Supersize Me

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109 Captions for “Supersize Me”

  1. Fartman

    This squirrel really likes to sniff coke

  2. s.chandler

    Brain freeze? One little suck and I can’t even feel the tip of my tail!

  3. trinawoods

    A diet of acorns and bugs would make anyone thirsty as hell.

  4. s.chandler

    Gottta get my strength up in case some gay guy will be using me as his sexual toy.yuck!

  5. s.chandler

    Peanut Colada’s hit the spot!

  6. KP:

    If you blow hard enough, you get BUBBLES!

  7. trinawoods

    Wendy’s- where all the nuts gather for lunch.

  8. f


  9. .


  10. Evangeline

    This is my way of getting my daily dose of nut juice.

  11. hanuman

    how is taste?

  12. hanuman

    it’s my life……

  13. viajy

    snacks for officers..

  14. Jolie

    Dang Phil, I wanted coke!

  15. Sassy

    THere’s a sucker born every minute

  16. Sassy

    Rodent you rather go to Burger King??

  17. Sassy

    He is just NUTS for Wendys hot and juicy when he gets to drinking…

  18. Sassy

    Marma-cet this down without thinking

  19. Sassy

    YUM Hazel-nut Coffee!!

  20. jade

    you dont know what i got at the end of this straw!!!!

  21. Cutie Girl

    I hope this doesn’t have confine in it!

  22. DB

    you has squirrel boogies on yer straw

  23. Julie corbett

    Super Suckers R US!

  24. trinawoods

    One Roadkill meal to go. Make it rare.

  25. Erik

    Alvin meets Frosty….

  26. Biju

    This is the best Blow job…………

  27. Kenny

    HANG ON Bullwinkle, I’ll suck ya up from under the desk through this straw!

  28. Wynper


  29. siri

    I am small but can suck bigggg!

  30. RedskinRay

    I’ve heard of “Sucking golf balls through a garden hose”, but I can “Suck acorns through a soda straw.”

  31. vivek

    inflation in water price, so don’t miss it… its time to suck bigggg!

  32. sara

    i is pwacticing fo de burp-off

  33. deirdre mathews

    i would like some fries with this shake please

  34. raju

    welcome buddy

  35. Jig

    Don’t know what animal this is but DAMN it’s got a big dick!

  36. Jim

    The fumes alone will drive you nuts!

  37. Amanda S

    Wow this is so worth sneakin in and pooping on the burgers to get to

  38. Amanda S

    And the truth behind animal testing!!! REVEALED

  39. s.chandler

    AAAHHH… an underlying hint of cashew bolstered by a streaming vapor of macadamia. the back 40 i believe, 3rd row west of center of the plantation.A wild varietal from the mountains of Peru.

  40. s.chandler

    Our taste testers work for peanuts!

  41. willie!

    They may now live in england as well but the gray squrills still remember their american traditions

  42. trinawoods

    This squirrel sucks almost as much as whoever updates the photos on this sorry site.

  43. fds

    You suck SO MUCH

  44. jlfpsc09

    It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

  45. Jacquesy08

    squirel goes crazy over the new nut milkshake

  46. Fisher

    America: so great our marmots are eating better than you.

  47. LittleWolf

    Getting high has never felt so good!

  48. Emma

    “Baby, if I know you were this big…”

  49. bob saget


  50. sillysimbone

    he wants sex with the cup mmmhmm

  51. JITHU


  52. Paul Fournier

    Damn, A little cheep on the vodka

  53. H


  54. Pricey

    America FRAMED!

  55. Nick Gillham

    Squirrels just went nuts for new Coca Cola

  56. Randy

    Dang it! I said root beer not cola! Those drive-thru gals never get it right!

  57. Randy

    The office workers laughed in amazment as Frank was transformed into a squirrel. “All right, who put the magic potion in my drink!? Mr. Potter, to my office Now!”

  58. deep

    charu glass se neecha uthar

  59. TJ Phelan

    Liquid nuts

  60. Fanta Man

    If i keep drinking this coffe /w whiped cream ill win the race for sure

  61. jack


  62. alex

    This squirrel really likes to sniff coke

  63. alex


  64. arap


  65. Lamarr

    I’M Very Thirsty

  66. Fred

    i am rearly thirsty

  67. Fred

    “I ordered diet coke!”

  68. jerr

    Now don’t come thinking sick

  69. jon smith


  70. Alucard

    I tryed to snort coke once…the ice cubes got sruck up my noes though

  71. anna

    Im thirst, now how do u work this!!!!!

  72. keith

    Agggg, I think I sucked up a finger!

  73. Joel

    wotevers in that drink has definately got this squirrel goin nuts!!!!

  74. Superpoop

    Great idea, Tom, to put cocaine in the bottom of the cup. Holy shit I’m tweakin!!!!

  75. maisy

    damn it i said small this things huge!

  76. maisy

    stupid drive threw lady said i should supersize…she never told me it was this big!

  77. Kili Dumsucker

    This is my way of getting my daily amont of nut juice.

  78. Kili Dumsucker

    This is my way of getting my daily amont of nut juice. If you know what I mean.

  79. Kili Dumsucker


  80. puterwiz

    Screw Acorns, I Need Caffeine

  81. Rob

    cofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeecofeecoffeeCOFEEE!!!!need cofee
    ahhh, sweet sweet cofee

  82. Chris

    My knob is enormous- Nothing to do with this photo but anyway

  83. vijay

    No beer adjusting with juice

  84. Unept

    Waiting for other squirrel to bring great big lighter for great big bong.

  85. Kennny

    Rocky refused to admit he had a nasty coke habit.

  86. raghu

    my “my thirst is not small”

  87. Stëv Taal

    I wonder if there’s enough caffine in here to kill me…

  88. Jeethu Mathew

    “Scarcity calls forth alternatives.”

  89. Miguz

    I’ll get to the BOTTOM of this if it kills me!

  90. Miguz

    CUM already damnit!

  91. Don Duke

    Where the FUCK did i leave that peanut?!

  92. sops

    for gods sake i sed chocolate milkshake not strawberry…CHOCOLATE!!!!!

  93. Robert

    More Coca-Cola, please.

  94. Robert

    *Burp*, I’m full.

  95. Lightrune46

    All your coke are belong to us

  96. Jamie Doherty

    “I’m sick of my species being stereotyped into being nut eaters, I’m going to expand my horizons…(slurp)…on second thoughts…”

  97. Daniel Denniss

    Phew, glad the photo was just of me drinking from a cup. Glad they didn’t see what I had been looking at on my Computer, ;)…

  98. jdp


  99. p.charan babu

    Drank upto brim and now ready to have a shaky fall

  100. KRAZYG


  101. MackMaine

    this mite just work bcuz
    when sum1 tells them a squirrel spit in there sprite they will neva believe that!

  102. MackMaine

    this mite just work bcuz
    when sum1 tells them a
    squirrel spit in there sprite
    they will neva believe that!

  103. MackMaine

    and they say size doesn’t matter!_lol

  104. jackie chan

    pleeeeeeeeeease let there be free refills…

  105. Lucy

    I WILL win soda-drinking contests!

  106. Taylor999

    The straw seems to be absorbing the chipmunk. Soon that poor creature will form a new brand of Choffee, or as others call it Coff-Munk.

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