Hope this is fake


Can this even be real?

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69 Captions for “Hope this is fake”

  1. Anonymous

    That is so true.

  2. Jako

    What’s to caption? The caption’s there already!

  3. Anonymous

    Ah, marketing is so good.

  4. Anonymous

    Flowers work every time!

  5. Anonymous

    I usually just send a case of The Clap.

  6. Anonymous

    If I had a nickle for everytime I got flowers for that reason. Dang i’d be in the money.

  7. Anonymous

    Flowers AND a yellowie discharge. Thanks!

  8. mike

    DOH! Guess I better return this box of rocks…

  9. angie

    and, honey, let’s try the lobster next time.

  10. Anonymous

    Don’t forget the card that says thanks for the use of your ______!!!!

  11. brian

    Advertising and public awareness campaigns. They just don’t mix.

  12. Cletus

    except a $20 bill…

  13. cecilia =)

    Flowers can really revive a lady after a night of your crap..

  14. Eric


  15. Cappy

    But what then, Mr Florist says “sorry about the flowers”? Hmmm?

  16. Laxsmi

    no caption necessary.

  17. Bella

    but what kind of flowers..hmm?

  18. buzz

    because chocolates will just make her fat

  19. Kenn Young

    Hank’s failed flower business confirmed his worst fears. He was doomed to fail at everything from his personal relationships to his business enterprise. How could any one person be so unlucky?

  20. Kelli

    And nothing says “sorry about the vaginal herpes quite like diamonds, either.”

  21. Melanie

    The Dumb assholes way of saying, “let’s do it again, you already have them”.

  22. Porked Your Mom

    although I’m itchy, you still my bitchy

  23. Invisagoth

    Wait a second… crabs like flowers?

  24. benny p

    if i had crabs….. i’d want my own pet monkey! yea i’d forgive em then for sure!

  25. benny p

    nothing says
    “sorry about the crabs”
    like PET MONKEYS!!!!!!

  26. Newt

    Funny, I asked my florist for advice over the same situation and he just looked at me with a blank stare.

  27. Anonymous

    except maybe some special shampoo

  28. Anonymous


  29. Anonymous

    Especially when I wanted lobster 🙂

  30. carter

    thanks, mom

  31. Jack

    Well, it’ll have to do. They don’t seem to have a Hallmark for EVERY occasion, but now I know how to apologize to her

  32. jade

    Tube of blue cream included with 3 or more purchases.

  33. Diane Dinero

    …and to show someone how much you really.

  34. Diane Dinero


  35. Anonymous

    … and chocolate for the Clap?

  36. Lou

    For those who do a lot of beating around the bush.

  37. Furry

    nothing say’s sorry for the bad billboard add like putting it on a website….

  38. Furry

    What about Herpes…a puppy?

  39. Anonymous

    …they also work for “Sorry,I ran over your puppy.”,”Sorry,I’m seeing your sister.”,or “Sorry,that’s not chicken…”

  40. Joe&Kerry

    “Tulips….what are those? Are they more pointy or more round?”

  41. Lay-Z

    Besides, it could always be worse.

  42. David Hview

    ‘Yeah, but MY wife needs ‘sorry about the bread'(see other caption)

  43. Robert

    I don’t know about you, but I usually give the flowers before i give anything else…

  44. Reed

    Nothing says “Nothing says ‘Sorry about the crabs’ like flowers” like a billboard.

  45. Adam

    Nothing says “WHY THE HELL ARE WE STILL DATING, YOU STUPID BASTARD YOU GAVE ME FRIGGIN CRABS” than a thing of flowers? just kill yourself. go on.

  46. Mr. Ramon

    Nothing says “Please, please, don’t slit my throat and gut me with that huge hunting knife in your hand, GOD NO PLEASE I’M SORRY I GAVE YOU CRABS, NOOOOO!” like flowers.

  47. Lay-Z

    ….and if she does take the flowers for you giving her the crabs, kinda makes you wonder what she gave YOU!

  48. Hecata

    Taking your high school hooker on a date to a restaurant…40 dollars..going to bed with your high school hooker…80 dollars…catching crabs…priceless!

  49. Steven

    Iodine deficiency or just a loathing for Red Lobster?

  50. -x-

    I never got flowers -sniffles-

  51. CloudNine

    Alright, FINE, so the seafood dip wasn’t the best idea, how was I to know you’re allergic and would break out in hives?

  52. Mike

    “My eyebrows are still itching from that one.”

  53. Anonymous

    Sexual awareness really IS spreading.

  54. KDawgTheShit


  55. det

    How about a razor instead.

  56. Adam Ciacelli

    I am Adam Ciacelli! I am the Gelding CHUB!! This is because i popped a chub once with a girl with STD’s!! She sent me flowers because my crabs started to itch!! Will you be gay with me…brother??

  57. cri.sys

    …and nothing says “You’re lousy in bed” like a box of chocolate laxatives.

  58. Anonymous

    Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton

  59. Les

    STD?? Think FTD!

  60. Anonymous

    From looking at the ad, I knew this flower business was doomed to fail. Everybody knows TULIPS are the norm for crabs.

  61. gus

    Happy Valentine’s day!!

  62. paul bonser

    dear suzie i could not tell u on the phone so i left a note outside you house

  63. FAROUT


  64. Catchthis

    Is that why you bought me 2 dozen roses?

  65. etl

    The “truth in advertising” people strike again.

  66. martine

    and what if you’re allergic to flowers?

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