Bert and Bin Laden


I wonder what Bert has been whispering into Bin Laden’s ear lately?

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96 Captions for “Bert and Bin Laden”

  1. minders

    Under Bert’s evil twin Bart’s control, Bin Laden’s new orders: Kill Ernie, the rest of the Sesame Street crew, and all the “followers”.

  2. Ernie

    No soup for you!

  3. Anonymous

    Shave your beard and have a sex change. Are you listening to me?

  4. mike

    I *told* you everyone else would be wearing white too, but noooooo…

  5. Anonymous


  6. guava

    Dude, we have to stop living a lie. I’ve been through this before with Ernie and bless his little puppet heart, he taught me that living openly and honestly is the only way to live. I’m giving you an ultimatum–tell the world in your next video that I’m your puppet partner or you can forget about ever sticking your hand up my rear again.

  7. Anonymous

    You go to hell. You go to hell and you die!

  8. mike

    I am *not* a q-tip!!! Do not, I repeat, do NOT put me in there! I refuse! stop it! STOP IT! AGGGHHHH GROSSS AGH MRMPGHAHFAAAAA–

  9. brian

    bizarre love triangle.

  10. Chris Corrigan

    Okay Ernie, you can take the mask off now. Electric Company was cancelled.

  11. John


  12. Cletus

    I am bert! you will bow down to my authoritaaaaayy

  13. James

    The American Government has so suddenly redirected its anti-terrorism campaign.

  14. Mister Crunchy

    One of these things is not like the others,

    One of these things just doesn’t belong…

  15. Eric


  16. Cappy

    Now in a kid friendly version!

    Next month, get your own action figure, with real beard!

  17. Chris

    A disgruntled Bert turns to more radical teachings…

  18. Anonymous

    “Osama, we need to just love each other.”

  19. Chris

    BERT: I will blow your head off- dont move

  20. The Daily Nonsense

    Hmmm…I always thought Bert’s laugh sounded like a child’s impression of a machine gun…Now I know why!

  21. Chris Hughes

    I like it when you touch my penis like that.

  22. Chris Hughes

    Just stick by me, kid. I’ll make you a star.

  23. Jerry

    C is for crackpot, that’s good enough for me …

  24. Kelli

    Kid by poster: “Bert?? I thought you were my friend!”

  25. ellen


  26. Melanie

    They did me injustice on that show. So go and blow up those suckers!

  27. Lynne

    I always knew there was a resemblance!

  28. Porked Your Mom

    “””blip blip blip BREAKING NEWS blip blip blip, NEW information today linking the 9/11 bombings to deranged Sesame Street puppet Bert. The suspect’s gay lover Ernie was found dismembered at their apartment Friday morning sources say…

  29. Invisagoth


    A big yellow bird like object has just struck the Sears towers!

  30. Inxply

    Eleven strawberry sundaes.11

  31. jojop

    I knew he had a soft side somewhere..

  32. pangie

    so that’s why bert always looked so mad.

  33. Bob

    Wow! Those Bin Laden supporters are so ignorant, they don’t even know what is on their posters!

  34. Anonymous

    2 people with no brain or genetals, but at least bert is a muppet

  35. Anonymous

    Bert has a penis?

  36. Camillion

    The fourth plane never made it to Sesame Street. Bert is now on the run with Bin Laden.

  37. Anonymous

    “This muslim extremist message has been brought to you by the letters ‘A’ for ‘Al Queda’ and ‘J’ for ‘Jihad’.”

  38. enar

    “JERRY! JERRY! …and that sonofabitch was sleeping with Ernie! He was SPANKING him! You Bastard! Nobody loves you! Nobody loves you (hurtles chair at Osama)”

  39. Micah

    After the breakup with Ernie, Bert turned bad…

  40. Anonymous

    A doctored photo depicting Bert alongside Osama bin Laden.

  41. jade

    Give back Ernies rubber duckie you bastard!

  42. Osama

    “I had sex w/ Bert”

  43. 9Nails

    In this photo, we can see Osama’s guardian angel… Is there any wonder why he’s so scrambled in the head?

  44. Furry

    Osama:”Who is this Ernie you talk about”
    Bert:”oh no one…”
    Osama: “you cheating BEE ACH!”

  45. Anonymous

    Kiddies gather around a picture of Santa awaiting his arrival.

  46. Tyler Barton

    Even Bert’s going to kick his ass.

  47. virtuoso guitarist

    Although the rest of the crowd were warey of the strange fuzzy creature on Osama’s shoulder one boy drew near… Luckily Bert was on hand to clear matters up – it transpired that it was infact Osama’s head afterall

  48. jasonclick

    So, that’s the evil power behind Bin Laden.. I always thought it was Elmo….

  49. fisher

    After seeing how successful his enemy’s propoganda machine had proven in America, Bin Laden embarked on his own campaign to brainwash his country into fighting a useless, unwinnable war.

  50. AmbientBleue18

    It all makes perfect sense now– we’ve only ever seen him from the waste up, there is way too much fabric to suggest any sort of body there– Osama’s simply a Muppet

  51. Mesa

    Bernt:Ur mama Osamama

  52. Anonymous

    The brains behind the man

  53. Lay-Z

    Who would have ever thought that Ernie’s eating cookies in the bed would push Bert over the edge on the next Behind the Music: The Rubber Ducky Tragedy

  54. Anonymous

    I wonder if Osama “enjoys” being Bert’s little bitch.

  55. Reed

    Bert swore he would never let such incompetence happen again. How Ernie got out of the locked bathroom on the 97th floor, he’ll never figure out.

  56. Mr. Ramon

    Despite Osama Bin Laden’s insistence that he be the star of Middle Eastern version of Sesame Street, he soon realized it was a pointless endeavour since most of his target audience does not own TVs.

  57. anonymously amused

    I’m gonna get militant on your ass right now if you don’t learn those ABCs!!!

  58. Hecata

    Bin Laden: “If you vote for me I will pull the rest of the sesame street characters out of my ass!”

  59. Steven

    The government today released photos confirming reports that a second Taliban-American Muppet had assisted Bin Laden. Big Bird, Kermit and others were in shock and felt certain evil hands had entered Bert’s inner most reaches.

  60. -x-

    Rubber ducky you’re the one

  61. CloudNine

    o/` Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sekandarabad? o/`

  62. Babylon

    Ooooo see that man overthere? He’s cute, he wants it… and look at your expression you bad boy, you want it too..

  63. Jimmyhat

    Bert’s dumped Ernie and moved on to Osama

  64. Anonymous

    Two cock-smokers

  65. Mr.Pickles

    Two cock-smokers

  66. toolfan462

    proving once again that Bert works for Satan

  67. blackrose

    hey u are asshole! Dont talk to my hand! Kiss my azz…

  68. Karl Marx

    After the controversial “America is the great satan” episode of Sesame street, Bert went into exile somewhere in the mid-east….

  69. Tony Kerr

    Osama has a new play toy. And the people don’t care!

  70. Anonymous

    sesame street-brought to you by “osama bin laden”

  71. MZIEN

    Today on Sesame Street Bert dumps Ernie and goes for someone just a little more, Anal.

  72. Anonymous

    jigga what??

  73. Jimmy the Fish

    Osama Bert Laden

  74. michellevecc

    after he kicked the shit of the angel on bin Laden’s other shoulder, Bert proceed to tell Osama to burn things

  75. resisobilus

    Agent B in position. Succeeded in infiltrating Al-Queda. Agents E, O, and CM prepare to overthrow Taliban and install puppet government. Out.

  76. Cary Kingdom

    Now I have TWO friends that live in trashcans!

  77. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    What the picture doesnt show is Evil Bert’s hand in the ass of his Osama Bin Laden-puppet

  78. paratrooper

    U.S. Counter Intelligence photo showing new Talian Proaganda trying to pin Bin Ladens eveil deeds on the influence of Homosexual, American Childrens Broadcasting

  79. joe

    anyone else notice the resemblance

  80. paul bonser

    bin laden tells world burt was my brother

  81. paul bonser

    buy one dummy get one free

  82. paul bonser

    who the hecks that wierdo?

  83. Joao Ricardo

    Olha o Bert

  84. fester

    … and thats how you get to sesame street, mr bin laden

  85. Jade Shelbi

    After Ernie left him for a rubber duckie, Bert got a new man.

  86. me

    osamas brother bert’s beard seamed to grow out of his head

  87. loverboy

    osamas brother bert was disowned for having a beard growing out of his head

  88. CTownHood

    Tired of feeling like Ernie’s “sidekick”, Bert has now aligned himself with a more powerful figure

  89. junk

    Bert lives up bins butt, its so sticky and dark up there his hair sticks up on end when he pulls his head out for a breather (boy does he Need one!). Hence bert lurks in the background, Bins thinks its a turd, only its not, but he is………

  90. harry

    after getting tired of ernie’s ass, bert needed a new thrill with a camel jock

  91. harry

    as the camel-jocks play

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