Another reason to drink in moderation

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43 Captions for “Another reason to drink in moderation”

  1. Nuggie Rancher

    Bringing an ugly new meaning to the term tapping a keg

  2. Shadowbat

    Todd would never forgive his best friend for sneaking in and taking a picture of him and his true love on their honeymoon.

  3. Kenny

    Scientists at a secret Budweiser lab perfect the direct IV “tap” to aid the true beer drinkers need for beer and sleep at the same time.

  4. Hugh

    Harry’s wife wondered if his love for beer had not crossed a dangerous line..

  5. Kenny

    John grabs a cat nap before facing the next monumental task of teaching the keg to cook.

  6. trinawoods

    Jason’s blind date turned out to be a real barrel of laughs.

  7. jo mammy

    Should have had hinikins keg in a can instead.

  8. stan

    Australian for wuss.

  9. jazzgeek

    Frat Party Afterglow

  10. Darin Madden

    After the novelty wears off, the tapper inserted in his ass will not be so funny anymore.

  11. SimonHawke

    One of these is a beat up ugly and worthless beer repository.

    and the other is a keg.

  12. SimonHawke

    Hey buddy, We all love our beer….. we just don’t ‘love’ our beer.

  13. trinawoods

    His parents are sure to be proud of Ethan’s Chemistry project this semester.

  14. trinawoods

    Dude, I thought he said her name was Peg…

  15. Lancehead

    Thinking that she may be overdoing the whole pumpkin thing, Cinderella decided to try turning into something else for a change.

  16. trinawoods

    Burial at Sea: Mexican Style. Olay!

  17. trinawoods

    Spring Break in Milwaukee

  18. trinawoods

    Don’t worry, mom, Chris seems to have a handle on the situation.

  19. Lawrence


    I have those same sheets….

    Now I have to burn them….

  20. trinawoods

    I don’t think this is what the employment specialist had in mind when he suggested John add a casual photo of himself to his resume folder.

  21. trinawoods

    Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams to all those who live at Ferd’s Mobile Home Park and Kitten Emporium.

  22. Ben Jones

    Greg spent the next 40 minutes helping the keg find its bra.

  23. trinawoods

    Oh my God, R2D2 is gay?!?!

  24. princess2

    …and three weeks AFTER Mardi Gras….

  25. vlad

    Blast from the past – JY freshman year in college

  26. Bohatnik

    Mark fell asleep next to a fat chick and a keg, but after the threesome, the fat chick snuck off in the night.

  27. radhakrishnan


  28. Sam Reavill

    It gets very lonely at sea!

  29. josh

    a flashback from the trailer park

  30. Drew Barnicoat

    They just aren’t trying to hide hide nuclear waste as hard these days

  31. Daniel Flynn

    When Bill wakes up he’ll wonder how he got that thing up his ass the night before.

  32. kevin

    The Keg could’ve done so much better for itself… its a shame really…

  33. Ian

    He got so drunk from drinking all that beer!

  34. Mikey S

    Only in Vegas can a man and a keg fall in love and marry. I’m sure by the end of the night the keg was all tapped out.

  35. fred

    he was so pissed he mistoke his wife for a barrel of beer

  36. Kennny

    And Charlie’s wife is now at the Bud keg refill facility after the party last night.

  37. dawn sharp

    It was a perfect gift from Crate and Barrell…monkeys sold separately.

  38. RedskinRay

    Quint (Jaws): “He can’t stay down with one barrel in him, not with one he can’t.”

  39. ngnieaobcw

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  40. rat boy

    whats so bad about givig love to a keg
    i mean rat boy does it daily to a a chick in the same dimetions of a keg… so its really no big deal

  41. hafferden

    the dog guarding it ran away.

  42. Chloe

    hey babe what’d we do last night … oh shit.. not again…

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