America or Bust


31 hours at sea on the way to the US from Cuba – in a 1951 pickup?

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96 Captions for “America or Bust”

  1. jwd

    “Careful! You’ll flood it!”

  2. Gentaur

    The drive from Cuba to Florida was a little rough. They expect Hawaii’s interstate highway to be smooth sailing.

  3. clorox

    Sadly..the members of the Cuban coast guard’s first voyage were never seen again…

  4. Mascot

    …taking that “long drive off a short pier” joke jusssst a bit too far.

  5. KD

    You filled the barrels with rocks!? You idiot!

  6. Chev man

    The absolute LAST of Ford’s better ideas!

  7. jwd

    The question “What would Jesus drive?” is finally answered.

  8. Professor Kaos

    Jed Clampit moves his family from Beverly Hills to Hawaii

  9. Marko

    The sequel “Chitty Chitty Bang bang: In the hood!”,/b> sinks at the box office!

  10. Gentaur

    “Watch out for that blue house. They got a sign that says BEWARE OF SHARK.”

  11. filkertom

    Test-driving the 2004 Chevy We’re-All-Gonna-Die

  12. filkertom

    “… and will you knock it off with the damn Sex Pistols!? We don’t even have any rigging!”

  13. filkertom

    We’re gonna need a stupider-looking boat.

  14. filkertom

    Detail from Norman Rockwell’s “Last Voyage of the Spanky

  15. Kobe's Boner

    “Sure it’s slow, but you wouldn’t believe the mileage this thing gets.”

  16. BG

    and finally revealed to the american public is the top secret photo and the reason bush invaded and seized iraq, here is your weapon of mass destruction…

  17. Your Mom

    Everyone here is a tool!

  18. A TOOL

    Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.
    That started from a cuban port,
    aboard this tiny truck.
    The mate was a starving cabana boy,
    the skipper, he dealt drugs.
    Five passengers went driving that day,
    for a three hour tour, a three hour tour………
    The road turned into water,
    the big ole truck was tossed.
    If not for the cocaine and cuban cigars, the Chevy would be lost; the Chevy (or ford?) would be lost.
    The truck never took ground on the shore of any Floridian Paradise,
    with Cabana Boy, the Dealer too,
    Joe Millionaire, has no Wife,
    the Bearded Dude, the Dictator and the Klu Klux Klan,
    here on George Bush’s Isle.

  19. jwd

    Kobe Bryant jumps bail and heads for Cuba.

  20. DOUG

    Jose! You idiot! You said this truck was “all terrain”!

  21. Gentaur

    “I TOLD you the Coast Guard would spot us with the yellow tarp!”

  22. jwd

    2009: Elian Gonzalez gets his learner’s permit.

  23. jwd

    What would Magellan drive?

  24. gentaur

    The world’s smallest ferry.

  25. Sammy

    Guy in Red Cap: “Check out that Lara Croft babe on her jetski…damn!”

  26. gentaur

    Ford executives now worry about their SUVs capsizing.

  27. gentaur

    It says “ford”, doesn’t it? That’s what we’re doing.

  28. Greg White

    It`s a hash tent ready to explode 🙂

  29. joe

    Boat people? Who,us? nah never!

  30. Billy

    … the cheapest way to travel. Thanks,!

  31. M Wagenhofer

    Now let’s not go overboard about this trip.

  32. lame-oh

    Dude, where’s my car! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  33. tred79

    well, Chewy, I was inspired by The Ninja Turtles. great kids, really…

  34. Have-A-Say

    Hooray. No more flat tyres!!!

  35. Ryk

    “Thank you for travelling Welfare Cruise Lines.”

  36. Jeremy Helton

    Maybe we should have taken a left at Albequrque

  37. RAy

    “So FORD has finally found what its trucks are good for……”

  38. Pmacca01

    Must have rained.

  39. Placido

    It’s Mrs Esk and his Family on their
    voyage from Havana to Miami to a life
    of living off the government and begging
    for hand outs!!

  40. Kagetto

    Ok so who remembered the compass and map?

  41. jwd

    The Cuban version of “The Perfect Storm” bombed at the box office.

  42. jwd

    “Did you feel that? I think we just ran over a shark!”

  43. Gentaur

    “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
    “Be quiet back there, or I’ll turn this thing around!”

  44. anon

    Forest Park, Ill Commisioner Theresa.A.Steinbach’s second home; Where she sings “Elian” blatantly & loudly.

  45. Cary

    You can’t park here sir, these are handicapped waters.

  46. bANAAL

    Because the first Waterworld sucked at the box-office the producers decided to give Kevin a smaller budget for the sequal.

  47. Kit Kat

    So THAT’S where Saddam is hiding!

  48. Fartman

    The arab version of a Bond-car

  49. Jigsaw

    just one more payment and its all MINE!

  50. CTownHood

    “Cuban Survivor: Rough Waters…this fall on CBS”

  51. CTownHood

    “This car brakes for Immigration Officers”

  52. lawrence

    Survivor, Cuban Style—–18 Cuban nationalists, all ex-prisoners convicted of rape, murder and child abuse are sent to Miami as they try to blend in with all the other cuban ex-prisoners convicted rape, murder and child abuse.

  53. ilovethe80s

    “Eduardo, this is the last time I let you choose the cruise line!”

  54. Gentaur

    “Enrique, you fool! The rockets were supposed to take us UP!”

  55. Impfac

    Just like I say Jose, they pull us over just for being Cubans!

  56. Impfac

    “I’m starting to think we missed our exit honey.”

  57. Impfac

    “Goddamn it Jose I swear, one more round of ‘row your boat’-!”

  58. girly girl

    Cuban Coast Guard gets new rescue vehicle!!!

  59. Newt

    I’ve already seen this episode on Junk Yard Wars!

  60. IU;GH;IO

    we’re poor

  61. kjub

    i want to live in a new country. mine is ruled by a dictator, im risking my life to start a new one.

  62. Jared Mell

    Already way over budget, the crew of “Water World” looks to cut costs.

  63. 5 of 8


  64. oprah 2

    Humvee? No way man! ‘dis is the real Cheech & Chong “Gumbee”!

  65. spat

    “Ok Juan we’re nearly there, hit the brakes!”

  66. Crystal King

    Hey,there’s a light on the dashboard reminding you to sign your will

  67. ososlow

    See, I told you that puddle was deeper than it looked

  68. fortune

    whoohoo. the first car with a built-in swimming pool.

  69. Stoffel"

    Guy in WifeBeater “You just ran over a seal you moron”

  70. Pokejedservo

    Guy with Megaphone: Hurry men! We must get to the next Queen concert! Guy with Life Jacket in front (whispering): Uh somebody IS going to tell him that they haven’t done any concerts for years now, right? Driver: Yeah, you… Life Jacket Guy: Shoot…

  71. jefsaw

    Zamboni drivers suffered through the blackout last month…

  72. Bisquitlips

    “…dis way ve vil ‘ave our automobeele ven ve git to Amerika!”

  73. Gentaur

    “Watch out, a deer!”

  74. Gentaur

    When you said, “Let’s take it for a spin,” we didn’t think you were going to drive it through a hurricane!

  75. just me

    Bill Gates, take a look at OUR invention, then eat your heart out!

  76. Bill Kozy

    Coach class on the Royal Caribbean

  77. Mark Beular

    The newest way to cross the border the truck boat with 200 horse power

  78. Gentaur

    Peasant Caribbean Cruise Lines.

  79. Pyro

    Vice City’s answer to the sinking car problem.

  80. Newt

    What are they thinking, that old truck will never pass DEQ emissions!

  81. hamsterman

    The people from Venice, Italy, got tired of driving boats everywhere.

  82. curmugion

    have you rowed a ford lately?

  83. JOHN

    If ol Chris Columbus could see this he’d turn over in his grave.

  84. k

    OK, 1 2 3 PUSH!

  85. scott

    ladies and gentlemen….. here are your 2007 New York Yankees

  86. jcw

    cuba’s version of their navy seals and you thought they had nothing. you just never ever know

  87. The Googa monster

    The day Mexico City flooded.

  88. The Googa monster

    The real pirates of the Caribbean.

  89. Mark Beular

    The newest way the Cubians get over the ocean to america

  90. cairo

    Service engine soon? I wonder what that’s all about…

  91. canadiana

    ghetto cruise ship

  92. Forsaken

    The terrorists could not afford a real LCAC, so they just used kimharj-sur-sudan’s mothers raft.

  93. Fleetwood

    Lada tries to get in the SUV game with it’s new model, the 2004 El Drowno.

  94. Grizzlychicken

    Luxury mexican cruises start at 1 peso OBO

  95. John Beatemoff

    “We come from a dirty country.”

  96. Erez

    Jose and his family have found the ultimate solution to traffic jams

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