3 little pigs


Hey we’ve got a theme going here – sort of I guess. Think about this one for a few minutes before posting. See…

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102 Captions for “3 little pigs”

  1. minders

    “Pinky, this is the last time you go out in public wearing only your tennis shoes,” the 2 pigs in black snickered as they put him under arrest.

  2. Anonymous

    Irony at it’s best.

  3. Anonymous

    Here’s a story about 3 little pigs.

  4. Ron

    “Get your hands off me pig” said the dude in the pink costume.

  5. mike

    How many cops does it take to give a pig an atomic wedgie?

  6. Anonymous

    Hey, do guy’s like bacon?

  7. mike

    You are being arrested for conspiring with Tim Conner to corner the pork belly market.

  8. Tim

    Sure, make fun of the gimp… When I’m better it’s road trip to NJ to teach mike a lesson. It’s a beer belly, not a pork belly.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey man, we pigs have to stick together.

  10. guava

    No, no, don’t hand me over to Emeril! I’ll do anything, even if it means cooperating during lu’au season in Hawaii.

  11. guava

    Shame on you Wilbur. Charlotte would be spinning in her grave if she knew that you were out carjacking farm equipment. And she wouldn’t be spinning words like “terrific” either.

  12. Viehauser

    I AM NOT! YOUR PLAY TOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. brian

    Anyone wearing non-kosher costumes shall be persecuted under the court of law.

  14. Paula

    That’s MR.PIG to you…..

  15. John

    I’m telling you, I’m not a real pig! I didn’t steal the swill! If this darned costume would only come off…

  16. Anonymous

    come on, can we just have normal sex this time, no cuffs

  17. Jowie

    “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say…”

    “Hey! What am I being charged with?!?”

    “Impersonation of an Officer.”

  18. John

    “I’m not going to be able to tell the kids about this one”

  19. Anonymous

    But that really is my name!

  20. Eric


  21. Cappy

    Abediya-bediya-bediya- that’s five to ten, folks

  22. Flik

    He’s getting the electric chair… mm…

  23. Kim

    Well will you look at that! A pig’s ass really is pork!

  24. Anonymous

    Porky Pig after Looney Toons let him go.

  25. Austin

    “You ever been with a black man?”

  26. Damion

    Somehhow….deep down……Jim and Terry knew this was wrong.

  27. Damion

    “Squeal like a…..uhm……aw, screw it, just bend over.”

  28. Satirical Irony

    Who’s the pig now, eh? Assume the position!!!

  29. ellen


  30. Melanie

    ::Special Report::The infamous Rosy Opiggle was arrested yesterday by his peers for showing his true self in public. The uniformed swine denied any affiliation with this pig. But we know better….

  31. Porked Your Mom

    do unto pork as you would have that pork bend you over and do unto you over and over and over.

  32. Inxply

    OK !I wanna be the pig next.

  33. pangie

    hey, do you guys want in on the action? i’ve got a sheep suit and a cow suit right in my car!

  34. Newt

    The fashion police to the rescue… You can’t wear white sneakers with a pink pig outfit.

  35. Scatena

    Pig: I’m sure this is an order from that Big Bad Wolf! I HATE HIM!

  36. Tim Zeiss

    “Your gonna be screaming like a stuck pig. A pig STUCK in the ass!!!”

  37. BoJangles

    argh i knew i would get caught with this a month early (see post date)

  38. Chris Crust

    Pigie the adorable little pig was arrested on account of being a pig on a suspended licence.

  39. Camillion

    Cops arrest man for impersonating a police officer.

  40. Anonymous

    Unfortunately for the big bad wolf, the third little pig was a gun enthusiast.

  41. Micah

    Porky finally got the courage to off that SOB Yosemite Sam.

  42. Anonymous

    A man in a pig costume being hauled off by two cops.

  43. posterchildofdestruction

    breakin in the new guy for a rewarding career

  44. Jim Bob

    The other white meat

  45. Fat Seanny

    Hey John, help me out here. This is the first time I’ve used these new curly tail cuffs.

  46. Lou

    The hard life of a pig in israel

  47. Furry

    They’re not arresting him….they’re fixing his zipper….

  48. craptacular

    …And this little Piggy went WEEEE WEEE WEEE all the way to the JOINT

  49. BC

    Get it out! Get it out!

  50. jasonclick

    ET Tonight:
    You won’t guess what Ed Norton is doing now!

  51. Mississippi Ed

    OK, I’m the pig that ate the EASTER BUNNY….but….how could you tell?

  52. Quique

    Dammit Pinkie! If we catch you outside again without your uniform on, you’re of the force!

  53. Quique

    Dammit Pinkie, I swear if we catch you outside even ONE more time without your uniform on, we’ll take your badge AND your gun.

  54. fisher

    After making millions by having a spider spindle praise in her webs above his pen, police finally captured the fraudulent pig.

  55. Jason

    “I didn’t know it was Passover! I swear!”

  56. AmbientBleue18

    Police apprehended the leader of a strange, barnyard-animal-themed cult downtown today; he would not respond to our questions, saying only “I will die as a martyr for my people, and I will ascend instantly to the holy paradise of Smithfield, VA”

  57. Mesa

    Run away to-be-football found

  58. nacio

    ….it’s always hard to put the cuffs on one of your own…

  59. jade

    driven mad by his brothers being eaten by the big bad wolf…pink pig went on a murderous spree…..offing the old lady in a shoe and little jack horner….

  60. Broken

    well… at least one of them doesn’t look like an asshole.

  61. Lay-Z

    After the smoke cleared, the cops finally slapped the cuffs on Billy Ray, the disgruntled Piggly Wiggly mascot

  62. Anonymous

    I wonder how many steps this guy can take in a prison before he gets to be someone’s bitch

    …www.reptileclown.com sucks…

  63. Pfeffernuess

    I see the three little pigs – but where’s the big bad wolf??

  64. egg

    when cops go bad

  65. Jordan Woll

    they made him squeeeeeeel reeeel nice-like!

  66. Reed

    “The ‘I’m a pig like you’ routine won’t work for you this time.”

  67. Elvis' Ghost

    Irony: noun, and incongruity between a situation developed in a drama and the accompanying words or actions that is understood by the audience but not by the characters in the play

  68. wurk

    cop to other cop; “Damnit! Never a broom handle when you need one!”

  69. Adam

    one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn’t belon.. oh wait nevermind! they’re all the same!

  70. van H.

    This arrest certainly made up for officer John’s bad hair day…

  71. Exxon

    … and he’ll never use drugs again

  72. Hecata

    That’ll teach ya to go wee wee wee, all the way home!

  73. Steven

    so i’ve got this fantasy right.. first i’m in this pig costume and handcuffs…

  74. Anonymous

    COP: I really hate it when we have to take down one of our own

  75. petty larceny

    “Hello pot, this is kettle, you’re black!”

  76. Anonymous

    “You under arrest for impersonating an Officer.”

  77. babylon

    The other other white meat

  78. Mike

    “You can’t arrest me, I’m one of you!!

  79. Drae

    Hot, Live, Pig on pig action. Its Pigs Gone Wild!!!

  80. Mr. Pickles

    Ironic, isn’t it?…A pig arresting a pig.

  81. Fenris

    I didnt know they had those new yellow coptrucks yet.

  82. mdc58

    …and bail was set at 10 lbs of Bacon.

  83. adam

    Little did he know, the straw he was using to build his house came from Woody Harelson’s back yard!

  84. Walt J

    The FBI’s new looser standards for ethnic profiling leads to immediate arrest of suspected terrorist; nation breathes sigh of relief. Details, page 2.

  85. Don

    “The little wee pig never did make it home”

  86. o2bjang

    what came first the bacon or the pig?

  87. alan seaton

    Hey cool it guys! I used to be a security guard for wal mart too, I got my own flashlight and whistle after 6 months- were all brothers here.

  88. paul bonser

    hey look in the car window this guys invisible

  89. paul bonser

    your under arrest for impersonating a police officer

  90. paul bonser

    no nude pigs ok

  91. timmay!

    ahh… going after their own kind, and all over a box of spilled donuts, too.

  92. one_liner

    where are the other 2?

  93. canadiana

    what about the wolf?!

  94. Andrew Anorak

    Hey look, a pig. And a pink guy.

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