Where are the other two?

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60 Captions for “Where are the other two?”

  1. Kennny

    Nothin’ but the best, for the royalty in the Middle East

  2. Kennny

    The latest beastiality inbreeding results are shown above. Mohamad Akmads left testicle has grown four legs, a tail, and a nasty head, but fortunatly has learned to lead.

  3. fishersm

    You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not bomb things, I’m tellin’ you why…

  4. fishersm

    Ahmed, I’m telling you, this does NOT look like the road Bethlehem. GIFT? What do you mean I’m supposed to bring a gift?!? Allright — get off at the next oasis and ask for directions — I’ll pick something up for the little tike at the convenience store.

  5. trinawoods

    Bin Laden’s Santa/Pope fetish sometimes comes in handy.

  6. trinawoods

    “Frank, did you pack the myrrh? I think we forgot the myrrh.”

  7. Wynper

    I told the other kings there was a virgin out here but they didn’t beleive it and stayed home.

  8. Naomi

    so, what your saying is………
    i’m not getting paid for this?????

  9. Mascot

    The patron saint of Wednesday arriving in seasonal attire this past week, answered the question of many as to why we call Wednesday “hump day”.

  10. KP:

    Here comes Santa Claus!
    Here comes Santa Claus,
    Right down Santa Claus Lane!

  11. Kenn Young

    Pope Benedict was heard to mumble, “This is the last time I am going to book a pilgrimage to the Holy Land with a Palastinian travel agency!

  12. tyduggan

    they will never find bin laden… he is a master of disguise

  13. cmto

    Sorry I’m late, I didn’t miss the Crusades did I?

  14. cmto

    Who needs a reindeer when you’ve got this?

  15. Jig

    Osama Bin Laden in disguise on a routine trip to the supermarket being led by his best friend Borat.

  16. Amanda S

    Dam that sleigh for breaking, Now I have to ride this damn thing!!!

  17. Russell Henderson


  18. joe r

    santa: look dear I did tell you to not use that sperm bank when we visited the vatican city…especially before we went on holiday

  19. billy black

    santa clause was suprised to see all the children in afghanistan were all dead thanks bush you ruined christmas

  20. nickie

    The reindeers just simply couldnt hold Santa anymore

  21. Erez

    I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albaquerqui…

  22. arap

    twelve days of Christmas my travel agency gave to me………..

  23. Erez

    Latest US Army camouflage field testing in Afghanistan – not really a success…

  24. Antoi

    I’ll told the other 2 we’d be lost without the stars…

  25. Superpoop

    The Pope and Santa Claus had a bastard child, Mohammed Claus.

  26. Alan S

    For some reason Saint Nicholas couldn’t help but sing “My hump, my lump my lump my lump…” even the soldier danced a little.

  27. Xerxes

    Report: Fourth Wiseman discovered wandering the Iran-Afghani border today. Upon official search and seizure, a Crucifix-Escape Kit was confiscated by Afghani troops. Needless to say, the man became very disturbed upon hearing the events that came to pass following his tardiness…

  28. Chocolate

    i thought the donkey was getting old – time to make things a little more oriental

  29. Ada

    Santa- Yeah- So I decided that the bad kids not only get no presents. They get spat on by my camel.
    Randome person:Why?

  30. icantthinkofaname

    Santa Claus is being lead by Iraq police to be executed by fireing squad, for what some consider the crime to be “grand theft auto”!!!!!

  31. noah

    Camel: Santa why is your sack so big.
    Santa: Because i only cum once a year!

  32. Miguz

    This clown is bustin my hump! Shouldn’t he be riding a donkey?

  33. Miguz

    Dumbass, I told you we’d come in last at the Kentucky Derby!

  34. Daniel Denniss

    “Why am I sitting on this uncomfortable Camel when I could be sitting in the back of one of those big Lorries”

    ‘Don’t worry, you’ll be dead soon’

    “Sorry, what did you say”

    ‘I said…you will be fed soon, with luscious food’

    “That’s better”

  35. Super Dave

    Despite a revamped plot, state-of-the-art special effects and all-star guest appearences including the likes of Santa Clause, Ishtar would nonetheless find itself at the bottom of moviegoers’ agendas.

  36. p.charan babu

    Camel sees left,

    santa sees right

    and horse-men does left-right.

  37. kmac

    I have to get one of these for Mrs. Clause

  38. Rosie

    NOOOOOOO! I told you I don’t look good in photos!!

  39. Rosie

    I’m not santa! I wanna be Moses… Or Noah… I’ve got the staff and everything ^^

  40. Rosie

    And the world was devestated after Santa was taken captive.

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