Beer Baby


Studies show that more and more kids are drinking at an early age; at least they have good taste.

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79 Captions for “Beer Baby”

  1. jcisuzu

    (sigh)… lightweights.

  2. Anonymous

    Robert Downey Jr had triplets?

  3. (pdw)

    Meanwhile, backstage at the Michael Jackson concert…..

  4. corym

    bring on the jack daniels.

  5. Patrick

    Open casting call for “Look Who’s Talking, Bitch.”

  6. steve just

    Study shows babies still prefer breasts to beer by a margin of 3 to 1.

  7. Alex Kaseberg

    Welcome to the Ozzy Osbourne school of babysitting.

  8. harry k.

    … kids got hammered and slept on the dog beds….a kodak moment

  9. The Beaver

    Dad will be mad when he gets home from work and finds out we drank all his beer!!!

  10. Maxx

    If they could invent boobs that tasted like beer, this wouldn’t have happened.

  11. social idiot

    them babies are hardcore

  12. onebad427

    I can’t beleive that dumbass at the 7-11 fell for those fake I.D.’s !!!!

  13. raymond


  14. Anonymous

    So it’s true that drinking takes years off your life. When these guys opened those bottles they were pensioners.

  15. plankton

    …meanwhile, at the Kennedy compound…

  16. Alex

    Baby 1: Dude! That bitch was hot!!!
    Baby 2: DUDE! That bitch was your mom!!
    Baby 3: Heh heh, but dude, she’s a MILF!

  17. Anonymous

    this picture sucks

  18. spat

    Children of divorced parents sleep better.

  19. Alex Kaseberg

    Screw that CBS talking “Baby Bob” show. A show with drinking babies, now there you got something.

  20. Karl Marx

    Heineken, having had success with product placement in movies, soon began their product placement campaign in Sesame Street….chaos ensues…

  21. drnudi

    Welcome to your Carlsberg years…

  22. drnudi

    Welcome To Your Carlsberg Years…

  23. Pretty Big Duck

    It’s tough to get into a twelve-step program when you can’t bloody-well walk, thank you!

  24. drag0n

    take a chill pill (and a joke) “raymond”!

  25. brian

    Dude, after this we get to suck on breasts! Life is cool…

  26. Bill

    Coming Soon: The Glass-Bottle Nipple

  27. Cylo

    A alien species that closely resembles earth-children finally discovers earth-made alcohol.

  28. j kater

    Police today stormed into a house and discovered six adults handcuffed to a cot…..

  29. Cari

    Shallow Hal only saw a girl’s inner beauty…

    Bitty Betty only saw a man’s maturity level

  30. Craig

    The young Kennedy brothers celebrateing thier first birthday.

  31. Drake

    Before shooting the new commercial to attract a younger public, the Heineken Test Lab examines whether babys really like beer.

  32. gram

    Honey, I gave them the bottle like you told me to!

  33. Babylon

    damn that rock-n-roll music

  34. peter

    Goddamn babies can’t hold their liquor!

  35. Mortius

    One On The Right: If I just had a little more strength, I could grab my bottle and out drink the bastards.

  36. My name is Kelle Aikens

    Unlocked appearance for “See who is talking drunk, you!”

  37. det

    Uhhhhhh… Maybe this ad campaign does need a little revamping.

  38. Maxx

    Bad parenting.

  39. miki

    got beer?

  40. Anonymous

    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: It’s no laughing matter.

  41. Raw knuckels

    arseholes in the making

  42. FrozenDragon

    The only time in your life where u can get sloppy drunk & shit in yur pants, girls still say, “Awwwww…they’re sooo cuuuute!”

  43. Anonymous

    The lactose-intolerant generation

  44. quinn

    That. Babysitter. Is. So. Fired.

  45. Neal

    The ugly collision of early college admissions policies and frat hazing.

  46. Jefro

    Baby, you got a drinking problem.

  47. seagun

    Lucky bastards. Me and my brothers
    could only afford Pabst Blue Ribbon
    at that age.

  48. Casey

    Catholic priests getting the boys ready for a camping trip

  49. banana milk

    ugh..sorry honey.. we were out of milk..

  50. kaptor-raptor

    Hon, ya’ think maybe it’s time to ween the kids off the bottle?

  51. badlybred

    “~OOooga Cha Ga ~ ….awww not now!”

  52. Anonymous

    Moe, Larry and Curly: The early years.

  53. john

    Lisa could not understand why the state took away her daycare license for the first offense.

  54. JWD

    The best argument against fraternities at day-care centers.

  55. dzine

    Finally, a sure-fire cure for collic.

  56. Fred


  57. john

    If you were propped up infront of the TV for hours watching Barney and Teletubbies you would do the same.

  58. B-Man

    Mom: How did you do it? They are never quiet at the same time.

  59. DragonIsland

    Most scientists say the link between fertility pills and early-onset alcoholism is still unproven

  60. Stephen N.

    Beer and Zanax don’t mix well.

  61. Jimmy the Fish

    Next up, Shane McGowan and the Pogues on Behind the Music

  62. debbie

    This little bubby went to market, and this little bubby stayed home, this little bubby had roast beef, and all little bubbies decided a bottle or two of plonk would be better after all!!

  63. Resisobilus

    From the portfolio of the world’s most successful baby photographer, who always gets them to be still.

  64. alan seaton

    Maybe we should have followed in Mom’s footsteps

  65. alan seaton

    No one could figure out how Nanny Rosa got all the children to go to sleep at naptime.

  66. Big D

    Government deny underage drinking problmes

  67. Mightyelk

    Irish childhood

  68. GlowMember

    The infamous British Nanny finds an alternative way of making babies be quiet

  69. nurg

    Christ, that bitch never buys us any Coors!

  70. Mark Beular

    When parents start their kids at a young age down the long road to being iddiots

  71. Dirk

    Geniet, en drink met vaten.

  72. dede & court

    Hey pass that can of beer im out

  73. one_liner


  74. Rochelle Siegel Smith

    These little Heineken lushes can ‘beer-‘ly keep their heads up!They’re going down, man!

  75. dustin cobwebs

    you know stumblin round puckin shittin yourself pissin everywhere bein drunk aint no different to my everyday life

  76. Dax

    Colic??? try a little booze, works every time!

  77. Ian

    Beer doesn’t only make adults pass out.

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