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71 Captions for “Basketbrawl!”

  1. DOH! (_8(|)

    Get Shorty!

  2. Mascot

    Where are they now? Tatu from Fantasy Island

  3. Shadowbat

    Look! It is the Mini-Me version of Erik Estrada! Mini-Ponch!

  4. Shadowbat

    Oopsie, my mistake. That’s actually the guy from the old Hawaiian Punch commercials.

  5. KJ

    I’m just one little guy with a big brain amongst all these big idiots with no brains.

  6. Adam

    “Picard could totally WHOOP Kirk’s ass!” “No way asshole, Kirk would totally beat the hell outta Picard!” “Oh it’s ON now!”

  7. Simon

    Coach Stevens and his “life partner” show that they can still busta move during the commercial break.

  8. Igby

    Though he and his Siamese twin were connected back-to-stomach, Jeremy was most embarrased by the fact that his brother insisted on wearing a cheap suit instead of a matching ref’s uniform. His brother’s constant erection since the Mexican Viagra “score” didn’t help, either.

  9. dax

    The coach or da ref must have a pocket full of bbq and waternelon

  10. rick12string

    Is basketball a sport?

  11. jwd

    Despite some early doubts, the recent NBA/NHL merger has been wildly successful.

  12. Frylock

    Pancho looked around at the two black behemoths coming at him, and in just seconds was able to summon the ancient Mexican Kung-Fu style of “The Burrito Fist”

  13. Funktimus Prime

    C`mon, everybody! Let`s do The Twist!

  14. Mascot

    Hey…I thought midget tossing was banned in this country?!? Okay, sorry, “little people” tossing…

  15. Gumbi

    YOU VOTED FOR BUSH!!! That’s it, you about to get smashed

  16. Gentaur

    Abbot and Costello Meet the Harlem Globetrotters.

  17. Gentaur

    As impressive as it was, Raoul’s hours-long performance on the Dance Dance Revolution machine made the people waiting their turn turn nasty.

  18. radiowen

    Coach and Ref simultaneously destroyed players from both the pacers and pistons by slicing them in half with their combined “black-buster” attack, hailed as racist by the fans in attendance. everyone died on impact

  19. Bob Hope

    If you say Frank Sinatra was a better crooner than Bing Crosby one more time, I’ll break your face.

  20. Muahahaha

    “Artest, your new album sucks!!”

  21. Sarah

    What the hell, I need a new lawn knome anyway!

  22. Gentaur

    Everyone had strong suspicions that the ref was moonlighting as a cesspool technician.

  23. Captain Hansell

    Look at all those damn niggers they should get back to adrica.

  24. Dave

    The KKK in Full Swing

  25. Dave

    a white guy drowning in a sea of blacks.

  26. DOH! (_8(|)

    the half time show had everyone on their feet dancing: “Macho Macho Man…yeah…I wanna be…a Macho Man…”

  27. michael moore

    sometimes i cry at night and i want someone to hold me

  28. Word

    You better chigity check yourself before you wrigity wreck yourself!

  29. ZZ

    I see you baby! Shakin dat ass! Shakin dat ass!

  30. canadiana

    my fly ghetto can kick you mammas ghetto any day foo

  31. corn fed

    this was supposed to be a freindly game of nigger polo

  32. decay

    Law school hadn’t prepared them for such a litigation windfall, but lawyers responded quickly, instinctively going for the deep pockets.

  33. Tramadol

    The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.

  34. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  35. Tramadol

    Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

  36. steve just

    Anthrax opened the halftime show with “Caught in a Mosh.” People started stage diving from the rafters. It was crazy.

  37. ...

    Man fuck this website. I post a message that said “Fuck yo couch, nigga!” (a Rick James/Chappelle show allusion), and that shit gets erased. But some asshole writes “Look at all those damn niggers they should get back to adrica.”

    Does that make any fuckin’ sense

  38. Dan

    De plane boss, de plane!

  39. Hogarth

    Yo bitch ass nigga! Best not be messin’ wit da fro’ mo-fo!

  40. trinawoods

    Coke! …….Pepsi! ……Coke! …….Pepsi!

  41. Max

    I wish that ref was wrestling with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. idlehand143

    TV’s “Webster” breaks up yet another basketball BRAWL!

  43. Kenny

    The Pistons secret weapon “Pedro” spanks their opponenets with his quick moves, and fancy footwork.

  44. princess2

    I’m saying, size DOESN’T matter!!!

  45. Xeres

    Look at that Ghandi dude in the background. He’s like “Shit!” ha ha ha

  46. Dylan

    Bitch, Shandra loves me

  47. Matt Margis

    Hold on Reggie stop throwing people around damn!!

  48. Robert

    “How dare you claim Kant’s explanation of the “categorical imperative” pales in comparison to the Apollonian/Dionysian dialectic set forth by Nietzsche!!….Biatch!!”

  49. Robert

    I think someone needs a nap.

  50. Steve Koch

    Alright! Guys!….Guys!…I Just lost a contact.

  51. Erez

    “Duck Season!” “Rabbit Season!”

  52. Daniel Flynn

    Easy fellas, there’s plenty of malt liquor to go around for everybody.

  53. nick

    No…I’m telling you no, this was meant to be a bowls game

  54. Bernard Wynne

    ‘and michael jackson makes the moonwalk look so easy!’

  55. alexm

    yo momma is so fat……….. Damn You Cant take a joke

  56. Mike

    CRACKA PLEASE!…..get your hands off me

  57. Mike


  58. yozimzim

    what the hell did this little dude eat

  59. buy viagra

    OH, ché blog piacevole avete sentire. Scrivere prego più!

  60. Four by Four

    Who let the oompa loompas out?

  61. Tim smedley


  62. andrew

    I’m goin for Ben Wallace

  63. Tim Long

    Bitch you stepped on my shoe!

  64. NooSweat

    Listen to me… I’m down here

  65. Heel

  66. Neo

  67. Dominic

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