Too Easy.

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67 Captions for “Too Easy.”

  1. nicoooooooopooo

    man, what i would do to spend the night with him…that grey shirt..mmmm…termenator..

  2. Dan

    Republicans expressed thier concerns last week admitting that Bush is gradually getting out of focus while the esteem for Schwarzenegger burns away.

  3. Kelly

    That smell is unmistakable…Bush ate too many baked beans for lunch.

  4. Robert Casanova

    Heey Heey I smelled that why don’t you excuse yourself for the remaining years you have left!!!

  5. s.chandler


  6. Sassy

    Didn’t your mama ever tell you that if you make faces it would Mr. Freeze on you??

  7. s.chandler

    “Autobiography? Mein Kampf ? First you’ll have to learn how to read then there’s plagiarism”

  8. s.chandler

    “Me the govener of California and you the president of the United States who’d da thunk it!”

  9. Ronan cole

    Terminator should not eat beans. They give Terminator bad stomach.

  10. fishersm

    You and EPA tell me Cahleefohnya can no regulate Caahhhbon emisshuns?

    I squash you, puny president.

  11. L. Scott Hart

    President Bush Introduces the new Terminator Series for the War on Terror

  12. Aaron

    ***********(I Love Bush)***********
    *(And I Don’t Mean The President)*
    ******(He’s A Fucking Dick)********

  13. tyduggan

    Bush: With bin laden still at large we have changed directions with the war on terror… alright governor… in the time bubble with ya…

  14. cmto

    One is a killing machine who cannot be reasoned with – the other is the Terminator.

  15. Jig

    George has just told the crowd a joke about how crap Arnold’s last movie was.

  16. Amanda S

    What? I told you I was allergic to your deodorant.. So I did not use it

  17. willie!

    Arnie got an F in his a levils and he knows what f stands for… Future presadent of america

  18. laid-off

    I aint edumacated you aint edumacated
    Lets cut teachers…who needs them!

  19. Jacquesy08

    “i’ll be back”…..more like “im at the back”

  20. Pricey

    Vote for me if you want to live.

  21. DR. NAYYAR


  22. James Clarke

    Bush: I misunderestimated what you meant when you said you’d be back.

  23. Marc

    Schwarzenegger: I am Detective John Kimble
    Bush: Who? O_o
    Schwarzenegger: “Who” is right!…Who is your daddy, and what does he do?!

  24. mike

    Vhat is that smell? (Did he really just do that infront of me?)

  25. Antoi

    I told him all I need is a chopper, but nooo… we have to send over 50,000 Marines.

  26. Joel

    Bush: so thats what happens when you go to jail!!!

  27. Dave

    I know now why you cry…but it is somethink I could nevah do.

  28. frankie

    George had no idea why no one laughed at his infamous Terminator joke, until he turned around to face his doom

  29. Superpoop

    Arnold, I told you already, that’s the wrong hole. The other one is my pussy!

  30. Robert

    Excuse me, sir, would you quit teasing me?

  31. Daniel Denniss

    Arnold still believes he is a fictional movie character and every now and then he slips back into his terminator mode, wishing that he could kick Bush’s arse.

    He asked a Doctor if this urge was natural.

    He replied with “Yes”.

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