Memorial Day – take a moment to remember the fallen

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13 Captions for “Memorial Day – take a moment to remember the fallen”

  1. trina woods

    These photos arent even funny anymore. What a bore this site has become!

  2. Simon Hawke

    Not many knew that Lounie, Bambi’s mother, was a Vietnam vet. But Bambi remembers…

  3. Hilarious guys mate

    If Lounie didn’t look as much like a deer he might be alive today.

  4. Terry Fuckwit

    “Oh dear”. Snort, guffaw, whoop, hahahaha, dribble, squirt…

  5. George

    Bambie finally made good on his promise to piss on the grave of the man who shot his mama!!

  6. jackie chan

    bambi really loves her dead mother who fought in the war!

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