Baby with BIG teeth


Babies are soo cute. Especially happy babies, like this one… err…yeah.

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183 Captions for “Baby with BIG teeth”

  1. jcisuzu

    Mick Jagger Jr.

  2. tiff

    damn those bubba teeth.

  3. stuffie

    Mommy’s still getting her insides stitched back together.

  4. Eden

    My mother was a crimson mare, my father a muleteer, and I — I was the first of seven brave little jackasses.

  5. Kim

    Mommy, please! I’m hungry and I need to nurse again!!

  6. Pretty Big Duck

    Although he died several years ago, Morton Downey Jr.’s sperm still was used for artificial insemination on a regular basis.

  7. Alex Kaseberg

    The Tony Robbins family would like to welcome a new addition.

  8. Bella

    when royals have children: a pbs documentary

  9. Anonymous

    Pregnant people shouldn’t smoke crack.

  10. Anonymous

    don’t worry, these teech will fall off and new ones will grow out before his/her puberty comes

  11. claudia

    Hey there shonny! Hand me my walker.

  12. brian

    Dude looks like a lady!!!!!

  13. Anonymous

    You know what they say…big teeth…big—–

  14. Anonymous

    And these are just the baby teeth!!??!!

  15. Alex Kaseberg

    Well, whoses da cutestest widdle dickens? Whoses was da sweetestests widdle … I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE THAT SCARY LITTE TROLL IS A FREAK!!!!

  16. C.

    Goddammit, I left my floss when I moved out of the other place!

  17. Bryy

    18 years later, young Harvey led the Yuryykulkiy race to dominate the humans.

  18. Megs

    I’ve heard of tumors with teeth, but I didn’t know they could come with a face.

  19. Julia

    i certainly hope the mother doesn’t breast feed that little monster….

  20. guava

    You think your baby’s cute? Just wait until I show you how my baby can fit *my* fist into his mouth.

  21. anthony

    Those blue cigarettes will yellow your teeth quickly!

  22. Kate

    Hmm – looks like THIS one lived near Chernobyl.

  23. LM

    When Genetic Engineering went bad.

  24. Laura

    This is what happens when teenage girls have sex with Al Gore..

  25. D.L.

    Good Lord, another member of the Kennedy family!

  26. Anonymous

    The face of constipation.

  27. Anonymous

    Just happy to be out of the womb.

  28. c~a

    YEAH BABAY, Groovy! Introducing Austin Powers, Jr.

  29. Anonymous

    Don’t you mean, Mini-Me

  30. Melanie

    Some babies already know when mom is going to buy the powdered crap. So let’s grow some teeth and make it easier on themselves.

  31. Lynne

    And for the rest of his life, little Timmy never knew why the other kids ran away whenever he smiled.

  32. preston

    why billy bob and angelina should never have gotten married

  33. Anonymous

    Hey I don’t like you guys making fun of my parents.

  34. vikram

    Some people are just born politicians …..


    This Week’s Winner of :
    You win a week’s vacation in

  36. ClitCommander

    u shore gotta purdy mouth

  37. Invisagoth

    “Jamie got a gun…”

  38. Inxply

    Whoever stuck this thing on my face is gonna suffer!

  39. Anonymous

    If thats what the baby looks like, whatever you do DON’T PAN UP.

  40. semi-

    Grin and bare it.

  41. Elise

    so THIS is Aerosmith’s lead singer’s first son…

  42. Newt

    Doctor: I think I see a tooth … OH MY GOD!!!!!!

  43. Scatena

    LOOK! He’s so cute when he is smiling…

  44. shawster

    Doctor!!! I think I found the speculum that you were looking for!

  45. Anonymous

    damn nigger… i got some big ghetto lips yo!

  46. Anonymous

    Ah-hyuck me daddy had perdy teeths like these too

  47. Anonymous


  48. Ashley

    Yeah, I told you I’d eat your finger. Now what do you have to say?

  49. hawk

    awe he’s teething

  50. Tim Zeiss

    The Day Daddy found out about Mommy’s affair with Mr. Ed

  51. Burmite

    Wait until you see the mom.

  52. Burmite

    Thank you for not breeding.

  53. oni424

    After her mom showed her baby picture, she wondered why she couldn’t get a date. Or no, no really you don’t have to go down on me1

  54. DanK

    Breast feeding is gonna be a real bitch..

  55. Micah

    Aha, cloning is finally a success!! We’ve finally cloned Teddy Roosevelt!

  56. Anonymous

    Baby with an odd-looking pacifier.

  57. H

    Look, Ma! I’ve got two sets of teeth!

  58. carter

    now think about where it came from

  59. George

    “Son of Dracula”

  60. k

    our baby looks a lot like the mailman, hey wait a minute!!!!

  61. Anonymous

    Caution! Dangerous little bastard!

  62. m0nde

    And then, there are reasons why formula has its proponents.

  63. C-Mo

    growl baby… Growl!!! ooooo, looks like we got a milf holdin me right now!!
    yea baby!!! (Austin Powers)

  64. C-Mo

    Say cheese for the camera!!… Oh my god!!

  65. Jim Bob

    Mushmouth at birth.

  66. Anonymous

    i fell sorry for the moms tit

  67. jade

    My baby ate the dingo!

  68. Anonymous

    “aww, he’s got your teeth!”

  69. indy jones

    JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!

  70. bishop

    hi my name is BiffJoanes!

  71. minders

    Steve Buscemi and Alanis Morisette’s love child. Isn’t it ironic, don’t ya think?

  72. VenomHead

    OK,anybody ready for steak?
    Ok,now I need a toothpick!
    Oh shit it broke!!

  73. Anonymous

    Just for Aussies….
    Bob Carr and Chicka kept this one secret.

  74. Jesus

    “That’s the last time I have sex with King Charles.”

  75. Theo

    The brother of Reiziger.

  76. nathaniel vincent

    proof that everything skips a generation, Liv Tyler’s new born son.

  77. Anonymous

    Kill it! Kill it now!

  78. catchow

    “damn, i knew i shouldve goone for the abortion…”

  79. virtuoso guitarist

    “He’s a baby! He’s a baby” – For the George Dawes/Ian Lister fans out there.

  80. julia

    “I think he’s got your handsome smile, honey.”

  81. Tyler Barton

    It’s all fun and games until he bites through his mom’s nipple.

  82. Jowy

    A young Austin Powers.


  83. Leo the savant

    Yo mammy!

  84. virtuoso guitarist

    “He’s a baby! He’s a baby” – For the George Dawes/Ian Lister fans out there.

  85. Anonymous

    Sure! We see this kind of thing all the time…

  86. Erica

    You think it LOOKS scary? Imagine how it felt as he CHEWED his way out of the womb!

  87. Quique

    Jesus Christ that is an ugly baby.

  88. fisher

    Next on VH1 behind the music:
    Steve Tyler

  89. Joane

    The reason why orphanages exist.

  90. Furry

    this makes me want my mommy

  91. Jason

    AH! SMURF!

  92. AmbientBleue18

    …and thus the circle of life goes on in the proud trailer park kingdom.

  93. lil_B

    Trojan Condoms
    Helping to prevent lifes little mistakes.

  94. hollie

    now that’s what i call birth control!

  95. Newt

    this baby is only getting formula

  96. Katrina Crow

    I told u not to ride in the bat-mobel on hyper speed sticking ur head out the window!

  97. anonymous

    dolly would have been really proud of him..

  98. Justin

    The first hours of the Jackass’s horrible life….

  99. Dave

    Inspired by Dr. Evil, M*A*S*H ‘s Loretta Switt creates “Mini-Margaret”

  100. Invisagoth


  101. Larry

    Husband: “I knew it! You did sleep with Bigfoot during our camping trip”

  102. Reed

    “I’m not breast-feeding THAT!”

  103. Robert

    We’ll be seeing this on Maury….

  104. Adam

    leave the poor fetus alone, holy crap

  105. Orangeblossom

    How did you know when god gave babies teeth, I was first in line?

  106. ned

    Parenting license bill expected to win by a landslide on election day.

  107. d.

    baby with fake teeth.

  108. Van H.

    And who said crossbreeding with horses won’t work?

  109. Big M

    The real birth pic of Austin Powers

  110. clifty

    I know I shouldnt off performed oral with my false teeth in when she was pregnant!

  111. Mr. Ramon

    Is it true Kathie Lee’s baby is the Incubus?

  112. Anonymous

    damn – that’s just wrong. If the parents do this at birth, I feel for this kid at Halloween or prom night!

  113. Anonymous


  114. Hecata

    The future ass kisser…er..I mean bitter!

  115. honeybeep

    Rosemary’s baby’s baby!

  116. magpie steve

    and I cast all ye to the moathouse!

  117. Steven

    The parents of this child must drive a Hyundai.

  118. masa

    Truth is “his nose is fake”.

  119. Bloodthirster

    It’s so much better now with that plastic surgery. He used to be ugly.

  120. Bloodthirster

    Goddamned the kid ate it’s pacifier and now it’s stuck in his throat

  121. Bloodthirster

    Dad Bubba to Billy-bob: You’re going to be one sexy bitch when you grow up.

  122. Anonymous

    Breast feeding hazards

  123. Anonymous

    envie de donner le sein ?

  124. DeathByStereo

    Just because I was born on Halloween doesn’t mean you need to shove those wax teeth in my mouth right away, you bastards!

  125. lars

    Screw the damn Gerber’s…Gimme a sirloin steak!

  126. Brian

    …and these are just my baby teeth

  127. genji

    Al Jolsen lives!!!

  128. AliasMoze

    Oh yeah? Well he has your NOSE!

  129. Anonymous

    proof that donnie and marie osmond had children

  130. Bart

    Hey daddy, I found your tooth.
    Remember, you lost them when you went down on mammie. 😉

  131. Anonymous

    I’m cute. Really. I am.

  132. eh.

    Sometime during the night shift, all the maternity nurses decided they had a really hilarious sense of humor.

  133. babylon

    Julia Roberts love child

  134. Iron_Mike

    Julie Roberts and Mick Jagger’s love child

  135. weaselette

    Kenny went ahead to star in the school play of “red Riding Hood” as the wolf: “All the better to eat u with!” He was a great hit.

  136. gunrunner

    Blair Baby Born – family man or election propaganda?

  137. georgepoint

    This wouldn’t be so cute if you knew that the baby died the next day. OF BURNING!!! (he was Jewish). FISTING!!!

  138. Anonymous

    well HOT DAMN this blue things tastey!

  139. monkey

    Somewhere, there is a mother that thinks this kid is beautiful… somewhere…

  140. john kater

    young sammy gets his first wiff of McDonalds

  141. Ronald

    The star of 2020’s premier oral-porn site.

  142. Anonymous

    You should have used the old bottle of vodka and the coat hanger trick and put an end to the life of that little freak
    while it was still in your nasty snatch!

  143. liam j

    im the unlucky triplet,im the one in the middle with nothing to suck!

  144. PhatMick29

    Look at the kid on that mouth.

  145. Rob Voorhis

    My Teef are super bitey

  146. John

    And on the lighter side of the news, Jim Carry is a proud new father.

  147. madelinegold

    no teething pains for me !!

  148. madelinegold

    no teething pains for me !!

  149. maxfli

    Bababooie’s hospital baby photo

  150. jo jo dancer

    this be bein yo’momma

  151. Old Person

    Oops… I just cut one!

  152. jerisky


  153. Anonymous

    It’s Marilyn Manson’s baby picture.

  154. KrissBiscuit


  155. mugwump

    Look Dear ..Junior got another job offer from the Post Office !!

  156. Vinnie

    he must get his good looks from daddy.

  157. alan seaton

    Despite relentless inquiries, the young girl could never figure out why her parents named her BJ.

  158. Big C

    which one of the BeeGee’s is that again?!?!?!

  159. Lawrence

    What happens when a dentist starts doing genetic engineering to help his floundering practice

  160. Reut

    You think that’s big? wait ill you see mah dick!

  161. Daniel

    Say Cheese: – JEEZ!!!!

  162. Capcom Freedom

    poor baby…

  163. g smith

    no fillings today mum,the dentist just took all my gums out

  164. Chris

    You got real purdy lips

  165. Rowland Allsopp

    its got Grandads teeth….

  166. heather

    mommy’s nightmare

    i don’t wanna nurse him

  167. dfsjk

    Today on A&E Biography…a rare baby photo of Mick Jagger.

  168. canadiana

    Its tam fr th heil beilley moment hu he ha

  169. dustin cobwebs

    english children

  170. BabsJohnson

    The side effects of birth control pills were no match for the new Crest flavored oxycontin popsicle.

  171. Andrea

    Way to go on that 5 Andrea!!!!

  172. Andrea

    Way to go on that 5 Andrea!!!!

  173. Andrea

    Way to go on that 5 Andrea Karr!!!

  174. Britten

    ” Oh more the better to taste yo uwith my dear!! Omnomnomnom!!’

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