As deer season approaches, the deer prepare

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51 Captions for “As deer season approaches, the deer prepare”

  1. SimonHawke

    I’m not talking to him. I tell you that son-of-a-doe is wearing a wire!

  2. SimonHawke

    Who doesn’t like watching videos of a little tail… but be up front about it.

  3. trinawoods

    The Blair Antler Project gets off to a good start.

  4. -Mascot

    Bad Deer Bad Deer
    Whatcha gonna do?
    Whatcha gonna do when they buck with you?

    “Bucks” was filmed on location as it happened…

  5. s.chandler

    eastwood in his early dirty wet years!

  6. Rob

    Deer geek,

  7. Rob

    Santa thought the live reindeer cam would help drive traffic to his site.

  8. Darin Madden

    the “virtural deer hunter” just never really took off…

  9. teh_guy

    Oh crap im wired with bombs! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!!

  10. -Mascot

    Yeah, call me stupid looking. But at least I don’t have some Johnny-Five robot on steroids trying to pull my nads out through my mouth while I’m handcuffed to a railing.

  11. Ben

    Ahead of the trends.

  12. Gentaur

    Not even Bambi is safe from paparazzi.

  13. Gentaur

    After the embarrassing incident with the decoy, Donner makes sure to thoroughly document his next date.

  14. Gentaur

    The first attempt by the Borg to assimilate Earth did not go well.

  15. Shadowbat

    Hugh Hefner’s earlier men’s monthly, Stag Party, never quite caught on. Neither did his second attempt, PlayDoe magazine.

  16. Viz

    I hate this job.

  17. danny

    Let’s stick as Santa’s raindeers when hunting season arrives…

  18. Kenny

    “Does Gone Wild!” only $9.95 you won’t believe your eyes

  19. Source

    “Im starting to think that this rather obtrusive item attached to my head has something to do with them”

  20. Kolleen

    Look at all the publicity Paris Hilton got for her video, come on ladies, wanna give it a try?

  21. Sassy

    Who Lo-Jacked Rudoulph??

  22. Anchor

    I haven’t quite felt like myself ever since that dart-in-the-rump incident.

  23. Bohatnik

    I swear, you can’t go anywhere in the woods anymore without seeing at least one tourist!

  24. trinawoods

    “Look at the rack on that one!”

  25. trinawoods

    Yes, deer have bachelor parties too.

  26. saturday

    Animal Planet Spy

  27. iggyicarusflock

    The SDP

    “The Secret Deer Police”

  28. iggyicarusflock

    The HUNTER may easily become the HUNTED

    …hunted by a herbivore…

  29. Brad

    The biggest problems with the Al Qaida-trained deer was getting them to walk onto a bus.

  30. mike

    The presidents new spy system at work….

  31. God

    President Bush tries out his new snowsuit

  32. jazzgeek

    The effects of Chronic Wasting Disease.

  33. trinawoods

    Look, headlights!

  34. r.mckay

    can you hear me now ?
    can you hear me now ?
    can you hear me now ?
    can you hear me now ?

  35. trinawoods

    “Don’t worry, it’s just Cheney shooting at his friends again.”

  36. Jacob b

    the ‘bling’ culture was catching on. unfortunately, boris didn’t realise thet huge necklaces weren’t that classy to the ladies.

  37. Walt

    Allah Oh Akbar!!

  38. charlotte wilkinson

    my new hands free mobile kit could really catch on…..fits onto the antlers with minimal strain!!

  39. Brian

    The Presidents plan calls for alot of new technology to guard our border.

  40. Mikey S

    You may have gotten my mother last year you basterds but, you won’t get me this year as long as I have my Bambi gear.

  41. Arun

    All you girls!!! Move on!!! Move it! Move it!!!

  42. kaitlan

    Actually i am not an active serfer, but this this site is really great, i will spread it through my friends.

  43. ssk67

    aw cmon back, i promise i wont post it on the internet…

  44. half-life 2 luver

    Hey does?I don’t know if mom told you when you were adopted…when we migrate,we usually strip,and i’m allowed to film it.

  45. dawn sharp

    Dough a deer


    Two men inside the fake dear suit–” I told the TV director that this dear suit was too small for a camera man and sound man. Ohhhaa ! why have you’ve got your ice cold nose stuck in my ass cheeks ! Sorry Bob I was just trying to keep it warm, MMMmm “.

  47. Sean

    How do you think they made Bambi?

  48. tev

    Japanese Introduce a New and Improved Deer

  49. sops

    pervert stag– he could be watchin YOU!!

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