86 Years In Waiting

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48 Captions for “86 Years In Waiting”

  1. fartman

    the man on the left with the black cap: “Yeah, my dandruff rules!!”

  2. pissedoff

    Get over it!!!!!! You ain’t got nothing on the Cubs!!!

  3. Fallen

    This was the last picture taken before the world ended.

  4. yeah, I know...

    A moment captured on film that San Diego Padres fans will never experience.

  5. Farva

    The crowds reaction to: “WHO WANTS A MUSTACHE RIDE!”

  6. Ted Kennedy

    Or as we now call the Boston Red Sox, the Anti-Cubs.

  7. DUD

    Did you see that guys…nevermind!

  8. Shosho

    Hey, kids – snowball fight in Hell!

  9. Babe Ruth

    I see skies of blue…clouds of white
    Bright blessed days…warm sacred nights
    And I think to myself…what a wonderful world.

  10. Frylock

    Moments later there was silence, as Red Sox fans everywhere realized they would finally have to stop being whiney bitches.

  11. YankeeHater

    Take that A-Rod!

  12. Seymour Butts

    The world hasn’t ended-the Cubs haven’t won yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t mind the world ending, but the Cubs get their World Series Championship, too.

  13. russ

    “dude i had to pee. what did i miss”

  14. russ

    if they got diaper rash you all em red cox

  15. Mascot

    ewww…Lisa was right…she really IS so happy she could fart! And that was one hella nasty fart too!

  16. edman

    Moments later tears we’re flowing when they realization hit that they would all be dead before this hanppened again.

  17. jivepuddin

    Reaction to the news Jimmy Fallon got hit by a bus.

  18. Simon

    And a good time was had by all in bean town except Jennie Greer who should have known better than to use one of those small useless maxipads at a time like this.

  19. Darin Madden

    The newest Disneyland Ride, Where a crowd of 3D drunken Bostonians stand around you as you sit in your chair. Later, piss smelling beer is sprayed on your head from behind.

  20. jazzgeek

    Sports bar or Sci-Fi convention? You be the judge.

  21. Mrdave

    !!!I’m so happy I could….

    oops, I just did.

  22. Fire Frog

    You know what they say about guys with big hands? They goose sitting girls a lot. Hee.

  23. Gentaur

    The gang at Cheers learns that due to Daylight Saving Time, the bar will be open an extra hour.

  24. Legalpoet

    Come on, its only baseball!

  25. Leon Durham

    “A moment captured on film that San Diego Padres fans will never experience.”

    — that’s right, sally. The curse I placed on you Padre fucks will last far longer than the curse of the bambino!!!

  26. Gapa

    “Yes, Mike, the people have had mixed reactions. And what we see now is a solitary Bush supporter covering her face while jubiliant Kerry fans celebrate”

  27. Igby

    Kiko knew this moment was important. She could tell by the excitement in the room. And so, just as the crowd’s cheer subsided, she yelled “Nomaaaah!”, as she’d heard her host-father do so many times.

  28. RICH


  29. Duffman

    Joy turned to tragedy when Sarah got so excited her head caved in.

  30. dumb ass


  31. rick12string

    Interesting photo of the moment Hell froze over…..those two geeks would probably have invented a new operating system, and ended up boning that cute little sorority chick in front of ’em….

  32. Sarah

    Unfortunately, by the time they reached their victory, the world no longer cared about baseball…

  33. canadiana

    Taken 86 years ago

  34. canadiana

    This was taken the year before

  35. Michael Moore

    I just want to PEE in EVERYONES Mouth

  36. ZZ


  37. trinawoods

    Baseball season may be over, but Red Sox fans can continue to enjoy the bootleg copy of A-Rod and Jeter’s secret honeymoon video all year long.

  38. decay

    A mother’s wish come true as the Gruntsky brothers reunite at the announcement of the Red Sox fan club, Halley’s Comet club merger.

  39. ECHO207

    LOOK! Jimmy isn’t a geek! He got laid for the first time on his 34 birthday!! Wooo-hoooo!!!

  40. The Architect

    Hey everyone! The Martha Stewart Christmas Special is starting!

  41. Jesus

    Jesus! I didn’t even know you could do that kind of thing with a pingpong ball!

  42. trinawoods

    Yay! Maybe now the DPW will fill all the pot holes in the streets of this f**king city!

  43. princess2

    I just love this group, U-2!!!

    Yeah, that Boner guy ROCKS!

  44. Bohatnik

    While the rest of the planet suffered in poverty, the 9 new billionaires who actually bet on the Red Sox this year met at Jill’s house for a Botox party.

  45. Tommy Douglas

    Cowed but never suppressed fully, Angela finally got her revenge on society when she rebelliously shouted ‘penis’ while the room was indesposed towards some sort of sporting event. Chaos insued.

  46. NooSweat

    I’ll spend the next 86 years talking about this moment!

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