Up top Bro!

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61 Captions for “Up top Bro!”

  1. Dan

    International Inter-species Negotiations In The U.N. Annual Animal Committee Have Resumed Well Into Night-time

  2. Simon Dunkle

    I swear to eat my food, your food and nothing but the food

  3. Kodaki

    “Knock, Knock.” “Who’s there?”

  4. Britten

    Hiya!!! Thats for .. wait… what was that that you did?

  5. Maddie

    I promise to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  6. robert

    I promise i will not eat any of your mice again!

  7. lj

    did i step in my own doodie??? look

  8. Jeremy Eisenmenger

    If you can’t beat em, join em.

  9. DJ

    Give Me My Cookie Or I’ll SCRATCH YOU

  10. Endre

    I Solemnly Swear, to never eat yours fud, Probably…

  11. steve

    As he was being sworn in, President Chihuahua was thinking about the new pussy he would be seeing as Commander-in-Chief.

  12. Jojinz Tucker

    And the chiwawa goes on for his secret weapon, the tickle!!

  13. jesus christ

    Qe chihuahuas frankly don’t give a fuck about you tabby sons o’ bitches, and you can frankly fuck off when it comes to our frankly blue blankets and frankly white walls, quite frankly.

  14. ddc

    Finding entertainment in cutesy shit critters doing human movements just shows how horribly egocentric we are.

  15. Robert

    The puppy said “Hi five” and the kitten were like “No.”

  16. Rosie

    We’ve been through this, One: I’m not your “bro”, Two: High fives are for the wins but you iz a fail.

  17. Buddy

    I hate when rats get in your house, start slapping your cat around.

  18. Anandasravya


  19. Sierra

    Don’t touch my mama and don’t touch my Doritos!

  20. wyatt dykes

    dog vs cat

    and dog comes right back with a back hand

  21. Doc

    All those in favor of peeing on paper instead of litter boxes say aye.

  22. dog lover

    So then I showed Gingrich the new bitch poll which CLEARLY showed him ahead of Romney….SWEAR TO GOD..

  23. val

    I promise to tell the truth about the carpet !

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