account in Amsterdam. Right then, I’m off.

    Whilst I’m gone stay out of Daddy’s “adult cupboard”.

    ‘The one with the drugs?’

    “Ye..How do you know about the drugs?”

    ‘Ermmm, what drugs?’

    “That’s better!”

  33. Lucy

    Fluffy was desperate for love, even if it meant turning to internet dating sites.

  34. DrSn0w

    Do you want to save your changes to “Thesis”?
    *clicks no*

  35. Icank

    mun kissa on kanssa ihan crazy mutta she vain HUUTAA kelloene joskin myf6s silitte4e4 joskus he4nne4lle4.te4ytyy nyt tarkkailla onko kyseesse4 makki vaiko vaan katti

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