Afghan Tank Deployment


This is the makings of a afghan military convoy.

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43 Captions for “Afghan Tank Deployment”

  1. Sam Herman

    Iraq’s new deadly weapons…

    Don’t think they’re so dangerous? Wait until they turn around!!!

  2. Sam Herman

    Ford Pickup- $10,000
    Wooden Fencing- $50
    Drinking so much that you date three camels, call them your girlfriends, and demand that you are the kings and queens of Iraq- Priceless.

    There’s some things money can’t buy- for everything else there’s a coma.

  3. Deraj

    The modern battlefield continues to approach the deadliness and sophistication predicted by Attack of the Mutant Camels on the Commodore 64.

  4. Bush Whacked

    What is the closest thing Iraq has to the three wise men?

  5. Naz

    The search for new leaders of Iraq has been narrowed down to the final three candiates.

  6. Naz

    More Iraqi prisoner abuse pictures…

  7. Me a Mofo

    That one was mine Naz!

  8. Me a Mofo

    The New Dodge Caravan

  9. Me a Mofo

    Excus Me, I hawfe treee neew howt bitches fow da price of saudi, where sall I drop dem owf?

  10. (pdw)

    ‘Honey, when I said: go and get me some camels…I meant cigarettes’

  11. s.chandler

    Laugh all you want! i can go 3 thousand miles on a liter of water!

  12. cairo

    In today’s news: Camel theft on the rise…

  13. Cary

    Spit and run

  14. ArrJay

    Only in Iraq will you ever be spat upon by three camels tied to the back of a pickup truck.

  15. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    Michael! Janet!! LaToya!!! I’d know y’all ANYwhere by your (camel) toes!!

  16. filkertom

    The first desperate attempt at an Iraqi boy band

  17. filkertom

    Actually, the funniest thing is that, even though it’s labelled as “Afghan”, everyone (myself included) made Iraq jokes.

  18. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    I dunt vhant mein dolink camelettes to be cold; throw yourself on an afghan

  19. Jon

    Abdullah liked the one in the middle, but the man who sold them said the one on the left had no gag reflex.

  20. RAAAA


  21. Anonymous

    Man in white jacket: “Okay, ma’am, we have the standard version, or the Luxury version with beverage holder and pleather saddle.

  22. pete bridges

    Damned Yank sightseers get uglier every season!

  23. aza d

    ha ha ha

  24. aza d

    if only they could shoot as much bullets as they spit

  25. Shadowbat

    Camel “tow?”

  26. meowr

    Are we there yet?

  27. pduggie

    I’d drive a mile for these camels.

  28. deeter

    Camels are funny, but only when it’s sunny, or your nose is runny! Merry Christmas, Strawberry Crack Head.

  29. Bonnie

    I just hope they don’t got AIDS.

  30. s

    leave the driving to us

  31. saus

    damb amercans get out of iraq or we will behead our usa captures saddam has got the hump

  32. saus

    special offer buy a pick up for 1000 DINARS and get a the camels free

  33. rick12string

    Smithers wondered if the heat seeker on his Stinger missile would home in on the rampant camel flatulence that seemed to plague the Syrian Army….

  34. Dick Cheney

    These camels I reserve for George Bush’s ass!

  35. paul

    wheres the bloody driver,he must have took the hump eh?

  36. RICH


  37. RICH


  38. jazzgeek

    Ironically, their jockeys are now NYC cab drivers.

  39. flowers

    Nice site and fine content

  40. seguin

    Spy photo of Afghan Motor Work’s new models being shipped to their test track.

  41. NooSweat

    No, you can’t smoke one of mine! I only got 3 camels left.

  42. NooSweat

    Arrested!! Were’nt wearing burka’s !!

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