Bad Day


I’m guessing this guy had a worse day than you did.

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93 Captions for “Bad Day”

  1. Jimmy the Fish

    Ooooh look! The Golden Gate Bridge!

  2. Jimmy the Fish

    If I didn’t have that pepper spray I’d have been done for sure!

  3. Erez

    Shark: “Hey, I want to go on a helicopter ride too!”

  4. spat

    Flyfishing ?

  5. jwd

    David Blaine’s latest stunt goes horribly wrong.

  6. jaws

    Private Johnson suddenly realized that when his colleagues had called him their “best chum” they didn’t mean friend.

  7. chubster

    as long as you don’t panic, he’ll never see you.

  8. Anonymous

    man on ladder: good thing the boys built that flappy thing from my ass…cause i seem to be shitting my pants.

  9. Ashton

    Jaws IX: He’s bigger, he’s meaner, and he’s BACK… this time, even military helicopters aren’t safe.

  10. Steve 1

    What the army does with insurance salesmen.

  11. alan seaton

    Private William’s wasn’t so sure about the whole “army of one” thing.

  12. alan seaton

    the soldiers thought they would introduce private Jones to
    Hubert the humping shark

  13. Anonymous

    Scraping some skin off his thumb on the ladder, Corporal Twerp wondered whether his day could get any worse

  14. Anonymous

    “Hey buddy, could you send down some more lawyers? We’re starving.”

  15. Spielberg

    Please, don’t leave me… Take me with you. I’m really lovable, honest!

  16. Anonymous

    “Yum. Live bait this time!”

  17. Anonymous

    Private Jackson had been warned about the tradition of hazing new recruits. Little did he know that the locals were in on it.

  18. guido

    “Hey, that’s no dolphin. You guuuuuyyyysssss!”

  19. guido

    I’m not sure who’s having the worse day—they guy on the ladder or the guy waiting to be rescued by the guy on the ladder.

  20. guido


  21. Les

    Moments after this happened, both the shark and the diver needed changing

  22. Moscow

    Hey hang on, that ain’t real?!?

  23. tatroyer

    In the army there are 212 ways to be An Army of One. One of our newest jobs is veterinarian dentistry. Watch Jim become An Army of One at

  24. Lawrence

    Be all you can be…..even if all you can be is bait….

  25. Lawrence

    ok….so the x-ray shows one bad molar and a bit of dental decay…we can fix the molar now…but you’ll have to floss before our next appointment…

  26. LM

    “Dares ya to kick him in the gob!”

  27. GreyDuck

    “You’ve heard of jumping the shark. Well, here in San Francisco we have a similar saying…”

  28. nurg

    Christ, this isn’t Sea World! Let me see that friggin’ map, I’m comin’ back up there and I’M gonna drive!

  29. armand

    Look you stupid people!Anyone can see this is not a SHARK!It’s a fr***ing WHALE for crying out loud!

  30. yarivon

    i guess the noise of the chopper made him mad….

  31. Kelli

    They didn’t say anything about this in the Army of One commercial!!!

  32. Bryan

    Guess the shark was a bit peeved for not being cast as Sherman in “Sherman’s Lagoon: The Movie”

  33. yarivon

    To be continued…

  34. Reut

    “Do i have something in my teeth?”

  35. Reut

    I’m telling you, all that Shark-Helicopter breeding think ain’t gonna work!!…

  36. bANAAL

    luckely the coastguard came in time to save the drowning shark

  37. bANAAL

    shark after just farting in the water: “Air at last!”

  38. Alvaro

    Shark: “Hey guys, look! A piÒata!!!

  39. Hannah M

    The newest Olympic sport.

  40. Jack

    Best reason for launching preemptive Iraq attack.

  41. Henny

    “Just remember to brush twice a day and floss…and We wont have to see you again for another six months.”

  42. Waaaassup??

    To make the next episode of Free Willy a little more thrilling, the writers decided to replace the orc by a huge shark and the little boy by G.I. Joe.

  43. Anonymous

    SEAL team sport fishing

  44. filkertom

    Luckily, I just HAPPENED to have my Bat-Shark-Repellent Spra- oh CRAP, that’s right, I’m not Batman! AAAAAAAHH-

  45. nurg

    “Your stupid beach ball hit me on the head! Watch where you’re throwin’ that thing!”

  46. Bolchevick

    Veja o q fazer com a sua sogra!

  47. Da Konz

    Just when you thought it was safe to take your military helicopterfor a spin above the water…..

  48. CIVIC N.


  49. CIVIC N.


  50. pooper007

    Wouldn’t you prefer to eat the droppings falling from my ass as I shit myself in fear. Ummmmm….. It tastes better than me Sharky!……….

  51. dudey

    Hey Guy, You’d jump out of the water like hell for fresh air too if a Sperm Whale just farted in your face! Whewwwyy!

  52. Clark W. Griswold

    Hey Guys, Charlie the Tuna says lunch is on him!

  53. yoav

    poor shark, he just had a bed day

  54. The Godfather

    throw your sharks in the air an wave em’ around like you just dont care

  55. Rick

    In one split second the the Army realized there genetic fish experments went terably awrey.

  56. Alex T.

    Hey, My lunch is flying awayÖ

  57. Brian

    Military Intelligence at its best!

  58. Michael Jones

    ‘Chicken Soup for the Navy Seal’ to arrive in bookstores next week.

  59. Mandie

    Free Willy

  60. vorcan


  61. Chris

    Studies on the Navy Seals new ground beef diving suits deemed “inconclusive” after field tests.

  62. Spooch

    “Here fishy fishy fi…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

  63. Anonymous

    Hey … DO YOU MIND?!?! I’m trying to breed here!! Could I get a little privacy?? SHEESH!!

  64. Anonymous

    I always wondered how National Geographics took those pictures…

  65. Pancho Villa

    Hi my name is Johnny Knoxville…

  66. paratrooper

    Special Forces “FLY’ fishing

  67. Brian

    When the Universal Theme Park rides go on strike…

  68. meep


  69. johnny

    how to make someone shit their pants

  70. abc

    i said bring me up damnit!

  71. Mark Smith

    the only way to fish for sharks

  72. Daniel

    Hey! U dumb people! Don’t u see that the one who’s being rescued is the shark? ehehhehe

  73. Confusion

    Ups… I’m going down!

  74. C-Bo

    You’re gonna need a bigger helicopter.

  75. Atrocity

    Hardcore fishermen.

  76. mike

    Jaws simply didn’t find boats amusing anymore

  77. Gentaur

    Another Australian fad, shark petting, makes it to the U.S.

  78. Fabio

    Very good…

  79. Dirk

    een woord, vier letters: Shit

  80. Jennifer

    Cue the Jaws theme…

  81. Wamp

    The few. The proud. The… Dammit Charlie! we just got one fewer.

  82. ME

    sharks eat humans because they dont like saving people and they are like vicous elephants because they are killer sharks and they are big because they eat people becuas it is good for them

  83. Lwis


  84. ali p

    i dunno

  85. dustin cobwebs

    reinterpreted take on the west side story the sharks and the jets taken somewhat litterally

  86. Jo

    This is the last level of Navy Seal training everyone. If you live your in

  87. RRR

    fishings for men…
    fishing rods are for whimps!!!

  88. karl studdard

    wonder if homeboy made it?

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