Bananas don’t like cows


What is this world coming to? Can’t banana and cow mascot’s just get along? When it comes to people is stuffed costumes, why does it always have to come to blows. Sad, yet entertaining.

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196 Captions for “Bananas don’t like cows”

  1. guava

    “I’ll show you who’s the Top,” Banana snarled, as he kicked Puppy into submission.

  2. Anonymous

    For the last time, I’m NOT a firehydrant.

  3. andre

    attention fashionistas
    small dogs are out.
    sexy fruit is in.

  4. Chris Hughes

    Bannana: What’d’ya think of this pose?

    Dog: Can’t you see I’m tryin’a sleep?

    Bannanna: Oh come on, I gotta know.
    Chiquita is coming over in a few minutes and I really want to impress her.

  5. John

    …As part of the gang’s initiation ceremonies…

  6. Cybbis

    This is the last time you’ll ever hump my leg!

  7. Ajax

    I told you never to say the word “cereal”!!!

  8. Inxply

    ‘Have a Bannana’
    ‘Have a Bannana’
    ‘Have a Bannana’
    ‘Have a Bannana’

  9. Steve 1

    If I stand like this all my poo sinks to the front

  10. ronincyberpunk

    Alright alright, slipping on a banana peel is much funnier than tripping over the sleeping dog. Now let the sleeping dog lie!

  11. Dari

    Rufus learns that not everyone thinks too highly of vegetarians, especially those on special fruit diets.

  12. jojop

    Damn vegitarians…theyre starting to get nasty.

  13. Jimmy Flowers

    Fired by Fruit of the Loom, the Banana takes out his agression on a fellow mascot at the Mascots of America meeting downtown.

  14. Zach

    Think you can push me around because I’m yellow?

  15. Obviousman

    I’ll give you a leg to hump, you furry perv!

  16. Runfaster

    Potassium kicks.

  17. jamie

    I think that is a cow, not a dog.

  18. Alex Kaseberg

    Chick the Chiquita did not take well to Sparky calling him a fruit.

  19. Zachary

    Super School Lunch Mascot Bash Brothers

  20. Jim

    “Who are youuu??!?!!?”

    “I’m the banana!!!”

  21. semi-

    How could you?
    How could you abandon me, Momma?

  22. anony

    hey what you’re doing there YOUKHAI?

  23. Dickey

    Why do we live in a world of desktop fights? I mean, if we are going to not get along, we might as well not get along in the ring for the enjoyment of others. But then, its a bannana…

  24. James

    This should teach you… BANANA’S DO NOT GO THERE!

  25. jcisuzu

    Just when you thought it was safe to walk on the beach…
    First they slip you up,
    then they finish you off.

  26. Abby

    Faster than a speeding motorist, able to leap small, furry creatures with a single bound, it’s SUPER BANANA!

  27. pnasty

    Im not going to fall for no banana in the tailpipe

  28. Kari

    RPGs for Food Addicts.

  29. grey

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmoooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  30. Anonymous

    All natural meat tenderizer!!! $19.95!!

  31. Ashley

    True proof that bananas can, and will, harm those innocent cows.

  32. hawk

    this is why we don’t see to much bananna flavored milk

  33. Cecilia =)

    Cow: that’ll teach bananas how it feels to get slipped by a banana skin..

  34. Brian

    Screw the Vegans!!

  35. Banana... cow... it's all good

    Milk now has 25 essental vitimans and the ability to make bones grow mushy and yellow. Milk is not responsible for large brown bruses that appear on the skin after a week of sitting on the counter. Milk does a fruit good.

  36. Tim Zeiss

    COW: “Think of a happy place, think of a happy place”

  37. Anonymous

    and with one slip, their chances for the gold in ice dancing were gone!

  38. Anonymous

    What happens when Snaple reject a bad frute.

  39. Y2Khai

    “When Grocery Store Produce Attack”

  40. enar

    Power, Family, and most of all Respect. The BANANA MAFIA shows no mercy…

  41. Anonymous

    I said eat fruit DAMMIT !!!
    And Stay down…………

  42. Anonymous

    A man dressed in a banana costume assaulting a man dressed in either a cow or dog costume.

  43. carter

    bitch i only do this ’cause i love you, you hear me bitch?

  44. Spooky

    If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times, Vegans rule!

  45. mrtoe

    ill show you what I think of that damb gateway computer of yours!!!

  46. George

    Bannana is bannana, and trying to find the way to be emptied itself.

  47. Patten Dude


  48. me

    When good Bananas go bad and the tiny puppies that suffer their wrath : On the next Sally Jessie Rapheal show

  49. jay

    …and this is for all thos chik-fil-a billboards

  50. C-Mo

    The professional sand sculptorists best work ever!! -New York Times

  51. Jim Bob

    Godfather 4 – The Banana Splits move in.

  52. onebad427

    Thanks to you , I now have a job at the fruit market wearing this stupid suit!! “just give them computers” great idea DUMBASS!!!!

  53. Pat Hopkins

    Dude!!! You just kicked the shit out of a dell

  54. Azteq

    When good bananas are raised in Los Angeles.
    When mad cows are raised in San Francisco.

  55. Indy

    “I wanted real breasts i mean utters”

  56. Maxx

    Meat is murder? No.
    Vegitable is Murder, at least cows can run.



  58. banana milk

    no no no..,I told you.. NO BANANA MILK!

  59. Anonymous

    A political cartoon about how the Banana Republic came to be? Wonder what the other political party was…

  60. Anonymous

    Banana- How about now?
    Cow – Nope, still cant taste the sphincter

  61. Beeoo

    ….When Banana’s Attack! Watch tonight at 8:00pm for the new FOX special!

  62. Beeoo

    ….When Banana’s Attack! Watch tonight at 8:00pm for the new FOX special!

  63. Anonymous

    The wrong way to ask for milk

  64. iranreallyfar

    For the last time, there is no banana in my pocket

  65. Lou

    When fruits go bananas

  66. nathaniel vincent

    This is why people think bananas hate cows, because it is really a dog!

  67. Anonymous

    My dad’s not gay.

  68. tiffanie


  69. Lil Burro

    Freud once wrote:
    Sometimes a banana kicking a cow is just a banana kicking a cow.

  70. erin

    “I’m Chiquita Banana and I’ve come to say,
    Bananas pummel bovine in a certain way,
    when they’re flecked with blood and
    give a muffled ‘Moo!’,
    then bananas have finished the job
    they’ve come to do!”

  71. Anonymous

    Fried chicken is the key to curing cancer.

  72. Bill Rowell

    Because of you all my friends are getting sliced up and served in cereal!!!

  73. virtuoso guitarist

    “…all my life all I wanted was to be sold in the UK! Why? Because over there they’d sell me in pounds and ounces! I spent three years learning English… and now, because of you and your bright ideas about a European Superstate, it seems I’ve been waisting my time! I don’t think you quite understand just quite how pissed off I am!”

  74. Gram

    NO *punt* GOD *punt* DAMMIT *punt* SNAPPLE *punt* DOES *punt* NOT *punt* WANT *punt* COWS *punt* STOP *punt* COMING *punt* BACK *punt* TO *punt* US *punt*

  75. jagger

    When good food goes bad

  76. Anonymous

    Potassium beats Calcium, see?

  77. GoneRidn

    Maybe next time I ask you for directions to the Fruit of the Loom commercial you won’t be such a smart ass…

  78. Anonymous

    Banana Split….I’ve got your banana split right here…

  79. John D'oh

    how dare you reject the banana milkshake

  80. fisher

    Weeks after the breakout at the Snapple corporation, some escaped fruits were still rampaging across Idaho.

  81. Joane

    “I LOST MY CHIQUITA SHARES BECAUSE OF YOU, COW BOY!” Said an angry customer to a Gateway representative. As he smacked him until the police cows came home.

  82. Furry

    Why the bananna diet is so much better than eating meats…

  83. Anonymous

    Bananas kick ass.

  84. Jason

    I told you to stop sleeping with my girlfriend!

  85. AmbientBleue18

    Bitch betta have my money!

  86. Bob Louder

    And for the last time you barner, my name ain’t Jimmy Rain and I gonna make your car payment or buy you drugs!!!

  87. Anonymous

    For the last time, it is RANE! RANE!!!

  88. Anonymous

    Place kicking practice on the Plains.

  89. Anonymous

    Barner cow: Oh yes, hurt me Jimmy, hurt me good … you make me want to MOOOO to ’till the Tide cums in.

  90. Anonymous

    Duval prepares for his next match.

  91. Anonymous

    Is that a banana in your pocket? 😉

  92. ooooh yeeeaah

    “You want the FRUIT??! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE FRUIT!!!”

  93. Micah

    Chaquita vs. Gateway: Round One of Corparate Ultimate Wrestling

  94. Katrina Crow

    When Bannana’s Attack

  95. Anonymous

    hi sam sim!

  96. Justin

    A vegetarian’s worst political nightmare…

  97. CatShoes


  98. Anonymous

    New Auburn Mascot Tryouts get heated

  99. James

    The fruit fetish ALWAYS wins out over bestiality.

  100. Broken

    I think Fruit of the Loom is taking their “active wear” campaign a little too far…

  101. Anonymous

    *blank stare*

  102. Jordan Woll

    Finally; and answer to the ancient question: Who would win in a fight, Cow or Banana?

  103. Jeremy

    Stick ME up your ass will ya?!?!?!

  104. Robert

    Man… if I only had a dollar for every time I saw this out in the street.

  105. Reed

    Why you should never feed your prescription to your dog.

  106. Anonymous

    I must be on acid….

  107. Anonymous

    When you start seeing shit like this…you know it’s good…

  108. the schmin

    well hot damn, it a bannana kickin’ a cow!

  109. acef

    Glass of milk: $1.10 at your local restaurant.
    Banana: 69 cents at your local grocery store.
    Banana kicking the living shit out of a cow: priceless.

  110. Sadie

    Look, you ain’t in my phylum OR my kingdom, so buzz off!

  111. jere


  112. Adam

    Hey pal, you’re lucky you’re not LITERALLY takin’ this in the ass

  113. rafa

    I’m a bananaman, you damned cow!

  114. Christ Thalord

    looks like banana-man’s genitals are a little over-ripe!

  115. d.

    the bannana has shit itself while fighting.

  116. Kassidy

    The fruity solution to Mad Cows.

  117. iamdrunk

    got milk ?

  118. jahmehl

    For some reason this reminds me of EJACULATION, Angry hard headed banana’s give milk.

  119. mr snuggles

    as he kicked the helpless creature, the banana screamed “stupid thing, make up your mind if you’re a dog or a cow!!”

  120. carol

    huh, i’m mighty banana.

  121. jade

    cow tipping gone bad….

  122. Lay-Z

    This is Roy D. Mercer, an Im gonna open a 55 gallon drum of whup ass on ya. How big a cow are ya

  123. Rocky

    The banana has been takin a beating from round but with one taste of that refreshing Lipton’s Brisk Ice Tea the beating has been turned over to the cow.

  124. kraziekt


  125. Hecata

    banana’s getting you down? Try prunes…they’ll perk you right up!

  126. honeybeep

    “I’m Anna Banana and I’m here to say…if you wanna kill your teacher there’s an easy way….

  127. magpie steve

    sixteen portions of fanny batter, please….

  128. Steven

    The notion vegitarians are kind to animals is finally dispelled.

  129. Don MatÈo

    Never say banana to a Chiquita Banana

  130. Babylon


  131. Anonymous

    het vrolijke buitenleven

  132. Benjamin

    I don’t want my children to see this.

  133. Daelic

    How many times do I have to tell you not to say I’m a-peeling?!?!?!

  134. Shithead

    I always thought banana split was good

  135. Shithead

    As the banana prepares to leap over the cow , the children suddenly wanted banana milk-shakes and what happens next is not suitable for children.

  136. Anonymous

    Little did the banana man know that members of the vegetable and grain food groups were standing by to relieve their dairy friend.

  137. NRae

    DIE!!! Mauhaha ha ha

  138. Anonymous

    Got banana?!? Huh? Got banana? Your catchphrase ain’t so freakin’ funny anymore, is it milk boy?

  139. Shocky

    Nice joke, genius! Now, “orange” YOU glad I’m not wearing steel-toed boots?

  140. Anonymous

    Coming soon to a town near you…

  141. babylon

    When fruit goes bad….News at 11

  142. Bri


  143. Bri

    “Rodney King” Taken too a whole new level

  144. toolfan462

    Well, Furries have managed to creep me out again

  145. mdc58

    The PC support Banana takes out his frustrations on the Gateway Mascot.

  146. B-roc

    I’m CHIQUITA, puto!!

  147. TheJester

    Geoff and Lydias fetishes just got too out of hand

  148. Monkey_Man

    …And monkeys fly….

  149. Fuxspam

    Dude, You’re gonna get a Dole.

  150. liam j

    this is the last straw puppy!youve tryed to eat me for the last time

  151. Kitsune Fury

    Eat THIS you plant munching b*stard!

  152. Anonymous

    see, eating fruit makes you violent and makes you want to hurt all the poor cows
    sponsored by meat”its whats for dinner”

  153. CD

    my dad’s not gay…..just his boyfriend is

  154. pascal

    let’s make a cowshake

  155. james h

    These Chick-fa-lay ads are getting ridiculious!

  156. Lauren

    Authorities had to be called Saturday afternoon when a vengeful lactose intolerant bannana began attacking cows at the dairy exposition of the Muller County Fair.

  157. Kelli M

    Seconds before Jimmy wins the 100M Cow Hurdles in last year’s Fruit Olympics.

  158. mugwump

    I’ve got BOTH feet on a bananna peel and you gotta quit shittin on the stairs …. got it ??

  159. Monkey-Boy !!

    The bannana freely gives into his uncontrolled fits of rage and jealousy once he realized that certain third world countries worship these stupid creatures as GODS !! (Damn Cows !)

  160. Lectrikman

    “I`m sorry”….you Mom is a bananna!

  161. I can't here you, I have a banana in my ear...

    Milk, it does a banana good!

  162. Or not

    How to make a banana milk shake

  163. Anonymous

    If it ain’t yeller…Believe me
    Just kick the shit out of it!

  164. BillyJoeBob

    How’s this for healthy, you calcium fortified son-of-a-bitch…

  165. Lawrence

    What happens when cow asks banana for udder help…..he got a kind of udder help he didnt anticipate

  166. Reut

    A banana really makes the milk shake..

  167. kevin

    You know why they named it Mad Cow Disease? The word BITCH was already taken!

  168. tara

    “Got banana?”
    This has been a message from America’s banana farmers.

  169. Louie

    Down with Nazi Cows. Up with Fascist bananas.

  170. LowRider


  171. K

    Whose vegan NOW, bish?

  172. K

    Who’s vegan NOW, bich!?

  173. ejl


  174. k

    no… YOUR mom.

  175. one_liner

    girls like bananas and milk.

  176. Ele

    What do you get when you cross a banana with a cow? Yet another type of creepy-ass cheese.

  177. evan

    come on u son of a boot get MAD

  178. drunkenpsycho

    Bob Dole has a plan for leash laws, Bob dole will take care of it himself, Bob dole should not be spoken of when on crack, Bob dole, Bob dole, Bob dole…

  179. rawr

    it’s peanut butter jelly time
    peanut butter jelly time
    peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly
    peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat!

  180. justin

    i am a bannana not a fire hydrant!

  181. FunkyNinjaMan

    I got yer fruit salad right here, bitch!!!

  182. bobafeta

    The power of Christ compels you.
    The power of Christ compels you.
    The power of Christ compels you.

  183. dustin cobwebs

    how mad cow disease started… ba doom chh a thank you

  184. Uber Marianne

    “…but now, with Drixonel T, my genital herpes outbreaks are less often and i’m free to do what i love…”

  185. Kenny

    The Gateway execs toy with a new box design for the next product release.

  186. Heavy Cop

    I will write a very angry leter about this mr.banna

  187. adam

    anyone seen the “viagra for bulls” advert. i certainly feel sorry for the cows….this is to scale!!!

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