2 For One Sale

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77 Captions for “2 For One Sale”

  1. snowslug

    To market, to market, to sell two fat pigs…

  2. Coyoty

    “Next time, *I’m* picking the travel agency, Edna.”

  3. Dan

    In wake of the recent global credit crisis, grandmothers are now being sold on the black market.

  4. Coyoty

    “When you asked for a hybrid vehicle, you should have been more specific, Rita.”

  5. Fartman

    The Russian caravan never cought on in the rest of the world

  6. A

    Pracovnici SRo pridu do roboty.

  7. trinawoods

    At least they HAVE taxis in Elcrapistan.

  8. Funky

    (left to right)
    Amish lady 1: Busted again

    Amish lady 2: I think this mosquito is trying to tell me something

    Amish lady 1: Dummy, mosquitoes cant talk

    Amish lady 2:Yes… key under there… yes…

  9. Coyoty

    “I don’t think this is the Cash Cab, Edna.”

  10. Coyoty

    Armpitsburg, Uzbekistan tries to control its growing prostitution problem.

  11. goldie

    he is sure being extra safe…

  12. Alex

    Borat, behind the scenes.

  13. mel

    They said ‘ free range ‘

  14. trinawoods

    Babushkas Gone Wild



  16. B Wild

    Manchester United vs. Manchester City.
    Game Day.

  17. trinawoods

    Watch out Paris, Nicole and Lindsey!
    Portable jail cells are all the rage in Europe.

  18. Coyoty

    Some people need playpens at the end of their lives, too.

  19. Captions


  20. Coyoty

    The cubicle where your IT support is outsourced to.

  21. Coyoty

    Worst. Wrestling. Cage. Match. Ever.

  22. brian

    takes russian hay rides to a whole new level

  23. Coyoty

    Disney adapts the shark cage for their Animal Kingdom tours.

  24. trinawoods

    A typical Mother’s Day at the Siegfried and Roy estate.

  25. John

    (wife):Earl?…. Honey?… The market’s that way.

    (woman2): Where’s he going, there’s nothing over here for a hundred
    mi-les…o sh*t…

    (both): AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. reddy

    buy young get old for free

  27. Rob

    Polyamory is alive and well in eastern europe

  28. trinawoods

    Belarus is going all out this year with their entry for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  29. Free James

    Shut Up Brenda! We Had To Get To The Doctor Somehow!!!!!

  30. JR

    Life is a journey…!!

  31. HJWood

    The hunt had been long and hard, but in the end Europe’s most elusive criminal minds were caught. Yes, it had taken 80 years, and stealing cheese was no longer the crime it once was.

  32. Coyoty

    It’s people! Cyrillic Green is made from people!!!

  33. Anusha

    Wheeled or Barred?

  34. Leon

    Wayne Rooneys Bonus was being Delivered

  35. Jake

    With grain prices at an all-time low, Yuri had no choice but to sell his two prized grandmothers in order to keep the farm.

  36. Coyoty

    Farmer Pepperidge had shown up at the corner too late to get all the good illegal aliens.

  37. Coach

    The Bosnian SWAT Team were an elite group, bringing down two nationally feared terrorists and escorting them to the national border in highly secured convoy.

  38. Julie Lynch

    Bring Out Your Dead!

  39. Kevin

    Late last week, the two animals who had escaped from the zoo were captured. they were found knitting on a park bench.

  40. Brian Meskill


    Yes Louise?

    This is getting old.

  41. Lanza

    The fun really starts when you throw that fucker in the pool.

  42. Tim

    Look, there are two of us here!


    Edna whats a threesum ?

  44. Oh Caption My Caption

    I hate public transit…

  45. Stogie Bear

    Pattaya police pick up two more Uzbeki prostitutes…

  46. Chloe


    2 old babshukas past their used by dates…
    They are toilet trained…
    Will pay money for removal…

  47. Sean

    Eastern Europe’s answer to cage fighting.

  48. Olivia

    A family caged together, stays together

  49. Jodie

    The Countryside Pimp Mobile.

  50. Lee Davies

    Old Transport For Old People!

  51. mflo

    We would still be at the bar if you hadn’t tryed that lape dance on that young fella !!

  52. Dennis Adams

    I simply asked him to take us to the market and he said OK.

  53. bern reid

    takin’ the old hens to market

  54. Glen Bennett.

    I told you we should not of told them where terry went to.

  55. Wayne Whitman

    I told you Dad would catch us skipping school

  56. Wayne Whitman

    Are they gonna force us into prostitution in Las Vegas?

  57. Wayne Whitman

    al-Qaida’s bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri are seen making a break for it in diguise in a Canadian aroured vehicle

  58. Wayne Whitman

    We made the big time at last This soft top sports car will be our ticket to Wall Street

  59. Kennny

    well… I remember back in the good ole days, we had to walk to town, nothin fancy like these days….

  60. Kathy Lee

    We may be out of the closet, but now we are in a cage!!!

  61. marilyn

    This is 1st Class.

  62. sheldon

    Thats A MAn At Work Takin The Trash Out!!!!!

  63. Leonard

    Helga, How do you like my new stretch limo?

  64. Dayna

    I told you they would lock us up and throw away the key for speaking english in Russia!!!!

  65. Wally

    I told you before, don’t flash the boys!

  66. Barb

    Sure Olga, we’ll meet lots of men in the bars!

  67. Garnet Carruthers

    now you can hear your mother nag you like you nag me!!!!!!!!!!

  68. stiffy

    next time we shouldn’t put the gravy on his mashed potatoes

  69. Brian Muir

    Cage Fight contestants at the Baptist Home for the Elderly are transported to the annual “Death Match”.

  70. tev

    Due to PETA, Fred No Longer Uses Leg Hold Traps

  71. de

    First, find gurlz.

  72. siri

    Howz the world,from behind the bars?

  73. tyra

    Wow, I envy you

  74. Joel

    “oh margaret you wally, you told me this was a porta loo!!”

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