Barrel of Fun


Everyone has had a time in their life where it’s better to laugh than to be pissed off. Well, at least this poor bastard has.

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96 Captions for “Barrel of Fun”

  1. Couch Potato

    BURN BABY BURN! Those bastards added 40 points to my cholestorol count.

  2. mike

    “with new and improved smoke-flavor!”

  3. Brent

    i suppose the most obvious caption is: “Barrel ‘O Fire.” nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

  4. Anonymous

    Bringing new meaning to Barbeque’d Chips

  5. Anonymous

    If cheech and chong drove a deliver truck….

  6. Anonymous

    Damn, pork rinds really burn

  7. Anonymous

    Rest in peace my fatty goodness.

  8. Kate

    Victims of yet another Drive By Burning

  9. Anonymous

    It’s those Pringle Naziis

  10. Anonymous

    Three of the worlds ugliest cars in one picture.

  11. angie

    and for TODAY’S barrel o’ fun…

  12. brian

    “A fire inside” – Saltlake 2002.

  13. John

    Hah! Fooled you all! There isn’t really any fun in it! It’s just SHIT!

  14. Cletus


  15. vespa boy

    Hmmm. Who’d have guess that fun was so flamable?

  16. Eric


  17. Cappy

    The original writing on the side of the van, “Bwah? Oh F***!” was carefully consealed. Ironically, it would ffit the van perfectly now.

  18. Anonymous

    Fart lighting gone horribly wrong.

  19. Anonymous

    Hey Achmed.. I dont think we made to Bethlehem..

  20. Anonymous

    “Quit your jibba jabbering foo and drive faster!” (The A-team strikes again…)

  21. Anonymous

    Whole lot of calories in them chips.

  22. Anonymous

    oh, irony…

  23. Dan

    After being kicked out of the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch was soon kicked out of the Teamsters union as well…

  24. Porked Your Mom

    FOR FUN ON THE RUN, GET SOME BARREL o FUN! (danger, highly flammable. do not expose to direct sunlight or a warm light bulb)

  25. Invisagoth

    Nobody told me C4 was in those barels!

  26. Steven

    Ok ok, it’s not all THAT much fun

  27. benny p

    some how…… just some how.. i think the small shit monsters were responsible for this

  28. Newt

    Dude, I knew we should have waited before firing up that doobie

  29. Cropuscular

    Throw it in the station wagon full of nuns, man… quick! quick!

  30. Evane

    The traffic on I-97 has just increased as a barrel of fun just exploded.

  31. Evane

    The traffic on I-97 has just increased as a barrel of fun just exploded on the highway.

  32. oni424

    Barrel of fun now with more flaming death!

  33. Anonymous

    Are we having fun yet?

  34. Micah

    Bin Laden’s early career.

  35. posterchildofdestruction

    a successful test of the starwars program

  36. Wolfman

    We told you not to play with the Happy Funball.

  37. VenomHead

    This is good cause FAT BOY WON’T DESTROY THE TIOLET ANYMORE! Last time we caught him eating on the TIOLET!!

  38. Camillion

    Driver To Base, Binky lit one of those exploding cigars again.

  39. Jim

    Speed III: “WAAAIT A MINUTE, this car can’t go above fifty miles a — oh SHI–“

  40. Lou

    It’s all fun and games until…

  41. canada

    Barrel O’ Fun- die happy

  42. Tyler Barton

    Damn, I’d hate to see the barrel of monkeys …

  43. julia

    it’s all fun and games until somebody’s truck gets blown up

  44. Furry

    a new spin on BARREL ROLLING.

  45. AmbientBleue18

    En route to a gig performing for
    inner-city kids, the simple, slight of hand card trick Bozo was practicing in the backseat went horribly, horribly wrong…

  46. Justin

    Barrel of fun, more like Barrel of Dynamite….

  47. nacio

    …as Joe waited for the fire department to arrive and extinguish his fiery truck…he couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed as passers by pointed and giggled….

  48. Slow Burn

    Ammonium Nitrate and snack foods are a dangerous combination.

  49. Lay-Z

    Hey who said playing with matches wasnt fun!

  50. Jordan Woll


  51. Reed

    They decided a little too late that the company name was asking for trouble.

  52. ronincyberpunk

    Barrel of fun, more flammable than a barrel of monkeys!

  53. Anonymous

    BARREL O’ FUN Quake style

  54. Anonymous

    Wheuuuuh that was your best fart yet honey. DAMN… you could have let me know and I wouldn’t have lit up!

  55. Pimp$hiT.รด

    With this van being up in flames, it very closely resembles the Americunts “War” on terrorism.

  56. Hecata

    Extra Extra…..A ban of monkeys protested today the toy…”Barrel of monkeys” by setting fire to the truck that carried the barrel’s to “Toys R Us”

  57. Steven

    Upon reflection, producing meth in the back of the ‘barrels of fun’ van at 65 miles per hour no longer seemed like a good idea.

  58. Anonymous

    Damn it Gerry I told you this would happen if you kept farting!!!

  59. Babylon

    It’s never fun until someone spontaneously combusts

  60. Mike

    Look to me like you need a barrel of water..

  61. g


  62. kittykat

    What happens when you try to light a fart while driving.

  63. rick smith

    krusty the clown dropped the blunt while passing it to the olsen twins

  64. monkey

    Captain NO FUN strikes again

  65. Anonymous

    They should change the name to Barrels of FIRE! Yeah baby, yeah! Barrels of Fire. No, wait… Barrels of SMOKE! That’s even better. That’s IRONIC!

  66. cri.sys

    Actual amount of fun may vary. “Barrel O’ Fun” is not responsible for any injury you may sustain while using our services.

  67. Anonymous

    You oughta see the Van O’ Hilarity!!!

  68. gopal m s

    One helluva smoking barrel of fun.

  69. cri.sys

    Fun may have settled during shipping.

  70. jesse Grewal

    mike tyson had no choice left but to bite the radiator

  71. Anonymous

    Damn, looks like Sweet Tooth got a hold of this one too…poor bastard.

  72. john

    its all fun and games till sum1 looses an eye …..

  73. alan seaton

    Gregor, were you bathing yourself in diesel fuel again? crazy guy

  74. resisobilus

    Crowley tries his hand at peddling ice cream. (For fellow “Good Omens” fans)

  75. BillyJoeBob

    Once again, the LAPD takes all the fun out of a high speed pursuit.

  76. Dan

    It’s all fun and games until someone spontaneously combusts.

  77. paul bonser

    i told u not to fire breath in here henry

  78. Atrocity

    Hey Wilbur! Let’s stop and cook them weenies over the car-b-q!

  79. Capcom Freedom

    NO onder we got our chips at luch extra fried…

  80. etl

    barrel of fun introduces its new product, trucks on fire.

  81. martine

    and now the most fun part of our tour! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE TRUCK!!

  82. Wario

    DAMN IT! Why didn’t you tell me that the barrels had gunpowder?

  83. ange

    It sucks to be you!!
    (From Avenue Q)

  84. Kroz

    After this incident they decided to take out the flamethrower game.

  85. Swift Boat Veterans for Lies

    Analogy for Bush’s Iraq policy.

  86. Fuhrer Asscroft

    CIA finally finds one of those “Weapons of Mass Destraction” trucks. All this time the weapons trucks were simply “lost in the Bush”!

  87. Fuhrer Asscroft

    Barrels-of-Stolen-Iraqi-Oil — Now we know why 1000 of our soldiers had to die in Iraq.

  88. Andrew Anorak

    Caution; Do not light your own farts at 50mph

  89. Krista/Gabe

    Barrel O’ Fun, Located in Perham Minnesota. We had 3 trucks… well had being the key word.

  90. Mike D

    Barrel o fun, it looks more like truck o fire!

  91. Zinc443

    Barrel of fun, not to mention the 5 crates of Petrol hidden in the bonnet

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