Attack dog

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42 Captions for “Attack dog”

  1. Sam

    Lady and her man Tiny walking their dog Killer.

  2. sethulal

    Doggy Guard!!

  3. Kennny

    Karen just doesn’t feel safe unless Fluffy goes on their walk with them.

  4. trinawoods

    Secret testing of dogs as Thanksgiving Day parade balloon handlers continues right under our noses.

  5. Giancarlos

    And the bitch always follows me… and i don’t mean the dog.

  6. Robert

    The lady and the man walks into a street, with their dog, and the dog was thinking “Does he take steroids? I’m afraid that he’s going to squash me with his feet.”

  7. jordan durfee

    ya so anyways me ans my friend were basically benching 300 oh before i forget fluffy needs a manicure her nails are getting dirty and her slippers are in the wash

  8. liddeh

    Buff man likes to drag both his bitches around.

  9. Cheltd

    Steriods might have done the good job at making him bulk up…..Shame is did the opposite for his Trouser Snake!!! What?!…Did you really think the name Tiny was ironic?!

  10. Mari

    Dog:Ahhhhhhh,this is the more dogs bullying me

  11. trinawoods

    When muscle men get hungry:
    To hell with the shrimp, let’s throw Barbie on the barbie. No wonder she looks worried.

  12. james

    BIG MUSCLES!!! Tiny Head.

  13. Andy

    How many of those does he eat a day?!

  14. Firtree

    Anorexic Woman and Steroid Man prepare to turn over their latest captured criminal mastermind, Fluffy, to the police.

  15. Tinette

    pinhead honey do you think we could try the “make a giant” machine on your winky?

  16. Emilee

    the man only feels bad for the dog because he ate its dad.

  17. jord

    aaaahhh 2 much muscle

  18. John Bridge

    DUDE….Can you help a dog out and slide me some of your steroids

  19. Petinho

    Wow that chick looks just like me last year!

  20. Osomatic

    “Be honest, does this dog make me look ridiculous and overstuffed?”

  21. Clark Griswold

    You should have seen them BEFORE the steroids!

  22. Solid trader

    Taking the girls for a walk

  23. Rodger

    Even in his halloween costume anyone can clearly see that he is the Hulk.

  24. sam

    pick the jerk win the dog

  25. Anandasravya


  26. liana

    “dont give me you worked out to get like that I saw you come out of a botox party last night….”

  27. k

    “Any one up for a three-way?”

  28. k

    “Anyone up for a three-way?”

  29. Z

    FAIL : even if no one says it to your face, your still whooped

  30. Robert

    The lady, the man, and the puppy walked across the sidewalk and the puppy thought to the man “I thought he’s going to squish me.”

  31. Daniel

    It’s not a puppy. It’s a polar bear……genetic throwback. But it’s ours.

  32. Kazzdarazz

    Mr and Mrs Incredible take their new wonderdog ‘Bolt II’ out for an early morning marathon.

  33. JDM

    I’m so incredibly huge, even my pet wolf looks like a chihuahua!



  35. wyatt dykes

    tiny but mighty

  36. Mark

    My dog has a bigger dick than I do….. Steroids are bad mmmmkay

  37. dog lover

    Not many people have the guts to walk their dinner around with them…after never know when you’ll get the munchies…

  38. chris

    now why is it everything else on his body is so big.

  39. lissy

    Dog: “dont walk innfront of him, dont walk infront of him…. stay focused! Dont walk infront of him…

  40. Anonymous

    Never skip dog day.

  41. spat

    What happens when you eat the dog’s food

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