Air hug


I don’t know why I add these photos. I picture someone kicking the mascot’s ass immediately following this snapshot.

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48 Captions for “Air hug”

  1. ps2maddenman

    Donald Duck realized that Weight Watchers was in his future.

  2. David

    Since being released from the State Penitentiary a few months ago, Donald found it difficult to forget his cellmate’s words… “touch your toes boy!”

  3. lokiseven

    After downing 17 beer, a quart of Vodka and a countless number of tequila shots, Donald had a little trouble steadying himself, yet refused to admit he had a problem to anyone.

  4. Pokejedservo

    You see folks Walt isn’t dead nor frozen, he has just been stuck in that blasted suit fo the past few decades. Why I’m not sure…

  5. (pdw)

    Someone blew me! Someone finally blew me!

  6. evan

    Donald couldn’t figure out where all the kids went on “Catholic Priests Enter For Free” day.

  7. Anonymous

    Now we know why Donald talks funny: there’s something up his a**!

  8. Anonymous

    Look! I can masterbate with my shadow!

  9. Skeletor

    Looks like he ATE Huey, Dewey and Louie

  10. nurg

    Donald was completely clueless when it came to the whole snow angel concept.

  11. blunderbuss

    If Major League Baseball does strike, and it includes the Umpires, Donald is ready to fill in…”Yer SAFE!”.

  12. Anonymous

    Donald was quite full of himself until someone told him he was only full of air.

  13. bin Laden

    Spank me, Mickey

  14. alan seaton

    The collage of water caused Donald to remember the good ol’ days at the water sewage pond.

  15. Anonymous

    i’ve got a crapper on deck that could choke a donkey

  16. Din Viesel

    Using your hands, show us how much of an idiot you have to be to wear that duck outfit.

  17. nurg

    OK, I bend over, and wait for the cute little doggie to come bite off my bathing suit bottom… you’re SURE you guys are shooting another Coppertone ad?

  18. flapjack

    No matter how hard he flapped, Donald just couldn’t fly with his wings-with-fingers.

  19. fowl language

    Somebody just yelled “duck!”

  20. s.chandler

    “Now that I can walk on water,my next miracle shall be …”

  21. The Duck Years

    I’m a Little Teapot, Short and Stout.
    Here is my Handle, Here is my Spout…

  22. K.S.

    “Come here and give me a… Damn hallucinations again!”

  23. Oh Boy

    Mickey’s Donald Blow-Up Doll.

  24. Moscow

    …and then i said to her “My dick is like THIS big!”

  25. alan seaton

    Given away by his tight fitting briefs, none of the women believed that donald’s penis was really that big.

  26. Lawrence

    Sumo-Disney…Coming this fall to ABC

  27. Anonymous

    Donald upon being released from prison.

  28. Hannah M

    “Sorry, I’m a little stiff this morning.”

  29. Anonymous

    Don’t Make me break in your teeth with a wine bottle!

  30. Da konz

    The long asked question has finally been answered: Which Disney character takes it? Donald or Mickey? I think we all know the answer.

  31. coldfish79

    John regrets the second helping of baked beans the night befor.

  32. RuneGod

    I feel a turtle head pokin through!
    Here it cooooomes

  33. wewak

    you won’t believe me…but I’m holding a giant, invisible Martian by the balls!

  34. Anonymous

    Comin in for a landing!

  35. Jebus

    The aftermath: Donald Duck recovers near the park, after an incident where an angry rodent shoved a pole up his nether regions. The mouse has yet to be found.

  36. Anonymous

    help! It`s a mouse ,in my trousers!

  37. Anonymous

    This is why Daisy will never marry Donald!

  38. Missie

    “Heeeeeeeeeeey Macarena… Oy!”

  39. newt

    that’s an F in mascot school, you have to wait for the kid to give the hug.

  40. Mark Smith

    Donald after drinking a half pint of whiskey thinks that he can fly but to his dismay he had just been on a moon walk

  41. Atrocity

    Johnny’s hang over caught up with him.

  42. dork

    this little ducky gifs his new friend a big hug

  43. Peachy

    Where am i? why am i in a duck?oops i forgot to take my phill mooom!

  44. Grizzlychicken

    Just then Harry had a heart attack. Little kids just kept hugging him. Until he fell on one.

  45. Gary

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  46. Owen

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