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37 Captions for “Back to the funny”

  1. truth

    Jimmy was a normal kid. Had a normal life. Nobody knows why he went postal…

  2. Eric

    Chances are pretty good that the family tree stop with piglet.

  3. Fox

    extreme measures had to be taken to take care of dads “anger” problem.

  4. Coyoty

    “Mommy, poo!”
    “Yes, dear, Mommy’s Pooh!”
    “I, uh, don’t think he meant you, honey.”

  5. John Lambert

    “Ok now Tigger, sit right there on Eeyore the jackass and say cheese”

  6. tedxfiles

    johnny, will you stop saying you have pooh in your pants!!!

  7. Unept

    Apparently if you breed a donkey with a bear, they give birth to a tiger.

  8. hilarious guy

    BEWARE!!! this family has come down with.. donkey flu, tiger flu and poooh flu!!

  9. Kenny

    Arkansas Detective Ernie “EEORE” Harris has taken a hands on approach to stop kiddie porn and internet pedophiles.

  10. Kenny

    When the Winnie the pooh DVD got stuck on replay at the Jones house, things went horribly down hill.

  11. Scott

    Why? That’s what Tiggers do best! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

  12. Galondre Mc Millan

    Poor Kid…Imagine how he’ll turn out

  13. Terry Fuckwit

    “Dad you’re an ass, and Mum you’re a pooh!” Snort, guffaw, whoop, hahahaha, dribble, squirt… Oh, it’s too much! Rasp.

  14. Terry Fuckwit

    Pooh, pooh, pooh! It sounds a bit like bum doesn’t it?

  15. George

    There would be no prom date in little Johnnys future!!!!

  16. jackie chan

    that is why you should never let little kids near any winnie-the-pooh things.

  17. John

    Thinking your popular on the internet, is as funny as getting a blowy off a Princess Diana

  18. Britten

    Oh ya that would go great on the front of the Christmas cards…. Say cheese to the internet!!

  19. Tommy

    (Kid at the top) I’m so glad my Mom divorced this dofus

  20. Robert

    Welcome to our family…Hey! Where’s Christopher Robins?!

  21. Giancarlos

    …and THAT GUY had a son.
    Yeah.. i know right.

  22. Firtree

    Joe and Mary were devastated when their families enacted an intervention to remove their life time tickets to Disney World.

  23. Anonymous

    Oddly enough, this baby was conceived while mom and dad we’re wearing these same outfits.

  24. spat

    This will get our son out of the house at 18!

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