allergy protection


Nair came out with a product to get rid of unsightly underarm hair and the nasty allergen infested cat hair.

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84 Captions for “allergy protection”

  1. Mike

    Thats the last time I let you give me a haircut!!

  2. coley

    Look what you did to Mr. Bigglesworth!

  3. Chew

    Well, now we know what a kitty looks like when its been left in the water too long…

  4. Bec

    Looks like kitty needs some Rogain…

  5. m.t.

    i said shave yo puss – i didn’t mean the actual cat!

  6. Kohai

    Little did they know, the hairless cats would soon rise against humanity. With thier streamline and aerodynamic features, they would be virtually unstoppable.

  7. tiff o knee

    i was just washing dishes, when i got to the moldy tupperware.. i touched the ivory soap bar to it like so- it turned into this thing

  8. Kate

    Hmm – your theory was correct – he WAS mostly fur!

  9. siren

    so THIS is what came out when I unclogged the drain!

  10. kendo

    Honey… Did we always have hard water?

  11. Fat Seanny

    The best way to keep your gargoyles clean is with soap and water.

  12. Silver

    Wow!?! That Nair really does work!!!

  13. Raymond

    Pass me the barbecue sauce, Natalie

  14. fatguyinalittlecoat

    thats strange, this cat looks a lot like my scrtum.

  15. Anonymous

    This hairless cat is being washed.

  16. EarShoT

    now that’s what I call smooth…

  17. AliasMoze

    Mistakes were made.

  18. steve just

    Secret spy photo from deep inside animal testing lab: Rogaine Soap a failure.

  19. Melissa

    The real reason cats hate water so much.

  20. Jowy

    ET’s love child.

  21. Patrick

    I tried Claritin, and I tried Zyrtec; nothing. . . so if this don’t work for my allergies, this thing is outta here.

  22. Joske Vermeulen

    Try to get a hairpiece for this!

  23. EarShoT

    so, about this hair extensions…

  24. mktlkez

    This shampoo just isn’t evil enough. It’s the diet coke of evil.

  25. (pdw)

    I TOLD you to stop spanking that monkey!

  26. bANAAL

    …in this new upcoming Disney production the roles of Tom an Jerry will be played by one and the same actor.

  27. Oink

    A spokesperson of the St.Bernhard Dog Association categorically denied the rumour that the Swiss are genetically manipulating their dogs.

  28. sickcylo

    I’ve lived with this obcessive compulsive disorder causing me to wash my cat since age 4.

  29. Elli

    Damn, girl! You got one fuuuugly puusy.

  30. Alex Kaseberg

    That’s great honey, but that’s not what I meant when I said I like bald pussies.

  31. sugar

    That’s what I call a clean cut!

  32. brian

    I never knew Karen Carpenter had a cat.

  33. Mr.Pickles

    OH SHIT! I filled the sink with Nair!

  34. theshiva

    “King King ain’t got no shit on me”

  35. Anonymous

    artistic circumcision

  36. semi-

    it looks taxidermised, too.

  37. (pdw)

    Also class…look at the strange black & white turd it produced when it shit itself during the shaving process.

  38. Mike

    Yo quiero towel.

  39. b00mHauer

    wait! before you wash, let me take off my wetsuite

  40. Mr. Ramom

    ALF’s personal chef prepares a delightful dinner.

  41. slow burn

    Genetic Engineering goes awry when rat genes are introduced into cat genetics.

  42. Anonymous

    My hair…?

  43. 3gerFromBelgium

    Willy’s first contact with a shaved pussy …

  44. corym

    but what were they doing with Arafats headwear in the sink?

  45. Babylon

    Got Nads?

  46. Rev. Dr. Lazlo Deviant

    …and be sure to completely remove all hair before cooking…

  47. van H.

    1 plucked cat, rinsed & seasoned
    1 chopped onion
    4 table spoons of olive oil
    400 gr. hard vegetables of own choice
    some freshly chopped herbs
    1 bottle of dry white wine


    1 DEAD plucked cat, rinsed & seasoned..

  48. plankton

    Here Jaleel is preparing our newest weapon: Palestinian cat suicide bombers. Allah be praised!

  49. POW2k2

    The first step of the new chi-cat is to throughly wash your chi-cat, then spread on the new and improved chi-cat seeds…

  50. BigM

    Shaved or underaged?

  51. BigM

    Read the lable before washing: do not bleach…

  52. Fat Tony

    hmmm–all my wrinkles are showing now–do they make Botox for Space Cats?!?!?

  53. Anonymous

    I don’t mind the soap so much, but it’s combing my fringe with the steel brush that really hurts!

  54. Anonymous


  55. Anonymous

    Puny human. I will not forget this insolence! You will pay!!!

  56. Ron


  57. lilburro

    How to tell when your OCD is effecting others.

  58. Mj

    My father was a cat, my mother, an elephant. But I…

  59. Veshka

    Damnit! You scrubbed to hard!

  60. Bri

    Quick someone needs too jerk off and put that out of its misery

  61. Anonymous

    Get soap in my eye ONE MORE TIME and I swear I’ll have your bloody hand off, mate…

  62. Anonymous

    My korean neighbor preparing the main course…

  63. kalfken

    the bold , not the beautiful

  64. julia

    there are certain hairy things that should be shaved… some should be left alone…

  65. Fat Seanny

    That’s it. I’m peein’ in here.

  66. Maxx

    Sashimi-grade kitty.

  67. spat

    Shrinking test for washing powder performed on cat.

  68. Anonymous

    for hot, wet, one-on-one kitty porn just click…

  69. mdc58

    There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

  70. Karl Marx

    Look what you did to Mr. Bigglesworth!!!

  71. alan dunleavy

    I’m getting angry.and when i get angry MR. Biglesworth gets upset.and when Mr. Biglesworth gets upset, people DIE.

  72. MZIEN

    I don’t just wash my pussy in the bath tub you know….

  73. Anonymous

    “Yeah stupid, I think mom will notice something’s different when she get’s home. Now shut up and go find that glue stick. “

  74. Elspode

    “Steempy, yoo eediot! I toldju I don’t like to take baths!”

  75. Sawyer

    Underneath all the plastic, Joan Rivers was just an ordinary kitty

  76. Anonymous

    Shit!….Honey, run to the vet and get Fluffy some hairball medicine!

  77. chris

    The best way to avoid yeast infection.

  78. mugwump

    …whats the name of that outfit doing the potuck dinner tonite ..SPCA..???

  79. Clark Griswold

    That’ll teach you to cough up a hairball in MY bed!!!

  80. alan seaton

    Irma, did you buy one of those mexican chia pets from the flea market again?

  81. Greblo

    yeh its a cat gettign a bath

  82. Ed the Higg

    “Well…I hope you’re happy, Jon. I understand that this prank is a petty, belated vengeance for all those years of me abusing you and kicking Odie off the ledges, and a fine vengeance it is. But damn you, Jon! Damn you! My hair will grow back, but my pride…my pride is forever wounded. Ask yourself this: was it worth it, Jon? Was it worth the irreparable harm done to your old friend Garfield? Oh yes, I certainly hope you’re happy. I need to lie down and cry now….”

  83. Mr.Man

    I said shave YOUR pus… Oh never mind!

  84. dustin cobwebs

    when you see skin youve scrubbed too hard

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