You have no escape

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50 Captions for “You have no escape”

  1. Antoi

    Shit I dropped my nuts… all them!

  2. trinawoods

    Are you lookin’ at me? Huh, punk, are you lookin’ at me? Do I amuse you?

  3. RedskinRay

    “I’m one nutty tree hugger.”

  4. itsa me

    “Hey watch it, i piss, when i eat!”

  5. Superpoop

    You think that’s my tail, but it’s really my nuts.

  6. jh

    I used to think you’re crazy, but now I see your nuts.

  7. vivek

    mhhmm..never shud’v askd for condition for sex ..youy blabbermouth……what tha…FUCK are u humans doin takin pics f my fuckers..

  8. Chris

    “Evan, yeah hi. i, errr, will be late again. Yeah. No. No between to trees.Hangover. I know. Why is it always me? Great. Call the fire brigade? They wont come after lasts nights antics. Thanks boss. All the best. Much love.”

  9. Chris

    “No, drunken sex.Yes i was drinking a peanut breezer. Yes, i’m naked…


    No not you boss. Send my love to the wife”

  10. Jesus

    U think dere my hands. No thats a moustache. My hands are playing wiv my nuts

  11. Barney

    just after this was taken, the squirrel falls to the floor… as lady with strange wooden legs walks away…

  12. Kennny

    Let’s see you do this and lick your nuts at the same time.

  13. Jeethu Mathew

    “I’m just preparing myself for the next Olympics!”

  14. Jamie Doherty

    “ahhhhhh! My fucking groin!”

  15. Daniel Denniss

    If this doesn’t get me into Ice Age 3, then I’m going to quit Hollywood for at least a month, maybe two tops.

  16. p.charan babu

    never attempt to get into woods like this,,your ass has been probably risked

  17. Mike

    We have ways of making you talk sir… Andre here can split a tree with his bare paws!

  18. hysterical me

    Splinter was working out hard for the return of the turtles!

  19. trinawoods

    Sometimes when I get nervous, I put my fingers where they shouldn’t be and smell them like that. Yeah, that’s gross…

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