Halloween Massacre

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85 Captions for “Halloween Massacre”

  1. Sassy

    Attack of the killer Pumpkins!!

  2. Sassy

    He looks pretty broken up over this mess…

  3. Sassy

    Is he going to be ok??

    Yeah,,Sure it was just a GUT reaction to a Squashed Dream….

  4. Sassy

    It was a REALLY nasty Break up..pretty GUT wrenching…

  5. Coyoty

    In the parody movie “Holiday Movie”, Michael Myers is played by Mike Myers.

  6. Coyoty

    The Pumpkin Seed of Chucky.

  7. Neberneferaten

    You shoulda seen what that thing did to the trick or treaters.

  8. JHC

    Tired of the Abominable Snowman getting all the holiday monster credit, Steve the Pumpkin Monster resorts to Cannibalism.

  9. Coyoty

    After that, the kids stayed off Old Man Jenkins’ lawn.

  10. s.chandler

    Jack O’Lantern just couldn’t handle hard cider.

  11. Max

    trick or treat

  12. Chloe

    Trick or…ARRGH!!!

  13. Coyoty

    Pumpkin Patch Kids development did not go so well.

  14. Michael Robb

    No! No! I told you not to drink the pumpkin cider when your candle is lit!

  15. Sammo

    There can be ONLY ONE!

  16. Sammo

    Two anthropomorphised Halloween pumkin men enter, one anthropomorphised Halloween pumpkin man leaves!

  17. Coyoty

    Jack was horrified to learn it was only a kid dressed as a pinata. All that work and no candy.

  18. filkertom

    Against the Great Pumpkin, upstart Jack Skellington never really had a chance.

  19. bbi-jayde

    mwaaahhh hahaha i killed all mankind, oh wait it’s all my kind noooooooooooooo

  20. stumpy

    Neighbor 1: MY Pumpkins!!
    Neighbor 2: They aren’t yours anymore!

  21. RedskinRay

    “You punk ass kids….that was my wife!!”

  22. Coyoty

    The way-off-Broadway production of “The Phantom of the Pumpkin Patch” was way off.

  23. trinawoods

    It was no surprise to the O’Lantern family that Fred would some day take his brother’s life in a jealous rage.

  24. ninjacartoonmonkey

    Hey Bill? Your new skull just arrived from… Bill? BILL! AAAAA!!!!!!!

  25. lew

    “don’t ever say i look like david dickinson again”

  26. Luigiosa

    No i Just think he doesn’t like skull food.

  27. Amanda

    Stop comparing me to Frosty Dad! I have feelings too!

  28. Sylocat

    In Soviet Korea… PUMPKINS SMASH YOU!!!

  29. trinawoods

    Next Thanksgiving, only apple pie will be served at Stephen King’s house.

  30. trinawoods

    I warned you NOT to call me Gourd-o again!

  31. Coyoty

    This is why people don’t give jack-o-lanterns bodies.

  32. doug

    i come home from working all day to put food on the table and you only have one job!!! one f*cking job!!!!

  33. Tony

    Smashing Pumpkins

  34. Tony

    Racism was rife this haloween… (that was a JAP pumpkin)

  35. Chelsea and Jordan


  36. trinawoods

    Tim Burton’s remake of Pulp Fiction.

  37. trinawoods

    And you thought the neighborhood was seedy before…

  38. Mike

    I said Overeasy/

  39. Kennny

    Daddy punkin just insists boy punkin raise that B to an A next semester

  40. Kennny

    Dr Pumpkin lost his cool, and most of a limb during a prostate exam.

  41. gemma

    I have the boobs so i make the rules

  42. Ray R.

    That’ll teach those teenagers to mess with me!

  43. mflo

    Who ever heard of a nija pumpkin anyway?

  44. Kennny

    Even a little PCP on Halloween is not a good idea

  45. tom

    you wanna piece of me!!!

  46. Eric

    A terrorist in my own front yard…

  47. Brian Muir

    “Dammit! I told you going to a Smashing Pumpkins concert was a really dumb idea!”

  48. Callum

    Make me into pie will you!

  49. lew

    “don’t ever say i look like david dickinson again”

  50. tev

    Trash Can wins Game of Hide -N-Seek vs. Pumpkin Man

  51. fishersm

    For the last time STOP CALLING ME A GOURD!!!

  52. hanzysam


  53. anon

    I don’t care if you didn’t know she was a gord, I LOVE MY MOTHER!

  54. Kenn Young

    Coming Soon to a theater near you! Linus vs. the Great Pumpkin!

  55. King Bunny


  56. trinawoods

    Hey, it keeps the Jehovah Witnesses at bay.

  57. Tondar

    And now you have learned the power of the Mongols!

  58. cmto

    The budget for the Halloween franchise isn’t as generous as it used to be.

  59. Pricey

    Arghh you shot me! You shot me right in the arm!

  60. ali

    we in the houseeeee

  61. James Clarke

    “Pumpkin, I’m home! ARGHHH!”

  62. Retard


  63. offshore bank

    looks like the old kid in the block, after winning he is crying because he got heart!

  64. Scott L

    The pumpkins were truely inspired with Kill Bill

  65. Joel

    i want my mummy!!!

  66. Bryan

    Now ya done went and pissed him off.

  67. mackman

    when frosty turned orange, he didnt take it to well…

  68. come_on_you_gunners@homail.co.uk

    when frosty turned orange in a freak accident, he blamed the whole world for it

  69. Xerxes


  70. abb

    you killed my wife :[[

  71. Bob

    TAKE MY CANDY WILL YA?!?!?!?!?!

  72. Q

    I told them not to call me “punkin'” any more!

  73. stargazer

    This, Is, SPARTAAAAAA!

  74. Coyoty

    Pumpkin Menstral Syndrome.

  75. icantthinkofaname

    screw you people!!! Oh yeah,…. it was funny last year, a month after halloween when my head collapsed and my damn head caved in!

  76. noah

    after watching the masacre, volkswagen hid behind a dustbin

  77. Robert

    WARNING: This show contains blood, gore, and graphic violence.

  78. Robert


  79. Daniel Denniss

    A typical Christmas day in the suburbs of Liverpool.

  80. Britten

    ” Jack the Pumkin please come forward” ” YOU CANT PROOVE ANYTHING FUKKERS!!” * pulls out gun and shotos randomly*

  81. Lucy

    I will kill again

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