Better mouse


It doesn’t matter if you can build a better mousetrap, that will merely inspire a better mouse.

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80 Captions for “Better mouse”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, My name is Jonny Knoxville…

  2. Say Cheese

    Skippy believed that he was invinceable so long as he wore the special red helmet his Fairy God Mother had given him.

  3. A Better Mouse

    Just when they build a better mouse trap, along comes a better mouse.

  4. Veshka

    Tryouts for the rodent X-Games

  5. btezra

    after missing the short bus home from school, Mickey decided to stop at and have a snack; His classmates have yet to recover and continue to see the State appointed grief specialist

  6. onebad427

    Stuart Little thinks he’s big shit cause he can talk, Just try this asshole!!

  7. nurg

    Ralph, get back on your freakin’ motorcycle and stop trying to show off!

  8. spat

    “Eating cheese always gave me a headache.”

  9. spat

    Motormouse pulls over to have a Big Cheese…
    (or to become one)

  10. Crunchy

    Garfield the Cat had a beautiful dream and woke up happy.

  11. dzine

    Stuart Little’s stunt double.

  12. dzine

    Proof that mice are better and faster learners than many of the people you work with.

  13. Les

    Jerry was far to clever to fall for Tom’s traps!

  14. Anonymous

    Jackass Mouse

  15. Kereltje

    Mortimer saved millions of mice from starvation with his Anti-Mousetrap-Hat.

  16. Waaaaaaassup??

    The helmet worked well, but Micky’s tail got stuck between the mousetrap and the next morning he was clubbed to death by the angry farmer.

  17. filkertom

    “Better Mousetrap”, my hairy gray butt.

  18. filkertom

    Wh- Cracker Barrel!? I distinctly requested piave!

  19. filkertom

    Peachy. I think I can guess what the Boss on THIS level looks like….

  20. filkertom


  21. armand

    Silly people,can’t you see this is A RAT!!

  22. UpChucky Cheese

    Squeeky finally realized he WASN’T lactose intolerant.

  23. mouseketeer

    Actually, Zippy hated cheese, but he was tired of bumping his head on the edge of his hole.

  24. Jimmy the Fish

    Tony Hawkbait

  25. Shelley

    Fear Factor for mice…………

  26. Reut

    The force is sstrong in that one…


  27. sqeeeeeeek

    Wearing his “mouse-cam,” Squeaky prepared to film the finale to “World’s Scariest Mouse Videos 4.”

  28. Ron

    To Cheese or Not To Cheese…that is the question

  29. PB

    Veterinarians are concerned that the new helmet law will result in a drastic reduction in the number of mice organs available for transplant.

  30. kalam

    (cheese to mouse) patience young mouseawan for you have much to learn of the moving trap

  31. da konz

    now that ballsy

  32. Alex T.

    To take or not to takeƖ this is the Question.

  33. Aaron

    Jerry was still trying to remember where he parked his motorcycle when the tragedy happened.

  34. Fire Frog

    And now for my next trick, I will need a volunteer from the audience…Mr Cat, would you like to step forwards please?

  35. Michael Jones

    If this helmet fails, at least I’ve got me a good personal injury lawyer.

  36. Reut

    Hey wait! This cheese is old!

  37. Michael Jones

    Somehow this mandatory helmet law doesn’t make me feel any more secure.

  38. Anonymous

    Kitchen Table

  39. Chris

    Momma’s got the magic of Chlorox cheese

  40. Michael Jones

    that’s not California cheese!

  41. Lawrence

    After Evil Kneivel was reincarnated as a rodent, he still enjoyed a good adrenaline rush as he attempted for the 40th time the dreaded cheese grab to be aired on March 24th on CBS. Check your local listings for time.

  42. Anonymous

    Sadly enough the helmet made Micky the perfect prey for Charlie the Cat.

  43. Tom

    Mouse-naut approaches the Shuttle Launch Pad, and inspects the solid fuel module!

  44. o

    Helmet laws stupid. I’m able to make up my own mind.

  45. Scott

    Can Fatcat handle this one?

  46. mgoldsmith4

    They should put ibuprofen on the trap.

  47. plex

    “Cheese for Algernon”

  48. Anonymous

    why do they call this thing a mouse trap???????

  49. chris

    Stupid people, rat traps are for rats

  50. Maxx

    ‘Before’ picture of Helmet laws are stupid campain.

  51. Mark Beular

    a mouse in the trap is worth 700 in the wall mating like rabbits to keep the numbers growing

  52. gorge

    eat me semore!

  53. JBob

    Death of a Green Bay fan…

  54. Lisa H.

    The damned cat ate my motor cycle! I wonder how fast this thing goes!

  55. aradia

    with this helmet i AM IMMORTAL!!!!!

  56. Brian

    Although he had protection from the mouse trap, the idiot forgot that the cheese was poisoned and wound up dying anyway.

  57. BooM

    The mouse knew that he could not change his destiny and so he took the cheese and… his balls were mashed all over the trap

  58. meep

    Blue 42, Blue 42, hut-hut- hike!

  59. Kiron Ravindran

    13. “50 dollers if you dare to eat it, Maite. And remember you kin beck out eny time” – Mike Whitney

  60. abc

    blue 42,blue 42, down set hut hut , HIKE!!!

  61. Sean C

    The old saying is still true: the later mouse always gets the cheese.


    And P.E.T.A. won.

  63. Atrocity

    Got cheese?

  64. Peachy

    Better be safe then sorry!

  65. elmo

    “Bring it on sons of bitches [humans]…”

  66. Marianne

    older but wiser

  67. dustin cobwebs

    unfortunately the helmet didnt prevent this mouses spinal cord from being severed.
    he left a widow and 30 kids behind

  68. KT

    Extreme Sports

  69. Josh

    I hope this thing is DOT approved!

  70. Larissa

    “Prepare the combat. I am going in”

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