SETI project budget cutbacks

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28 Captions for “SETI project budget cutbacks”

  1. Terry

    Sharif finally gets cable, watches ‘Seinfeld’

  2. ManDiggingAHole

    Move over Sirius satelite. Your new competitor is Oakland garage company Damn Serious Satelite and they are just about to start shipping product.

  3. ManDiggingAHole

    Terrance knew Leroy had been ‘borrowing’ office supplies from Lockheed. What he didn’t realize was that Leroy had finally stepped over the line…

  4. ManDiggingAHole

    It may not be Comcastic, but in Somalia they will do anything to make sure they don’t miss the new season of “Heros”.

  5. hilarious guy

    they haven’t really got to terms with sky tv in africa

  6. Kenny

    Iraq’s Mohamad Achmed Ilali Doofus announced he has stepped up his “Star Wars” terrorism threat to the next level today.

  7. Kenny

    Microsoft finally released the photo of it’s tech support system for Vista in India.

  8. Kenny

    After the big announcement of finding life on another planet, the Indian Space Program finally admitted it was a coconut on that tree on the left.

  9. Shadowbat

    BREAKING NEWS: SETI scientists have finally decoded an alien transmission recorded in 1992. It is reported to say “57 trillion channels and nothing on.”

  10. trinawoods

    The rainwater collection system should work well.

    As ………….soon……………………, um, …………………rains…

  11. Kenny

    The Louisianna based terrorist cell with there “star wars system” hasn’t exactly made the FBI top ten list, but we are keeping a close watch.

  12. Terry Fuckwit

    Clearly not his “pie-dish”. Snort, guffaw, whoop, hahahaha, dribble, squirt…

  13. Trel

    The team discovered that a quarter would circle for four hours before it finally dropped through the hole in the middle.

  14. Anil

    all the weaker minds…sit under its sattelite therapy

  15. Firtree

    Jake kept hoping if he just built a birdbath big enough, he’d attract a pterodactyl for the bird watchers club to see.

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