Well, it’s Friday! I hope each of you can have a crazy enough weekend to end up looking like this guy.

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86 Captions for “Beerman”

  1. Cari

    John’s experiement with do-it-yourself virtual reality was unsuccessful.

    No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t hold on to the cans.

  2. Anonymous

    You are what you drink?

  3. Reut

    Man eating beer packs and cans on action!

  4. Anonymous

    Bud Light: The beer that doesn’t get you drunk enough to pass out, but makes you stupid enough to pose for this picture.

  5. boney

    So wheres my t-shirt. They said there was a t-shirt

  6. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Tim didn’t drink enough beer to complete his Bud Light Man costume.

  7. Veshka

    Faster than breaking wind! Sronger than the armpit funk of a construction worker! It’s BEER MAN!

  8. Anonymous

    Toy Story 3 : Attack Of The Woody.


    Bud Light Beer: “To Infinity And Beyond”

  9. Les

    This is what I learned in college

  10. Anonymous

    See Krazy Glue doesn’t stick to everyth… o shit

  11. tatroyer

    When bobbing for beers goes horribly wrong.

  12. Alex Kaseberg

    “You are wrong, there is no Ann Hiesesr’s bush in this box.”

  13. bgray

    Empty beer cases always attack in packs.

  14. jwd

    “I’m feeling a little Light-headed”

  15. Anonymous

    Yes, our bud here is indeed lit.

  16. Anonymous

    Halloween LXVII: Jason Lost on Campus

  17. Kate

    It’s Miller time.

  18. Kate

    Chuck, once agin, shows everyone his audition for Tom Cruise’s role in “Risky Business”.

  19. jwd

    This guy is a real head-case!

  20. Laura

    “Do I look sexy enough yet? Another one? The girls are gonna go wild when they see me!”

  21. Techno Duck

    Duffman cant breath due to inferior beer…oh no…oooooooooooooooooooooh

  22. spat

    Wife: “Honey, you know I hate it when you bring your work home!”
    (thinking: I should have maried the Coca-Cola-man)

  23. Drake

    Bud Light Man, a new superhero in the battle against alcoholism.

  24. The fat man

    “Honey, is this the ancient greek statue you ordered?”

  25. Looksaus Pitta

    What happens when your mother used to masturbate with a can of Budweiser.

  26. Anonymous

    Thousands of men die each year when they get stuck in discarded 12 pack boxes.

  27. Turk & Bertier

    After that night, John was invited to a party nevermore.

  28. Kereltje

    Revenge of the Nerds Anonymous

  29. armandbourg

    At the end of his act, Jimmy noticed everybody had left his birthday party.

  30. EarshoT

    PINK WALLS???? aaaaaah!

  31. Philip

    Beer: Drink that is still makes you stupid even when you’re wearing the box.

  32. JBob

    Party foul!

  33. butthead


  34. wrong song

    just be thankful he didnt drink from a keg

  35. Jack

    The return of The Unknown Comic

  36. hommelbommel

    Gay and loving it lightly…

  37. mike

    Aerobics Bud-Style

  38. Anonymous

    Hey – Beer – Man

  39. Patrick

    Yup, that $20K per year tuition was truly worth it!

  40. Lay-Z

    *sniff* My……HERO!

  41. wuj

    Budwiser makes people do stupid things.


  42. ferkee

    Woooooo Hoooooo! I have reached….Beervana!

  43. JG

    soy un monstrou de cerveza(monster of beer)

  44. Ron

    Nobody can tell I’m shitfaced with these on!!

  45. alan seaton

    Microsoft’s “suspended-animation” project in it’s infancy

  46. FED

    Forgotten for years and sandwiched between spuds and the bathing suit bud girls, Ralph the drunk, was a horrible disaster as a bud light ad campaign…

  47. FED

    …years to brew, for moments of utter stupidity.

  48. cannelle

    Misunderstanding his father’s little chat about girls at such a tender age, Jasper tragically fell into a strange path of sexual deviancy – desperately looking to fulfil himself with women’s boxes.

  49. poi

    New Fox special: When Bud Light Attacks.

  50. Nick

    Ahhh, I Can’t Feel My Legs

  51. Anonymous

    You will die alone and a virgin, along with all the other dorks that post stupid captions on this site.

  52. Anonymous

    Ed wants to distract the attention from his beer belly

  53. Adam

    To virginity and beyond

  54. Anonymous

    You drank THAT MUCH?
    How ’bout some recycled Bud for ME?

  55. bogusloser

    What college frat guys do for fun after graduation!

  56. phscko

    by the power of budlight!!!

  57. babylon

    Only seconds after this picture was taken, jefro was punted in the balls

  58. travis weir

    is it a bird???is it a plane???no its just that drunk guy that hangs around the front of seven eleven at night time

  59. Elspode

    “Alright, now, hand me the balancing pole and help me up on the tightrope! Karl Wallenda just didn’t drink *enough*, that was his problem!”

  60. Dave


  61. Dave

    Duffman can never die, only the actors who portray him!

  62. Vid

    Graphic evidence why human cloning should be banned.

  63. spoonpoker

    bubweiser its in everyone.

  64. spoonpoker

    up,up and away,budlight year to the rescue.

  65. Tim Smith

    Show and tell for A.A.
    Keep comin’ back Bob!

  66. Newt

    I’m crazy budlight man, I got budlight on my head and I’m crazy. gimme some candy

  67. guy ann

    bud guy rules. take that duff man oh yeah!

  68. guy ann

    run citzens! bud man will keep this ceiling up while you escape!

  69. Anonymous

    White House, Washington DC: President George W. Bush celebrates the passing of HB3452, which pardons cheating oil executives for insider trading and accounting irregularities.

  70. hughbertius

    Once again, neighbourhood youths add insult to injury by vandalizing old and slow-moving Mr. Thompson.

  71. Crunchy

    Beerman: Super powers include peeing enough to float out of any danger and moving unnoticed through crowds of beautiful women.

  72. lawrence

    Hey guys???…..I’m feeling a bit cramped….can i come out of the bathroom now?

  73. Aaron

    Okay…..I think uncle Richard has had 1 too many beers!

  74. Kit Kat

    Tom Cruise: I like that old time Rock and Roll!

  75. Sitaifun

    Bud, feeling really light on his feet, spontaneously erupts in joyous dance!

  76. Mark Smith

    look guys i am …….BeerMan.. dumber than two blondes in at a concesion mahine….faster than two guys trying to rip the clothes off a passed out woman….. able to leap over a small dog.

  77. Robbie

    Bud Light, brother of Buzz Lightyear.

  78. George Bush

    Cheerleader George Bush at Yale

  79. GrooveSamurai

    The Six-and-A-Half Dollar Man.

  80. dustin cobwebs

    advertisement for anti light beer drinking…. it will make you a total vagina

  81. dogma

    Screw Spiderman, Superman and the Hulk! BUDMAN IS HERE!

  82. chasemice

    This photo clearly depicts why Beverly recently filed for divorce.

  83. chasemice

    Mike really wasn’t a drinker, but he just wanted to fit in with his funny drinking friends.

  84. Bohatnik

    The cybermask, a new sex toy for the internet generation, embraces anonymity. Shown here in the Bud Light model, with matching shoes.

  85. jesse almeida

    dads alter ego domestic violence man

  86. Brad

    hey doushebag, first requirement for beerman u need a beer in ur hand not empty boxes that the contents other people finished to make u look good… Just take the picture down fag…

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