I give!

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43 Captions for “I give!”

  1. trinawoods

    A little bit lower…oh yeah, that’s the spot.

  2. trinawoods

    “I ain’t going back into that cage, dammit. I’ll just hold still and blend in with youse guys…”

  3. Martyn

    Cat……”I’ve woken up with a bird’s eye view of what I’m having for lunch.”

  4. arash

    Whoaaaaa, duuuude…. you’re like, soooo bright and tropical and stuff. Like, I’m totally feeling the mesmerization flowing through my body like a great aura of love and happiness. Just look at this smile dude, just look at it.

  5. Kryssi

    Dave always brings a bird back home after clubbing!

  6. Shannon

    Think your Pretty Smart Dont ya!? Well Your brother thought the same and gee was he tasty!

  7. John

    Cross breeding? I dont think this’ll work…

  8. Firtree

    Shouldn’t have eaten that tuna before I went to sleep … gives me crazy dreams…

  9. Petinho

    When I get over this hangover I am going to kill you.

  10. Reggie

    How in da fuck… Who… Fuck it, Imma go back ta bed.

  11. lissy

    And they told me it as so hard to catch the bids… smh

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