Beer Belly


I’m told if you drink a lot a beer you’ll get a beer belly. This guy must really like beer.

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369 Captions for “Beer Belly”

  1. Cary

    Auditions for “Kool-Aid Man: the Real Story” went better than expected.

  2. Dave

    See? I told you eating Pop Rocks and soda won’t kill you.

  3. jwd

    Excess facial hair is a common side-effect of most modern fertility drugs.

  4. Martin

    He said he’d had a vasectomy.
    Now my dad is going to disown me

  5. Martin

    Three Billy Goats Gruff is all I can handle

  6. bANAAL

    It’s gonna pop! So watch out for the big zit on his forehead.

  7. Donkeyman

    The fourth Dixie Chick bares all.

  8. Rob

    Midgets, taste great, less filling.

  9. dismember

    my dick , my dick ,someone help me find my dick

  10. filkertom

    Oompa, loompa, doo-pa-dee doo…

  11. filkertom

    Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s less-well-known cousin, Olaf “The Blob” Neidhart

  12. filkertom

    Elwood Flutch of East Grout, Arkansas, proud member of George W. Bush’s Personal Methane Initiative (formerly the Personal Initiative to Generate Methane to Aid our Nation, or P.I.G.M.A.N.)

  13. Scott†S.

    I can eat 50 boiled eggs.

  14. Scott†S.

    For some reason that little slit in the middle turns me on.

  15. filkertom

    One of seventy-five people a year who, in the midst of a second childhood, swallow their beloved Hoppity Hop

  16. Gentaur

    “It ain’t heavy… It’s my blubber.”

  17. Gentaur

    After a horrible incident with a bottle of blueberry ale, Willy Wonka shut down his brewery.

  18. Allison

    Pillsbury Dough Redneck

  19. crYs


  20. rapunzel

    I’m not smiling…I’m passing gas.

  21. blah

    Abercrombie and Fitch’s new model

  22. Scott†S.

    Somewhere in American there’s a chinese restaurant being deprived of a Buddah.

  23. Scott†S.

    “You look just like a little baby…

  24. aseaton

    Peter’s Nipples became overly jealous as “belly” puffed up with pride and posed for the camera.

  25. Fartman

    Oh, the humanity!

  26. wah??

    The World Is Not Enough II , more effects, more stunts, but most important, more real! (literally)

  27. Adam

    Suspenders: $5… 100,000 beers… $200,000… Telling your son that this is what he’s got to look forward to… priceless

  28. Weird Al

    Because I’m fat, I’m fat….

  29. Shrek

    I think he’s trying to compensate for something.

  30. Zooman

    I am the ostrich, coo coo cachoo.

  31. Far Side

    Yum, my stomach is acting up again. Going to be raining soon.

  32. Donkeyman

    Rush Limbaugh slimmed down drastically for his new career as a sumo wrestler.

  33. Rob

    Just got a job at the Hanes company testing a new line of suspenders

  34. Chris

    “Man inhales worlds largest helium balloon, but gets tired of speaking funny and won’t let it all out” News at 11

  35. lawrence

    Good reason not to inhale when blowing up balloons for little jimmys party….

  36. lawrence

    Auditions for “Cool Hand Luke 2 – The coming of the egg” went smoothly until little Jimmy Babcock from Alabama showed up and ate ALL the eggs.

  37. ACS

    This year’s edition of the Plastic Surgery Manual was printed without the 24 page section discussing the possible consequences of operating when under the influence of LSD.

  38. s.chandler

    Don’t hate me just cause I’m beautiful!

  39. (pdw)

    Welcome to No Crappers Anonymous, I’m Bob and I took my last dump on 12 february 1982

  40. emp

    And they thought Manatees were ugly….

  41. Kirius Kris

    Next on FOX: When Alien Anal Probing Impregnation Goes Very Wrong.

  42. jockblock

    “Dude, Bill, I told you to pop that zit a long time ago!!”

  43. Gentaur

    Yellow-bellied tap sucker.

  44. Freebyrd

    When I fart are people gonna know it or what?

  45. mailer

    nice man
    greetz, peterthemailer

  46. paul bonser

    intell inside omg this is not what they meant is it!

  47. Hava-Say

    Horace .. The balloon – you’re supposed to blow it up, tie it off and then hang it up .. not swallow the dang thing!!!

  48. Hava-Say

    I even croak like a bull frog! Ribbett ~ Ribbett!

  49. Hava-Say

    Me mates call me “Monty Python” .. cos I can swallow anything! (Burp)!

  50. Freedom Tickler

    Tragically, this picture was taken just seconds before Hugo exploded from downing an entire keg of beer.

  51. Inoracam

    Nothing funny about this loser. Why in the hell is he smiling?

  52. Gentaur

    Sean thought getting into the Guinness Book of World Records required a world record of Guinness.

  53. M.A.S.S.I.S.

    “if we ever get stranded on a cold mountaintop, you can eat me first”, general Bigbelly said. Minutes later, he died of a heartattack, letting all the fat go to waste…

  54. mocke

    five minutes later Bob let an enormous one rip…No one from the town was ever seen again…

  55. RS

    Richard Simmons?

  56. Dr. Atkins

    The Atkins diet worked for ME!

  57. Shark Bait

    Fortunately, Bill was able to eat the shark when it got close to his car.

  58. homerman

    Big guy in a little coat….
    Big guy in a little coat.

  59. Cropped

    I wonder if this picture is cropped.

  60. gh

    Tim was delited to here that he won the “Sleep with Brittany Spears” competition.

  61. Osgood


  62. throttlejockey

    Does this make my boobs look big?

  63. throttlejockey

    Jared stops accepting calls from Subway and dives right into a 3 month popcorn binge

  64. Larry

    Where the hell did yall get my family photo album…

  65. KD

    I sure hope not.

  66. Jonathan Perez

    “If your dick is small enough, you can use my belly button to simulate some young sex R Kelly style.”

  67. Gentaur

    Michael Jackson finally settles on an appearance.

  68. Wynter

    “Don’t be jealous,” said Bob,”When ya have a tool this big ya have to build a big shed over it”

  69. hunter

    Be honest honey, do these suspenders make me look fat?

  70. Cassi

    Oh no, he ate the pillsbury doughboy!

  71. Mascot

    This what happens when you hold back a fart for an extended period of time.

    Now I feel sorry for anything within 200 yards behind him when he finally decides to let ‘er rip!

  72. ScooterJ

    “Bob! How long does it take you to bring the tire pump out here?! Bob?”

  73. Fat Seanny

    Here’s a question for ya: Who’s shaving this guy’s body???

  74. Peckham

    I bet he dont get cold in winter.

  75. Peckham

    I know this man and he has a strong fear of pointy objects. Once he tryed to have liposuction but the machine broke and he was fined $1000 for driving a HGV in a pedrestion only zone

  76. Lisa H.

    Guiness Book Of World Records

    The record for the most babies a male has been pregnant with is held by Goerge Capitella from Inman, KS. In this picture he is six months pregnant with QUINTS!

  77. i4nic8

    OK who’s for a game of squash?

  78. ethan anderson

    Alien 5: Trailer Park Reckoning

  79. snakepit

    Would someone please remove that cork from my butthole? Right now?

  80. Mark Beular

    It sits upon him like a pimpil that has been forgot and needs to be popped

  81. Harry

    Jesus, Frank… When I told you to stick your ring together with Super Glue…

  82. Gentaur

    “Name?” “Bubba.” “Okay, Mr. Bubble, please have a seat.” “I’m already sitting, and it’s just Bubba!”

  83. Gentaur

    “My son started calling me Pop. Ain’t that cute?”

  84. Tom Smith

    Inventor of the “Space Hopper” can’t remember what gave him the idea.

  85. pruufreeder

    Mark McGWIRE really let himself go.

  86. jwd

    When this guy goes to the beach, does Greenpeace try to push him back out to sea?

  87. Patrick H

    Bubba finally proved once and for all that the COULD swallow a beach ball whole.

  88. Cristin

    Pot-belly ribs! On sell at Winn-Dixie today!

  89. Gentaur

    “This is nothing. You should see my butt!”

  90. GunNut

    Weeble-Wobbles wobble but they don’t fall down.

  91. David

    Whens the baby due?

  92. Cunnivore

    I TOLD you I could swallow Marlon Brando whole! Now gimme my 5 bucks!

  93. KD

    The Bill Clinton story.

  94. anon

    I’m A PRIMO PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. anon

    Duck sick, Little boys!!!!!!!!!!.

  96. Alexandre

    He is preagnant!!! Maybe will be a boy!!

  97. aseaton

    Mark McGwire 500 litre

  98. anon

    I’M A BIG FAT MILITANT SODOMISTIC PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!, HO-HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  99. anon

    I eat lots of CACA!!!!!!!!.

  100. anon


  101. plex

    Hank in his 3rd trimester.

  102. MusWatcher

    Man sues hospital in Barbie Twins breast implant mixup.

  103. Rob

    This is where they hid Jimmy Hoffa

  104. dax

    Im an american

  105. ConManXVII

    OOMPA LOOMPA DOOPEDY DOO I’ve got another puzzle for you

  106. Craig Dillon

    “Man, i should get Guinness sponsership!”

  107. etl

    for the first time in her life after seeing this picture, oprah didn’t feel so bad.

  108. alittleoffcenter

    Is somebody hiding my basketba…

  109. Wild Bill Peacock


  110. christophlopper

    the children never fully recovered from the ordeal.

  111. Drako

    Johny Ferrari, brother of Lolo Ferrari.

  112. sucker

    i’m fat

  113. madeofpaper

    This is what happens when an Oompa Loompa eats all the other Oompa Loompas.

  114. yeahbaby

    I gave up farting 20 years ago!

  115. Les

    OMG!! Its true what they say about swallowing watermelon seeds!!

  116. Larry

    Everybody asks me that. You’re probably not really sick. That’s just the gravitational pull.

  117. Ihriz

    Can somebody please take that cork out off my ass?

  118. Tk

    the movie junior becomes reality

  119. Tk

    i only wanted beer but the whole tap came with it

  120. Shiner

    “err my wife? dunno where she’s at really”

  121. Robbie

    You are as old as you feel?

    You are as fat as you feel!

  122. anti-slang

    Why get a six pack, when you can get a half-barrel!

  123. dorkmister

    proctor power!!

  124. anon

    Tim McClelland & Bud Selig sucked my dick for free!!!!!.

  125. DOH!

    You know I’m fat, I’m fat, I’m really REALLY fat!!

  126. anon


  127. anon

    I anally penetrate Tim McClelland, Bud Selig, Scott Amundson & Dave Sullivan…….And THEY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  128. master R

    I thought that only woman could be pregnant

  129. martine

    does this guy like to drink beer or to eat bears?

  130. Dirk

    ja, vriezer deed het niet meer, moest ik alles dan weggooien ofzo??

  131. anon

    I also have a beer belly romp with Tim Chojanacki of CLTV!!!!!!!!!, And HE gives GOOD HAIRY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!, OH, TSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  132. jwd

    Publicity still from “Alien 19”. (Ripley’s grandson incubating triplets).

  133. Hav-A-Say

    That dang python ate my little dog, so I got even & I ate the bloody python!

  134. plugh

    Now if only I knew who the father was..

  135. misty

    New Health warning from the makers of strawberry Sunny D

  136. anon

    Tamron Hall’s TOO FAT!!!!!, I LOVE seeing her do those binges and puke it all up on purpose.

  137. anon

    I EAT ROAD APPLES!!!!!!!!, AND SHYT BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!.

  138. Lipp

    Hehehe… I swallowed my doughters skippyball and nobody noticed..

  139. Edgar

    “Now hurry – where’s that flat tire? I can’t hold this for too much longer!”

  140. Hi Hello

    “I love animals, that’s why I kill ’em.”

  141. Mavey

    After the postive results of the bloodtest, Natalia Onistov, finally admitted using doping.

  142. Gentaur

    Bob does his impression of an upside-down giant octopus.

  143. lenny

    this man needs a ceasar quick, he must be over due. Wife still handing out cigars at the prospect of sextuplets.

  144. hjhj

    you want a piece of me?allright but first try to reach my head

  145. psr

    Hey aint that Bam Margera’s dad?

  146. =corym=

    i spose if i put on a wig and lose 3 teeth i can audition for jerry springer

  147. Patrick

    “uh well I have been pregnant for five years now”

  148. Gentaur

    Prototype for the new toy “Scrunch Armstrong”.

  149. Alexander Pettibone

    Bubba told me he was going to eat his girlfriend last night, but somehow I thought he meant …….

  150. Matthew Martin

    I Gained 400 pounds on the subway diet!! Thanks Jaried

  151. anon

    OH, NO!!!!!!!!. I CAN’T FIND MY DICK!!!!!!!!!, I THINK GEORGIE BOY ATE IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  152. JC reels

    they told me “all you can eat” now i’m on the facts of life and i’ve got liposuction all day long .. oh is that a beer

  153. JC reels

    so let me tell you about the birds and the fatman en flowers and the beers and the good old yummy sugar

  154. er

    wat unne vetlap

  155. senrab

    “Of course you know, I never lose when the reputation of Madame Mallomar is at stake Mr. Bond!!!”

  156. aseaton

    Herbert enjoyed life so much he ate it.

  157. TDR

    Plaintiff in Faulty Breast Implant case claims leaking saline drained into his belly causing it to swell enormously

  158. Gentaur

    When he’s not working, the world’s greatest smuggler weighs only 127 lbs.

  159. BK

    lol it ripped his shirt

  160. mb

    It’s not a tumor!

  161. Gentaur

    In his later years, no one had trouble recognizing Bruce Banner as the Hulk.

  162. cornholio

    can somebody please push my belly aside, i’d like to see my dick!

  163. hi-d

    Look, there are SEVERAL people i find cruely obnoxious in this world, and you are ALL of them

  164. ZERo

    The last time i saw my own feet was 37 years ago.
    (do my socks match?)

  165. zero327

    Do my socks match?
    last time i saw my own feet it was 20 years ago.

  166. Mohah


  167. Cime

    “I happen to know where Osama and Saddam are hiding…”

  168. Lars

    “Daddy, have you seen my skippyball?”

  169. Maico

    a life beertap

  170. Pinhead

    Beer belly ? No way … it’s a fuel tank for a sex machine !

  171. toet

    Sorry kiddo, I don’t have your ball…

  172. Testman

    Fast Food Kills

  173. pangie

    this is what happens when you swallow a bounce ‘n hop toy. kids, don’t try this at home.

  174. FicTioN

    Six pack.. Screw that.. I work out for my Keg!!

  175. Crazy Alex

    No, son, THIS is not because of beer… This is FOR beer! =)

  176. Andrey


  177. Checkmate

    Thanks for coming in for the interview, we’ll call you.

  178. Conan

    “Tell that guy behind me he can quit blowing now, I’m full.”

  179. Eugen

    DOH !

  180. DUDE

    I should NOT have eaten those burritos, man…

  181. anon

    The “Hunting For Bambi” heterophobic paintball artists sucked my little dickie for free!!!!!!!!!.

  182. anon


  183. anon

    Darrell Issa sucked my red devil dick for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  184. bla

    It’s me, Toby !

  185. anon

    I ate a bowl of shyt in the glutton bowl!!!!!!.

  186. Zach

    The first test subject for the controversial new “Pregnancy Transplant” Surgery, female to male.

  187. clorox

    Wat would happen if a rhino ever impregnated a man

  188. Ronald Clercx

    When my wife told me I should stop eating so much, I told her to go to the night shop and get me another six pack.

  189. Ronald Clercx

    I watched operation Desert Storm all the way thru.

  190. Ronald Clercx

    I am beautifull, no mather wat they say. Words can’t bring me down, oh no …

  191. Benno

    So anyway, Little Red Riding Hood said, “Oh My, What big teeth you have…”

  192. PiggyOops

    in his 6th year of pregnancy, george thought he was going to have an elephant!

  193. meg & ange

    Do you like my sexy body?

  194. James Brown

    My wife prefers the on top position!

  195. Peter Bull

    Stop!! Just stay away from me with that hatpin. If I go I’ll take the whole town with me.

  196. Tommy Toughcont

    Strangely, the Chippendales filed for bankruptcy not long after they hired Bob.

  197. John

    “Are you aware your diet seems to have stopped working?”

  198. bob

    No Priky jokes please

  199. Maggie

    Get in mah belly!

  200. shihadchick

    Quick, someone get this man a belly- button, HE’S ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!!

  201. mspackin

    another reason to kill your tv

  202. hunter


  203. duck


  204. MIB

    Auditions for the part of Serleena in MIB attracted a few weirdos

  205. MONICA


  206. s

    and the doctors say men cant get pregnant.

  207. anon

    Darrell Issa, SideViper, Mark.A.Grethen, Mike Burdick & I LOVE going on excursions at Toys R Us catching little juniors!!!!!!!!!, Forcing them to do eggs Malik Shabazz-Style, Ho-Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  208. bigtex

    Big Bob after his “Free Food from McDonald’s for a Year!” expired.

  209. nicky d

    is that a dickdo?…yeah he’s belly does stick out further then his dick do

  210. Josh

    Finally, somebody ate the big apple

  211. Rentalbean

    I need 4 things…
    1.a toilet
    2.6 rolls of paper towels oxygen mask
    4.a weeks worth of newspapers
    5.preparation H

  212. VC

    The look on your face will be priceless when you find that 40 pound watermelon in your colon….

  213. Tara

    It’s that time of the month again…

  214. anon

    SideViper, Darrell Issa, Michael Savage, Anthony Travis, Lorraine Popelka, Theresa.A.Steinbach, Tom Tancredo, Paulie Esparza, James.O.Bishop, Greg Kolinek, Bruce Wolf, Josh Lewin, Juan Carlos Fanjul, C.K. Cooper, Shawn Burke, Bill Simon, Chris Lauzen & I LOVE those Cleveland Steamers done by Osama Bin Laden!!!!!!!!!!!!!, YUMMY, YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!.

  215. anon

    And my honey boy Mikey Burdick too loves those Cleveland Steamers done by Osama Bin Laden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  216. anon

    Also my Georgie W. Boy!!!!!!!!!!, Or Boy Georgie!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  217. dizzymojo

    Hot air! You think I’m full of hot air?!??

  218. Stephen

    I’ve ate my childen, and you can too!

  219. Impfac

    “Frank, that fight with the little lady last night was pretty bad. Say, where is your wife?”

  220. Impfac

    Case of the missing bowling ball: closed.

  221. Impfac

    Bill Clinton’s dad

  222. pjijpk;


  223. Elliott

    “Well that goddamn white ball kept following me around…so I ate it…”

  224. cheerleader

    kid: mom, i cant figure out this math… it says what kind of angle is that? which is it moma?
    mom: its obtuse because its fat.
    kid oh ok moma… so that means daddys obtuse! hehe Hi obtuse daddy.
    Dad: what?

  225. DarkRaver

    “what happens when the Alien doesnt come out”

  226. Z_Rowsdower

    Bubba, much like planet Earth, was nearly a perfect sphere

  227. Z_Rowsdower

    boy…you’re gonna carry that weight,
    carry that weight a long time…what his Weight Watchers sponsor told Gus

  228. Z_Rowsdower

    auditions began for the live-action “Simpsons” movie

  229. Mitch

    you should see the rest of me.

  230. anon

    Is he single…

  231. KAY

    Damn that advert that told me I would look sexier with silicone implants!

  232. Jimmy

    Hi, My name is Chuck, and I’m an eataholic.

  233. spat

    Overstock of silicone put to good use…

  234. winged beauty

    No one knew how well the first male impregnation would go. But now, just think…….TRIPLETS!

  235. chris

    “Get in my belly”

  236. anon

    Pipes 2 & Boy Georgie Bush suck my little dickie thoroughly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  237. anon

    Dave Robbins & Charley Lake give me good head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  238. anon

    Tom McClintock gives me good head!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  239. anon

    RufRik of AOL sucks my little PRICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  240. Pokejedservo

    Someone has taken their love of “Junior” a little too far…

  241. anon

    The So-Big Virus boy & I suck big juicy Wasabi dick!!!!!!!!!!, Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  242. Dwane

    This man’s weird ability has won him a place in the Guiness Book of Records. He hasn’t farted in 3 years!

  243. Billy Bass

    I don’t think he’s gonna stop!

  244. Bisquitlips

    DUCK!!!!!!!! He’s aiming it at US!!!!!!!

  245. ronit

    “i am byotiful no metter what they say….”

  246. Peachy

    i have a gas problam don’t come any closer

  247. Wario

    OH NO! It’s Santa Claus! He’s EXPOSED!

  248. hunter

    Sorry girls…he’s taken…

  249. oliverson

    It’s kicking.
    The entire New Zealand rugby team!

  250. jcw

    why it is not beer at all. you are looking at a severe cirrohis case with no insurance. please someone get a needle a BIG,BIG one!

  251. BustMyGut

    Am I close to the bursting point yet? Dare me to pump up bigger?

  252. The Googa monster

    “Is it going to be a boy or a girl?”
    “It’s triplets, one of each”

  253. Thomas K.

    ist das ein schöner bierbauch!!!
    gruß kai-uwe

  254. sveni

    hallo sven
    das ist doch ein schöner bierbauch.
    gruß kai-uwe

  255. heather

    the world’s first pregnant man!

  256. Monstar13

    Haven’t you heard…


  257. gassy


  258. ?

    …so my wife sez, “Look at that big belly of yours. If that belly was on a woman, she’d be pregnant with twins.”

    So I sez, “It was…and she is.”

  259. me

    Frantic call to 911: “Operator, my suicidal husband has gone over the edge…he’s swallowed a box of bullets, some gun powder, a keg of beer and a box of baking soda…he’s locked himself in the basement with me and the kids!!!”

    Operator: “Don’t panic ma’am…help is on the way. Turn off your oil heater and the gas line leading to your stove. Don’t point him at anyone, and DO NOT accept any offers to pull his finger.”

  260. Gary Coleman

    is there any pepto-bismal in the house?

  261. Sam Herman

    People were suprised she was pregnant… transvesteits can get pregnant too!!!

  262. anon

    Alka-selter!?! I thought those were mints!

  263. canadiana

    the bermuda triangle mystery ….SOLVED!

  264. anon

    whois in your belly dood

  265. not telling

    the reaen im smilin is coz i just let one rip

  266. freakonaleash

    who ate all the pies
    who ate all the pies
    bubba did bubba did he ate all the pies!!!!!!!

  267. joshy

    they say that inside of every fat person there is a thin person trying to get out but unless his name is houdini i dont think we will be seeing him

  268. Go Go Girl

    It’s another Hindenberg disaster waiting to happen!

  269. Fred

    Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station.

  270. Grizzlychicken

    Uh-Oh I think the cork is holding…for now.

  271. dustin cobwebs

    its not a tumor!

  272. Babs

    The first human marsupial.

  273. Goeff the big zit,

    my friend richard cant find his dick too, we think some large dog ran off with it when he was young, will teach him for leaving it in a corner, this site sucks.

  274. Carol

    The next day was known as the great Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, when this man had a little too much burrito.

  275. decay

    Surrogate drinking buddy

  276. Kenny

    Bowflex has changed my life! After only six months I’ve lost two inches from my waist. The results are real.

  277. princess2

    His OBGYN said it was time to induce!

  278. squeg

    When Jonah ate the whale

  279. ryan kavanagh

    his dick gets round it

  280. Xa'ron

    I’ve reached my goal… 500kg’s!

  281. kaj


  282. Bob

    the newest santa clause: yes i have been fired from eastland mall….why? o the kids thought i would eat

  283. Hans Blom

    Yummie, yummie, yummie, I got love in my tummy and I feel like loving you!

  284. ginger

    honey, does this make me look fat?

  285. a

    Marzenka to fajna laska!!!

  286. Sam Reavill

    He might of won the fattest man in the world……..but he is still an ugle c*nt!

  287. Kenny

    Shown above special ops AKA Billy Bob heads for Afganistan on a “take Osama out” mission by simply pullin a finger.

  288. Ian

    Some children mistake me for a ball!

  289. Mary Flynn

    I think the more I rub it the bigger it gets

  290. Mary Flynn

    The biggest most enormous round belly I’ve ever seen! WOW!

  291. Mary Flynn

    Momma always told me don’t eat the watermelon seeds! I didn’t listen to Momma! Now I have a 400 lb watermelon in my belly! HELP!

  292. Mary Flynn

    You looking at something?

  293. Mary Flynn

    My God! It won’t stop growing!!!

  294. Ian

    Damn…I thought woman were the only ones that got pregnant.

  295. Ian

    Damn…I thought woman were the only ones that got pregnant.

  296. Mary Flynn

    Can someone please help me carry this enormous thing around! It’s getting really heavy!

  297. Mary Flynn

    Breaking News Report: A terrible explosion happened today in a small town. As the people gathered to see the man with the enormous belly, the belly started to rumble and jump. The man yelled run for your lives! People screamed and ran. Just as everyone got away, they heared the biggest explosion ever. Film at 11.

  298. Mary Flynn

    My belly is so big and round and hard. Rub it and make a wish.

  299. Mary Flynn

    Thsi belly is more enormous then a pregnant woman’s belly at 9 months. No. Wait! I think he swallowed a pregnant woman!

  300. Mary Flynn

    I’m a big fat man look at me
    I have an enormous belly
    It’s so big and round and hard as a rock
    Please rub my belly before it POPS!

  301. Mary Flynn

    I think I gained a couple pounds this week. Better start watching what I eat.

  302. Mary Flynn

    Let’s see any pregnant woman beat the size of my belly. Bet you can’t do it!

  303. Mary Flynn

    My idea of a well balanced diet is a BEER in each hand!

  304. Mary Flynn

    I just keep feeding it and watering it and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day!

  305. Mary Flynn

    My God! I am so big and fat! But see my smile. The bigger the better I say.

  306. Mary Flynn

    Hello Ladies! I know ya all wanna rub this huge belly of mine. But please stay in line and no fighting. There is more then enough belly for all of you!

  307. Mary Flynn

    I hope I don’t look as bloated as I feel today. What do you think?

  308. Mary Flynn

    A day in the life of me. Wake up,eat breakfast,lay down,rub belly,watch it grow bigger and bigger,get up,eat lunch,lay down rub belly,watch it grow bigger and bigger,get up,drink beer,drink beer,eat dinner,drink beer,drink beer,lay down,rub belly,watch it grow bigger and bigger. I’m tired! That was hard work!

  309. Mary Flynn

    My belly is so big and sticks so far out that I can hardly see where I’m walking. Wow my belly is enormous!

  310. Mary Flynn

    My goal is to get this belly so big and round that you can no longer see my face. All you will see is one enormous belly! It won’t take much longer!

  311. Mary Flynn

    What a yummy tummy.(Or whale of a belly)

  312. Mary Flynn

    I bet when this guy goes to a bar he belly ups to it. Probably lays the belly on the bar starts drinking and rubbing the belly

  313. Mary Flynn

    Safe to say this guy has no shirt that will fit over that huge gut!

  314. Mary Flynn

    How long did it take me to get the belly this big you ask? Not long. It just gets bigger each day. Hey who ate the box of donuts! Oh that was me! Burp! Pass the beer please!

  315. Mikey S

    Tommy Boy’s REAL father.

  316. Mary Flynn

    My goodness! That belly is SO BIG! I wonder if it’s still growing! It is just SO HUGE!

  317. Mary Flynn

    I ate light today. Breakfast I had a dozen eggs, pound of bacon and loaf of bread. Lunch, 12 Big Mac’s with 12 large fries, 2 liter bottle of soda. Dinner, a side of beef, 5 lbs of potatoes, loaf of bread, and a pie and a cake. Topped it off with beer beer and more beer! You should see when I really eat alot!

  318. Mary Flynn

    I’ve seen big bellies before, but my goodness! How in the world did this belly get so big and round! It’ s just amazing!

  319. Mary

    Ok everyone! I think I’m about readly to POP! Count with me. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BOOM!

  320. Mary

    Police were called to two break ins yesterday. One at a helium plant where several tanks were taken the other at a grocery store where lots of food and beer were taken. Clues led the police to the home of this man. As soon as the police saw the big belly and hear him talk like Donald Duck they new they had there man. As the man was led away He kept rubbing his belly saying I’m am so huge and it was so worth it!

  321. Mary

    Hey if this guy takes a marker and puts eyes and a mouth on the belly he can go to kids parties and be the man with the happy face belly! All he has to do is stand there.

  322. Mary

    Ok I can’t hide it any longer. Yes I am pregnant. What was your first clue?

  323. Mary

    I have the worst belly ache. I wonder why?

  324. Mary

    He’s a WHALE of a guy!

  325. Mary

    Sure would like to know what that belly measures. It is huge!

  326. Mary

    I sure would like to rub that round belly! It’s so huge!

  327. Mary

    Pillsbury Dough Boy on steroids

  328. Mary

    I bet that belly is a conversation starter. Hi nice to meet you. My goodness your belly is enormous! How did it get so big!

  329. Mary

    This guy must spend his day either standing or laying down. Besides feeding his face of course! He is so enormous and round!

  330. Mary

    I’m not sure how my belly got so big. Maybe it’s an allergic reaction to something. One day it just swelled to this size. Sometimes it hurts because it’s so big. I think it’s about ready to explode!

  331. Mary

    Hey! Do you like what you see? Do you like my enormous ole belly? You can rub it if you want to. Just be careful that it doesn’t pop!

  332. Mary

    I’m too sexy for my shirt!

  333. Mary

    My bellys so big and round. It is the talk of the town. As people walk by they shout OH MY! As I rub my belly so round.

  334. Mary

    I am so big and wide. That I can not deny. Can it get any bigger? I sure will try cause I love being big and wide!

  335. Mary

    Two young boys talking: my Daddy is having a baby. No way, Daddy’s don’t have baby’s. Mine is. He belly is bigger then Momm’ys was befoe she had my brother. Ok prove it! Daddy come here! Yes son? Oh my your right. He is having a baby! Daddy! Can you have a baby like Johnny’s Daddy?

  336. Mary

    What a belly! What a man!

  337. Mary

    This guys face say one thing. I am proud to be so big and fat. My belly is so huge! Oh baby! I have so much to rub!

  338. Mary

    This guy is not living large, he is living enormous! My God what a belly that is! It’s just amazing!

  339. Mary

    Life is good. I’m big and fat. I eat and drink all day long. I keep rubbing my enormous belly and watch it get bigger and bigger! Yeah life is good!

  340. Mary

    Get it a little bigger and that belly is gonna touch the floor! Wow! He is huge!

  341. Mary

    One huge belly, probably one tiny dick! If he can even find it under all that fat!

  342. Mary

    I went to the doctor today. He did an ultrasound. He said no you are not pregnant! As he patted my belly he said Your just one huge fat man with a round belly! I said oh thank you I was so worried it was something serious!

  343. Mary

    Do you think if you stick a tap in that belly button slit you can get beer out of it? There has to be something worth while in that belly!

  344. Mary

    My belly is as long as it is wide. I am one big man and I’m lovin it

  345. Mary

    My doctor comes in to examine me as I’m laying on the table. He says My God you have one massive belly! Can it get any bigger? I said I don’t know but I’m sure trying!

  346. Mary

    I was a little over weight. I thought if Jared could lose weight on the Subway Diet, I could do it on the McDonald’s Diet. Look what happened! My belly ballooned to three times it’s size! HELP!

  347. Mary

    This is what happens when you swallow bubble gum

  348. ojhn'ho

    Mr. Jones bets that he can swallow a whole hippo and wins.

  349. JWF

    My therapist told me I should find creative ways to swallow my anger. That was about 5 years ago. Seems to be working.

  350. Ceres Rox

    Well, told ya Bill, this IS what happens when you feed a 3 year old like you’re feeding a elephant.

    Come on, I can’t even pick him up! How we he look when he’s 12, huh? He better lose a few before he BURSTS!

  351. claire

    it wasnt until he had broken the guiness book world record for the belly that is closet to the floor that he had to get examined. Later he was disqualified for swallowing his twin whole.

  352. anonymous


  353. jon

    Unhappy with fruitless attempts for children, Horace and Ethel opted for in vitro fertilisation.

    They couldn’t be happier about the octuplets, but Horace was somewhat confused as to why HE was the one to carry them.

  354. Hana

    Paul Teutul Sr sure does look diffrent on OCC.

  355. blunk


  356. Serge

    Im GONNA BURST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    B O O OOOOOOO OOOO M!!!!!!!!

  357. Lisa

    Hurry up and take the picture I can’t hold this huge belly up long. *falls back into chair*

  358. Robert

    Just one more beer, then I really had to go to the bathroom.

  359. Robert

    Wow! That guy is pregnant!

  360. kmac

    The oompa loompas need the roll him into the juicer

  361. LESLEY

    hes sexy<3333333333333

  362. LuLu

    Hey who stold my beach ball !

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