A Tail


“Lookout, we have a tail”

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128 Captions for “A Tail”

  1. nathaniel


  2. Larfus

    “Just showing off my latest high tech wireless gas pumper machine…… thats all =O”

  3. Bear dingle berrys

    Somebody got a light?

  4. nxthope

    hope dad dont smell the weed in the car when i get it home, if anything happned to this car …

  5. Franchesca Frisky Rabbit

    Yes hello to you to! Damn why is everyone waving at me today…. I feel so loved.

  6. armand bourgoignie

    -Mister Wonder,I think you forgot to wear your safety-belt…
    -Don’t tell me how to drive!!

  7. armand bourgoignie

    -Do you think the guy from the gas station got our license plate?
    -Naah,don’t worry,nobody’ll notice.

  8. spat

    It could have been worse.

    It might NOT have been self-service…

  9. old gay hick

    It was a drive-by hosing, it was!

  10. Anonymous

    I guess we never noticed the havoc that we left in our wake at the gas station.

  11. Anonymous

    BMW becomes the first automaker to offer “On-The-Road Refueling” as an option.

  12. (pdw)

    The Alzheimer Convention welcomes the first attendant.

  13. Veshka

    The guys had the whole gas station robbery planned out. Bob would go into the station and demand all the money, while George pretended to be a patron. Things would have went smoothly, but…

  14. Anonymous

    Reports have it that the gas-snake has attacked yet another car.

  15. maxfli

    You should see what happened to the guy that checked his oil!

  16. DK

    The easiest way to spot a woman driver.

  17. onebad427

    Proof once again that you don’t have to be all that bright to drive a Beamer!!!

  18. mjl

    I think I smell something, but I can’t get a handle on it.

  19. Elizabeth

    Don’t worry! This is normal in Florida!

  20. Anonymous

    so these are the type of people that buy BMW’s. scary

  21. Anonymous


  22. cri.sys

    “Of course I’m drivin’ ossifer. I’m too drunk to walk.”

  23. Anonymous

    Take advantage of high air polution and save $$$. Order our patented filler hose TODAY!

  24. Pow2k2

    This is what happens when the rich kids get sick of stealing bowling shoes from the bowling alley.

  25. Anonymous

    Wow! we got out of the station just as it exploded. How lucky is that!

  26. Chuck

    This is siphoning made easy!

  27. Jose Mendoza

    I’m late, I’m late, for an very important date!

  28. Jose Mendoza

    Boy! Whats with these other drivers today? If looks could kill, I’d be Road Kill! – Ha! I made a funny.

  29. John

    I didn’t think last night was to bad until this morning we stopped to get gas and I got out to pump it for her….she said something about my snoring as she drove off with me standing there.

  30. Anonymous

    don’t you hate it when you forget to put your gascap back on?

  31. Anonymous

    Stan, next time fill up before we do the bank Job!

  32. kismet

    When you gotta go, you gotta go.

  33. Anonymous

    “Damn what was it……what did I forget to do this morning…..hair.. deoderant…teeth…food…gas…coffee..lottery tic….oh no…

  34. mick

    Pump number 2 please

  35. harry k

    Jeez, Mabel! Quit with the backseat driving. It’s my car! I know what I’m doing.

  36. BNG

    Can’t get rid of this nagging feeling…turned off the stove; locked the door; have my wallet…what IS it?

  37. Jim

    Ultimate Drivers.

  38. mark

    late last night, a metal patient with a pump nosle for a hand escaped…

  39. Anonymous

    I can’t shake em! I lost R2!
    You’re all clear kid!

  40. jay

    So guess who’s wife filled up the car?

  41. wardrick

    Winnona Ryder strikes again!!!

  42. fizgig454

    “Well, at least that horrible ‘dragging’ noise went away.”


    Wow,this speedpass really is a time saver.

  44. Anonymous

    Hey guys the wick went out!!!!

  45. st miek

    Nothing could distract Naomi from her delightful cell phone conversation, not even the fire engulfed gas station attendant dancing in her rear view mirror.

  46. Deno

    GOT GAS?

  47. Anonymous

    woo! finally was able to get rid of that date.

  48. jose

    HEY!!!! they stole my car!!!!

  49. Drake

    I think you’ve been screwed, Harry, that radio antenna isn’t handy at all.

  50. Mike

    D’ya hear that?
    That whop-whop-swish sound!
    What? Never mind.

  51. Drake

    The new Stephen King movie, about a mad fuel-snake craving for blood, became a blockbuster all over the world.

  52. massis

    “shit frank, someone almost had our tail”
    “o hell, did i miss?”

  53. doc

    Oh dear, I’m just getting so forgetful… did I pay that attendant back there?

  54. Joanna

    Honey, you sure you didn’t forget something?

  55. Anonymous

    Let me explain the concept of “Gas ‘N Go” just ONE more time!!

  56. Hannibal

    Scene from “Christine II”, the new movie by Stephen King.

  57. B-Man

    If only money came with brains!

  58. Rob

    I thought they had ways to stop people from stealing gas…

  59. Loslos23

    “Damn!… I think I forgot to put the gas cap back on!”

  60. Shana

    Bush goes out on the town incognito.

  61. BoMoFo

    Take off, you hoser!

  62. Shadrack

    Caution: Student Driver

  63. Jeff Chastain

    People in this town sure honk their horns alot!

  64. MK1

    XYZ, Dude. XYZ.

  65. Mortius

    For some reason the flames kept catching up with the car at each traffic light and the driver couldn’t understand why…

  66. Anonymous

    BMW does not recommend letting the wife drive.

  67. DjDolbs

    Ha! Look at that “GASS HOLE”!!!

  68. td

    “idiot flag”

  69. Donald Hatcher

    “The tiger is in the tank, don’t run over his tail!”

  70. kamaksi zombiestomp

    first it was the dog now the gas station. with the girswalds ever learn

  71. belloq75

    The first and last test of the on-road refueling system.

  72. Stephen N.

    “Damn this song is catchy.”

  73. Jimmy the Fish

    Sylvia beamed with pride at finally learning to pump her own gas.

  74. plex

    …and then I told the gas attendent, buck-fifty my ass!

  75. Ashton Sanderson

    Ye gads! We’ve been TAPPED!!

  76. Mike

    It’s very very rare, but in some cases, guys who have BMWs also have hoses longer than 4 inches.

  77. Dennis McCarthy

    Who farted?

  78. Max

    Woman in the car says ,”Oops! i forgot something! yeah … hafta apply more lipstick”

  79. tps

    I did tell the salesman, give me one with evry option.

  80. rivercardz

    “Don’t hit the brakes when nobody else is! You’ll draw attention to ourselves!”

  81. Anonymous

    Premature gasulation

  82. HoJo

    BMW’s new long dong silver model

  83. Anonymous

    Brand new, Exxon portable gas station.

  84. bob

    Trust me on this honey, we’ll never have to stop for gas again.

  85. Anonymous

    I told you it would stay in…thats twenty bucks buddy

  86. Maxx

    Alternate ending to “The Fast and the Furious”

  87. Billie C

    Like I said, man, we calmly walk away from work furlough, jump in a dude’s car when he goes to pay for his gas and the cops never notice!

  88. BH

    Ya dont take Visa? Ooops, Leggit!

  89. BARDA


  90. Flux

    Damn, there’s a car stuck to my hose!

  91. Mr. Ramon

    Jihad against the bastard who broke my gas pump!

  92. Rivard

    Somewhere between owning a BMW and driving a BMW Dave Borman lost his mind.

  93. Todd Hunt

    Idiot actually thought I would pay 2.50 a gallon, I’m not taking that kind of hosin’.

  94. Anonymous

    The new BMW comes fully equipped!

    *fuel hose optional

  95. Texas Tommy

    Why don’t we see more women mechanics?

  96. care

    BMW: $75,000; Price of gas: $1.50 a gallon; common sense: priceless
    …there are some things money can’t buy; for everything else, there’s Mastercard

  97. Josh

    too anxious, the new BMW runs away from the car dealership with the umbilical cord still attached.

  98. Anonymous

    new bmw

  99. Ozzy

    Driver’s ed has officially gone straight to Hell



  101. mark

    weman ….

  102. Eli

    Woman’s Driving.

  103. meir

    “”Always you forget, …even after sex you leave it in the hole hanging and loose.”

  104. errr..

    How rich would they be if they were SMART??

  105. errr..

    “Yeah, BMW mechanics said the car will take two and a half weeks to fix and cost $2,700…Oh well, if it gets rid of that rattle…”

  106. Ryan

    Oh for the love of…what have I told you about pumping gas when you’re drunk?

  107. Paris

    BMW= Blonde Mindless Woman

  108. Paris

    BMW= Brainless Mother @ Wheel

  109. Anonymous

    Ron still can’t figureout why that hot blond in the car next to him kept stairing in his direction…

  110. Nicole

    I’m sure we will get away with our insurance scam, no one will be able to tell.

  111. Quincy J

    How did this genius pass the road test?


    The new BMW comes fully equipped! *fuel hose optional

  113. Anonymous

    People always look at you when u drive a nice car.

  114. BillyJoeBob

    Shawn felt it, but the small cock/german joke was not meant to be…

  115. Jolene

    Sure honey , the salesman said it’s $500 but I’ll never run out of gas again .

  116. lawrence

    The doctor apparently left the umbilical cord after the difficult birth of this baby beemer.

  117. tortued soul

    There is a easier way to catch drug trafficers nowadays.

  118. Mark Smith

    after getting his wife to the hospital he remember that he forgot to pay for the gas

  119. MeeMah

    She was probably being harrassed at the gas pump by some loser and left abruptly!

  120. Robbie

    Another blond, driving a car…

  121. koustuv

    marry safety , divorce speed

  122. CHAOS

    julie thought she might have gotten away without paying for the petrol, although there was a minor give away…

  123. DUDLY

    Hey, that is a Louisiana plate! Says it all…

  124. dustin cobwebs

    proof that women REALLY cant pump gas

  125. Chris

    Finally, it’s mandatory to have “blonde woman” driver flags

  126. Audiodoode

    Nothing quite goes together like blondes, beamers & ……insurance agents.

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