Bad magic


Lamp genies and magic carpets aren’t as impressive when you see them up close.

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72 Captions for “Bad magic”

  1. brian

    When genies run low on diapers, they double up using those stupid rugs.

  2. (pdw)

    Ed Wood’s ‘Alladin’

  3. Molly

    Mideast peace talks broke down again today as the Israeli minister accused the Palestinian representative of “bogarting the hooka.”

  4. boney

    Two wouldbe genii’s getting high

  5. nurg

    Al-Cheech and Chong-ibn.

  6. nurg

    First place in the costume contest at the Barbara Eden Fan Club Convention.

  7. spat

    Carpetpipers attract big crowd in Scottish exhibition.

  8. spat

    I told you we should have taken the livingroom carpet!

  9. spat

    Elevator finally invented in India.

  10. filkertom

    Hand over America or we’ll blow this Academy Award’s head clean off!

  11. filkertom

    Archival footage of Harvey Korman celebrating his impending seduction of a young Patrick Swayze.

  12. Jimmy the Fish

    (Reuters/AP) United States Defense Secretary Rumsfeld (L) and United States Attorney General Richard Ashcroft do a bong hit before a high-level cabinet meeting Monday.

  13. Anonymous

    I can see the wires! I told you there was no such thing as a magic flying carpet!

  14. Anonymous

    Bob’s rude awakening that owning your own business often means wearing many hats. He is shown here in his marketing director turban.

  15. Anonymous

    When the kids asked me to volunteer for the school play, I was thinking stagehand.

  16. Hulkie

    Damn, where’s the toilet on this thing?

  17. Nick O. Derm

    The world’s largest nicotine patch proves ineffective against some of the strong middle-eastern “tobacco” blends.

  18. Les

    Aladdin and his “special friend” Bruce

  19. Anonymous

    Any more requests from the audience before we go on break.

  20. Reut

    The siam twins had already made their special nicotine puffer but they didn’t solve the medical mishap that doesn’t allow their behinds to touch the floor.

  21. Bisquitlips

    Always wanting to own and fly on a flying carpet, but always failing in the past, it was just a matter of time before they found the secret. Four grams of hash, one hookah, one carpet on four poles, and a number of deep long drags. Weeeeeee! It’s working! It’s working!!!

  22. filkertom

    “I must admit you’re right, Luke — this is a LOT more fun than all that ‘force’ nonsense.”

  23. ][V][achine']['hreat

    I asked Jim and gary, “how high can you get in 10 minutes?”…. they were up to the challenge..

  24. spat

    “What’s the trick here? Sucking or blowing?”

  25. Ashton

    All of a sudden, “being high” has a whole new meaning.

  26. Anonymous

    getting high takes on a whole new meaning…

  27. JuDo


  28. Crunchy

    I told you we needed a bongholder on the new flying carpet but nooooooo, you just HAD to save a few dinars.

  29. Reut

    Poisend Bongs, number cause of death among arabs…

  30. mgoldsmith4

    Mom, Dad and Uncle billy are drunk again!

  31. Anonymous

    Que MERDA

  32. o

    damn rentals

  33. Lawrence

    What Raji and Race Bannon do when Johnny Quest goes lookng for little bandit.

  34. o

    You keep sucking. I’ll watch for tall towers

  35. smith

    this unleaded premium gas certainly flies

  36. TDFS

    I see the strings

  37. Reut

    Hassan and Azzam on their way to another terrorist action, tossing a hookah on israeli citizens.

  38. Cooljerk

    Behind the scenes at PBS.

  39. keenan

    The failed September 10th attack on the United States.

  40. mgoldsmith4

    Paul McCartney Hooks up with the dahia lama to smoke and shoot s—.

  41. paul

    robert deniro debuts in his latest collaboration with the india film industry : carpet taxi

  42. resisobilus

    “Shriner’s meeting of the Hookah Temple will come to order. Order, please. Loyal Shriner Cletus, please collect Shriner Abe and Shriner Rufus from the ceiling.”

  43. Anonymous

    Suddenly, the fun night at Apu’s came to a terrible end!

  44. Fire Frog

    Guy on left ‘I say, something appears to be coming up.’ Guy on right ‘Give me that…thought so, damned Viagra blend again. Ahhh, love that aroma. Come with me my pretty to the Kasbah!’ Guy on left ‘Steady on, just because we’ve spent the last sixty years stuck in a bottle together…well, alright then, pull up at the next oasis.’

  45. KEK

    Did you notice that we’re sitting on a peice of dirty carpet hanging from the ceiling, or is this stuff REALLY good!?!

  46. Datz It

    OMG, that guys got a traditional Indian bong!!!

  47. Datz It

    Just Moments Later A Snake Came Out Of The Guy On The Left’s Ass!!!

  48. Datz It

    Apu and Kerpal were riding peacefully over the pacific ocean untill the fishing line ran out…..

  49. Mark Beular

    when they both started fightin over who got to take the next bong hit they made two tubes they both could at the same time if needs be

  50. Lisa H.

    Dude! I think we better quit! We’re gonna bust through the ceiling!

  51. Mark Smith

    What did u put in this bong man its GREAT I feel like i am flying

  52. SisteroftheSun

    We’re running out of power, toke harder!

  53. jill

    Aladdin didn’t just COME out of the closet…he flew out, and he brought a friend; Jaques!

  54. Culpepper

    “Okee…. dis is ow it tis soo-posed to vork! Forst ve place fine Pear-sian fly_innng car-peet on long steecks then zit our-seelves upon fine Pear-sian fly_innng car-peet. Dis is known amoong A-mear-re-con’s as ‘jump-start! Hookah iz four coor-idge………”


    Hey, you can see the wires!

  56. paul bonser

    because i got high because i got high because i got high

  57. Atrocity

    Homosexual Aladdin getting high when he’s 50.

  58. KD

    Hey, you can see the wires!

  59. Gentaur

    I thought you said “hookers”, but this is good too.

  60. Pedro from MÈxico

    Yo, this chronic is da shit, son!

  61. Grizzlychicken

    That’s fake you can see him holding it up. and…wait a minute

  62. dustin cobwebs

    dis shit be whack Akmal

  63. Chris -

    Meanwhile, Isreal works on its special effects.

  64. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  65. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  66. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  67. Grace

    Welcome To ITV News
    ‘Breaking New Just In’

    ‘A New Tradition In A Saddams Cell’

    Heres A Re’anactment


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