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61 Captions for “AstroNuts!”

  1. Lt Columbo

    That’s what a night out with Keith Richards does to you….

  2. Lt Columbo

    I warned her not to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant

  3. Lt Columbo

    She looks ill…she looks on deaths doorstep….she looks just like every other passport photo

  4. Coyoty

    …One twelve-step program for a woman.

  5. Alex Kaseberg

    Before diaper rash. After diaper rash.

  6. s.chandler

    NASA just sucks the life right out of ya!

  7. trinawoods

    “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

  8. trinawoods

    She’s an honest-to-goodness Space Cadet.

  9. trinawoods

    Crew selection is firmed up for the first flight of the Space Shuttle “Deranged” scheduled to launch in late April.

  10. dawn sharp

    In an attempt to avoid arrest, fly-girl tries some of Michael Jackson’s vanishing cream.

  11. tedxfiles

    BEWARE of this weapon of self-destruction!

  12. Working stiff

    This is your brain before you go out in space and fall in love with an atronaut….This is your brain after ……I want to see Uranus ……..

  13. tired

    Can I go to the bathroom NOW ?!?! I’ve been driving wearing this diaper now for 9 hours !!!!!!!1

  14. Christian

    Novad, before and after developing a tilde on her forehead.


  15. Rob

    This is what a Tang addiction can do.

  16. Bret

    It was the only way I could meet Nick Nolte.

  17. kane

    look mum it’s bannana man

  18. trinawoods

    She wore Huggies! She didn’t…

  19. lawrence

    I think she needs to stay at a Holiday INN next time….

  20. noo

    Shes got lips on her forhead no wonder she had bangs

  21. vizman

    Pamper’s Poster Child

  22. The Guru

    I told her not to smoke that pot!!

  23. Rob

    I’d rather picture 7 of 9 wearing a diaper.

  24. Deadstick

    Extreme Makeover: NASA Edition

  25. NooSweat

    What weightlessness does for wrinkles.

  26. big n bad

    from 0 to taisty in 60 seckonds

  27. Jujoji

    How did she feel after her journey?….Depends.

  28. s.chandler


  29. Cassablanca

    picture one: mmm, gotta love them chocolate laxatives. always leave me feeling fresh!

    picture two: ughhh (gurgle gurgle) can i be excused…?

  30. bate, master

    This is what happend when you budge in front of someone at a make up sale– you get the shit beat outa you.

  31. trinawoods

    Lack-O-Tang, Poon or otherwise.

  32. RedskinRay

    Photo 1 on carton of milk: “Have you seen me.”

    Photo 2 on carton of sour milk: “If you see me, you don’t know me.”

  33. Simon

    Lisa Nowak – Lisa Yeswak

  34. Sean Angelo

    On the right we have her before she was smoking dope and on the left a picture of her while she was smoking dope, doesn’t dope just making every good?

  35. trinawoods

    Before and after of what we all look like when the Caption Machine photo doesn’t change for THREE MONTHS!!

  36. Kishore

    This is wht makeover does to u…

  37. Ken

    Houston, she has a problem.

  38. Tommy Everson

    Moral: Wear protection.

  39. Tommy Vercetti

    Goofus wears diapers and attempts murder.

    Gallant pilots a NASA space shuttle and doesn’t commit felonies.

  40. Thann

    Pix one: In love

    Pix two: Not so much….

  41. Jman

    But I saved a fortune on my car insurance!!!

  42. ANOEL


  43. Will

    Here nervous smile was wearing thin, as she realised the woman in the picture was her.

  44. immnpozoyz

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  45. gutyd

    remind me not to eat spicy food again…..



  47. Tigra

    She put her evil scheme into action and beat and tortured her victim to within an inch of her life and…..”What? That’s her on the right too?” Nevermind.


    Outer space dose not hurt your brain HONEST !

  49. Chloe

    Which one’s Michael Jackson?

  50. Sean

    This is why we should wear our headgear when reentering the Earths atmosphere!

  51. tev

    It worked for Jessica, but dag nabbit, ProActiv just didn’t work for me!

  52. dev

    Vampire meets zombie

  53. Jolie

    Kids, THAT is why you don’t want to be an astronaut.

  54. Joel

    lady on left: “ha ha i laugh at you coz you ugly bitch, wait a minute you look familiar!”

  55. sops

    before and after the 10years younger–wat they didnt no was 10 years ago…she was on drugs

  56. Lucy

    The dangers of Botox

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