Big Red


I have a feeling that this poor man in the durex suit is going to get used and abused any moment now.

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112 Captions for “Big Red”

  1. Anonymous

    Yer all smiling now, but in a few minutes yall’l be cryin’.

  2. mike

    Heh-Heh… Pull this…

  3. Tim

    Are you touching me? Cause I can’t feel a god damn thing in this suit!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi. My friends call me big shooter.

  5. Anonymous

    The flavored ones are my favorite.

  6. Anonymous

    Dure’ the Durex man was a big hit at the Porn Star convention; however, he didn’t fair as well at the Vergin Convention.

  7. mike


  8. ye

    No words could describe the thrill of Ms. Condom when she found out that she had won the Miss Japan competition.

  9. Jo jo, the idiot circus boy

    *Muffled voice from inside condom suit* – I knew this suit would work. Finnally girls look at me and think about sex.

  10. Blarg

    The Japanese couldn’t even take their space program seriously.

  11. artvaark

    Hello Kitty’s pimp shows off his new bitches.

  12. Anonymous

    Rook at me! I’m the condom man! Herro!

  13. ServMe

    Hey, stop pulling me! There’s enough for everyone!

  14. brian

    all your base are belong to us.

  15. Nicole

    Since when do the Japanese use contraceptives?

    Have u looked at their population lately?

  16. passion

    A prick and his chicks

  17. John

    I may look like an big fat red idiot, but I’ve been used with all five of these girls. Twice.

  18. Cletus

    This is false advertising; i’ve used and asian made condom; imagine being strangled from the top of your head to your belly button… then you penetrate and it breaks; SWEET FREEDOM

  19. Anonymous

    oh, stop it girls, you made me all blushed

  20. Eric


  21. Jimmy Flowers

    Durex’s new line of tampons come in one color — red! No need to be embarrased! Now, like the women in this photograph, you can leave your used tampons wherever you please. Red from you or red from the factory? No one will know!

  22. Matthew Stevens

    No! Don’t pull that finger, you fool! That’s Durex man!

  23. junior


  24. Laxsmi

    what heaven looks like.

  25. Austin

    oversized… For her pleasure

  26. little d

    condoms — now with eyelashes, for her pleasure…

  27. Kelli

    Condom Man: First thing tomorrow, I’m callin Kelly Services!

  28. fred savage

    So what if I stole the idea from Naked Gun.

  29. D.L.

    Sailor Moon — The Next Generation!

  30. Melanie

    “This proves that we are not virgins”.

  31. Tyler Smith

    Yeah, hug me. OK, now jump up and down. That’s it…

  32. Steven

    I’m naked in this costume

  33. Anonymous

    Bob’s third wish to be “surrounded by pussy” is horribly misinterpreted by the genie.

  34. Corey

    Don’t piss him off

  35. hawk

    under this costume is a huge dick

  36. oni424

    Pokemon characters that didn’t make it to america

  37. enar

    The one that didn’t make it to the kids… Dildomon! A Pokemon with sex appeal and looks, its bound to become rare!

  38. Anonymous

    What a dick.

  39. Micah

    The biggest thing to hit Japan since Godzilla.

  40. Anonymous

    A condom mascot.

  41. Wayne

    it’s a condom mascot? pokemon? wow. you’re so original. *rolls eyes*

  42. Anonymous

    These five Princesses are looking for the Prince that’ll fit this “slipper”!

  43. jade

    Pull my tip.

  44. Anonymous

    The Japaneese All-girl college got a lot of money after adding the giant Dildo in the Gym

  45. Camillion

    Jacky Chans promo for his new movie “Operation Condum”.

  46. Anonymous

    What the rest of the captioners don’t know is that this is the third most popular children’s show in Japan. After Happy Fun Hour and Baywatch.

  47. Gram

    Rush Hour III: Jackie Chan as Chief Inspector Lee fights the triad master Dilda Wang and its massive array of chinese ninjettes.

  48. Lou

    who said there were no big dicks in asia?

  49. Quique

    “‘Scuse me while I whip this out.”
    Blazing Saddles

  50. AmbientBleue18

    What no one seems to realize is that this is actually a promo for Durex’s newest line of baby bottles, not to be at all confused with their line of cartoonish, neon, child-targeted prophylactic campaign…
    In either case, nubile asian women are capable of selling anything.

  51. nacio

    where do I apply for this job?

  52. CatShoes

    the Trojan man’s got competition…

  53. Lay-Z

    Some folks can be such a dick

  54. Lay-Z

    Now sponsering “Hooker Hill” in Iteawon, Seoul, South Korea…Durex brand condums..

  55. egg

    philipene sex shows take a sad twist

  56. Adam

    DAMN! I was hoping the scat mascot was coming today.. he’s always throwing shit around

  57. Condominium

    PBS’ creative team fired after flop of “Telechubbies”.

  58. plankton

    me so horny. me love you long time,

  59. Mr. Ramon

    G.I., you want numba one poom poom? Me lof you long time!

  60. Anonymous


  61. Anonymous

    or pokey”wo”man (for accuracy, there are eyelashes afterall)

  62. Drox

    Remember to use the protection.. USe DUREX #1!!!!!

  63. mehljo

    They are just warning you that they have HIV.

  64. CloudNine

    Alright, that’s it, I’m moving to Japan.

  65. Hecata

    Cum here…BIG boy!

  66. Steven

    Pleasure, Pleasure Will Robinson

  67. Don MatÈo

    Wanna know where i’ve been?

  68. Lars

    One of these things is not like the other one (Sesame Street game)

  69. Dairenn

    These chicks wish they could find a dude in their neighborhood that could fit this bad boy!

  70. Babylon

    And how does one become a spokesmodel?

  71. Avi

    Turning Japaneese, I think I’m turning Japaneese, I really think so!

  72. Anonymous

    jeffrey belived in very very very safe sex

  73. Mike

    Holy F***!!! I know that Dude!

  74. Mr.Pickles

    “Now, learning Japanese:
    #1 – Durex Escort Service

  75. haQ

    Look! Iwon the first price !!!!

  76. Fenris

    wow, psychadelic acid flashback man

  77. Fresh Tasting Always


  78. scott

    China’a anti pregnacy campain!

  79. drag0nfire

    maybe it’s me… but is that a giant CONDOM or something else…? heh

  80. dee

    stuck between japanese girls and a hard spot….

  81. mdc58

    Guaranteed not to leave one Pearl in her Harbor.

  82. Karl Marx

    Mothra just felt awkward fighting this one

  83. Karl Marx

    Canadian tourist

  84. monkey

    It’s not just about a codom ad, it’s also about making every man everywhere feel a little inadequate

  85. CD

    massagy massagy??

  86. Anonymous

    women LOVE dickheads

  87. flea dick

    Sometimes it pays to be a *dickhead*

  88. alan seaton

    ladies, ladies, forget the introductions; I’m going to be inside all of you soon enough.

  89. alan seaton

    Hyoshi isnt sure she wants to participate in the next event of the japanese reality show “Hey it’s not impossible”(english translation)

  90. resisobilus

    From episode 1 of the revived “Pink Lady and Jeff” show: chorus girls and dancing condom about to sing “Song of Pleasant Safe Love”

  91. BillyJoeBob

    OHHHHHHH, you have very much large a dicky sonnn…

  92. Pancho Villa

    Eat UR heart out Steely Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    Pink Durex Ranger still had some trouble with taking the human phorm again

  94. Brian

    The girls hanging around the all new: “Black-Sized condom”, the only condom designed specifically for the black race.

  95. BigB2586

    “Jungle Cock Fever” started catching in Asia…

  96. Derm

    Dulex condoms is vely vely stlong…stlonga den godzirra!

  97. Derm

    Me rika de flied lice and basebarr! Fast Barr ovel de prate! Pray barr!

  98. Matt

    Have no fear, Captain Condom is here.

  99. BigNig

    “Look out! I’m about to explode!”

  100. paul bonser

    hi girls let me show you how it done

  101. Datz_It

    Most People said that the new dildo was just a little bit too big…..

  102. Dylan


  103. Dylan

    Dont push ladies thers plenty to go around

  104. etl

    4 out of 5 asian hookers prefer durex to all leading competition.

  105. yousef

    soooo goood

  106. one_liner

    why are the girls wearing cloths

  107. Andrew Anorak

    Calm down girls, no-one has a penus that big. except me.

  108. Lebensm¸de

    Good thing I didn’t tell these girls about that rose bush…

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