2 for 1


Must have been 2 for one ladies night.

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71 Captions for “2 for 1”

  1. Ron

    Although unorthodox, Fritz’s solution to nagging back-seat-drivers was effective

  2. yaniv

    so whatchu saying Gretha, you think he’ll let us eat tonight?

  3. Adam

    Lured into the cage by Ragu rich n’ meaty sauce, the poor old ladies never knew what the meat sauce was REALLY made of… but they were sure to find out

  4. filkertom

    Recruiting for Hooters Moskva

  5. filkertom

    The Next Step in Dubya’s Privatization of Social Security

  6. Naz

    … yet they still wear the dolmio grin

  7. s.chandler

    “What I tell you about mixing vodka and borst. pull my finger!eyeeyeye what a splitting head i have”

  8. Naz

    Franz’s old subwoofer got stolen, so he had to make do… The difference is barely audible.

  9. aseaton

    2 for 1 sale at wife emporium =
    Hermes happy

  10. aseaton

    Abraham picking up the in-laws from the airport

  11. aseaton

    Josef finally found a use for the shark cage he bought on EbaY.

  12. fartman

    Hitler is alive and still transporting jews to camps

  13. Jill

    What was Mario thinking? a hefty chunk of cheese placed in that trap like that? Did he really expect the Italian women NOT to go for it?

  14. jwd

    The Thelma and Louise sequel was a huge disappointment.

  15. filkertom

    “… Ninety-nine bottles of vodka on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of vodka….”

  16. jwd

    Boris quickly established himself as the world’s least successful pimp.

  17. John Deere

    Unable to afford taillights, Yuri hired his aunts to drop their bloomers and yell “beep . . . beep . . . beep” whenever he needed to back up.

  18. donkeyman

    Jenna and Barbara Bush reflect on the aftermath of their father’s disastrous social and economic policies, enacted during his single term all those years ago.

  19. nurg

    “Bring out your dead!”
    “I’m not dead!”

  20. paperdragon

    Those WWE cages matches just dont have the same zing over there

  21. (pdw)

    Times are tough for ‘Miroslav’s Discreet Call Girl Agency’

  22. Fat Seanny

    Vladimir spared no expense to make this year’s Prom something special.

  23. Gentaur

    David Blaine’s next stunt involves a cage, a mother-in-law, and an ex-girlfriend.

  24. jivepuddin

    2003 will go down as the bumper crop year for Garlic ‘n B.O. in the Ukraine

  25. Tatiana

    This just in…the new reality T.V. show…how long can people stay in a cage. Three left…but two remain…who will stay in the longest??

  26. jk

    ‘You see Natalya, I told you this asshole is loaded! We can take him for all he’s worth!’

  27. clorox

    After a long, fierce firefight, Saddam’s two mothers are bought into custody

  28. just me

    Ok ladies! next time i say “shut up”..i mean..”SHUT UP!”…otherwise you won’t even ride in the back. You’ll walk.

  29. Gentaur

    Some residents of the trailer park were worse off than others.

  30. Papa Lazarus

    You’re MY wives, now!

  31. Golgotha

    And all ve vanted vas a better life in zee UK..

  32. anon

    GWB’s servants to get the film “Black Sex Party” for his pedophilic gay romps with Karl Rove, The gay male Bush AOL opinionists, John “Col.Betts” Asscroft, Ralph Ovadal, Dana Rohrbacher, Ralph Reed, Tom McClintcock, Pat Buchanan, etc.

  33. anon

    What Theresa.A.Steinbach would do to the Jewish community & elderly, Because they don’t comprehend her left wing extremist agenda

  34. anon

    And her Taliban, Al-Qaeda sympathies.

  35. anon

    And her Anthony Travis-Malik Shabazz-Al Sharpton-Shank Mobb-21st Century Vote-James.O.Bishop-Paulie Esparza-Gus Savage-Michael McGhee-R.Eugene Pincham-George Forbes-Earl Officer-Monique Davis-Bill Ayers-Bernadine Dohrn-Dario Fo-Enaam Aranout-Khalid Sheikh Mohammed-Greg Kolinek-Lorraine Popelka-Jon Daye-Benjamin Chavis-Steve Cokely-Bob Perkins-Joy Washington-Barbara Lee-Angela Davis-Curley Cohen-Michael Swift-Tom Newdow-Rick Ganulin-Hal Baskin-Wallace “Gator” Bradley-Paul Jakes-Al Sampson-Vernon Jarrett-Guri Ademi-Jeanine.L.Stevens militant leftist agenda

  36. tired or your crap

    Hey Theresa.A.Steinbach Anon: get a life, freak. quit ruining this site.

  37. Mascot

    Vladimir plans to market his “old hag” traps, especially since he now has proof that they work. He never thought he’d catch TWO of them! Patent Pending

  38. also tired of your crap

    Yes anus, euh, anon, sod off.

  39. Mascot

    Wow…I didn’t know tractors came with dual Air Bags.

  40. jivepuddin

    The call has gone out…”Slovenian Idol is now taking auditions!”

  41. Fire Frog

    Ha, you think those bars are to keep others out? No, it’s to keep the little old ladies in. For they are the notorious owners of ‘Le Meat Pie Eatery’ – women otherwise known to authorities as Slay’em and Slasher.

  42. anon

    And maybe K Grate, Too, Against the Calderone-Daley-Serpico-Vrdolyak racist, Zionist regime.

  43. anon

    Hey, Crapface; Go lacitate your hero d-bag T.Steinbach, You communist cesspool!!!!!!!!!.

  44. cs

    Ukranian version of open top sports car with two hot bit*hes onboard! Respect!

  45. Bill Kozy

    WWF’s Steel Cage Matches come to poverty-stricken Afghanistan. Tonight on the UPN.

  46. alien-ant

    damn they keep escaping time 4 solitair

  47. Gentaur

    In all of Estonia, the parades in Valga were the best because they had a float.

  48. Nik

    “If I don’t deliver caged hags to rural customers, who will?”

  49. RLP

    Ernie always did like picking women up in bars.

  50. Newt

    Can you turn the heater on back here, it’s a little drafty.

  51. Newt

    This is the latest spa treatment – Diesel fumes are good for the skin!

  52. tawana brawley

    ANON is my Daddy and I am soooo diss-appointed. At least Al Sharpton and Vernon Mason gave me some good sex Daddy, You cant even get it up.

  53. Trista

    This isn’t what it looks like, I swear!!

  54. Flynny

    Quit your complaining, they give you 3 sqaure meals a day in the zoo…

  55. curmugion

    Due to budget cuts the department of correction was forced to “farm out” its prisoner transport operations….

  56. Morley

    oooohhhhhhh you’re my wife now!!!!!!
    (Papa Lazarous styl’e)

  57. Kramer

    Girls gone Mild

  58. jcw

    Oh! what a night. I hope his sex is as good as his ride!

  59. Cairo

    Please do not feed the animals


    The only way to transport your wife and mother-in-law

  61. manicuklawyer

    Although some would say it was unfashionable, Edna and Doris just wouldn’t give up their dream of living life the “Taliban way”

  62. EvilBalrog

    And remember: Never, EVER accept candy from strangers…

  63. Mr_Big

    Leon always wondered why his application for Safari Warden was rejected

  64. Mr J

    The wicked witch takes a new aproach to capturing Hansel and Gretal

  65. werty

    Russian carriage ride

  66. Go Go Girl

    The Simple Life Season 73

  67. FunkyNinjaMan

    Despite a valiant escape attempt, Mavis and Hilda never made it to the border.

  68. Ghent

    Times were hard for the Child Catcher…

  69. Nicky hohohomo

    Hitler is alive and still transporting jews to camps

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