Bling bling


When you’ve got more bling than you know what to do with. Dress up hip-hop and use PhotoShop to add more bling. Flare effects kick ass.

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287 Captions for “Bling bling”

  1. Anonymous

    Outrageously overboard is an understatement.

  2. Anonymous

    I think they’re making up BIG in the bling department when they’re a tad lacking elsewhere…

  3. Steve 1

    Bright New Things: Here are the winners of ‘Young Crack Dealers of the Year 2001’

  4. Anna

    Bling, Bling!!
    Icey Hot Stuntaz make me moist…

  5. Anonymous

    “Trick or Treat, we’re really street!”

  6. Anonymous

    Left my wiggaz house paid . . . Got off my braces that I had since the 8th grade . . .Today I didn’t even have to use my prozac . . . I got to say the day was wack.

  7. Anonymous

    How NOT to be cool

  8. Zevot

    Please don’t hate us because we are beautiful.

  9. Veshka

    We know drugs are bad, but look at all the sparkly jewelry we bought with our sales of weed. And you wouldn’t believe how much crack we had to sell to get them cars…

  10. Invisagoth

    BuFu Sport.

  11. tray

    kids… this is what happens when you eat too many paint chips and drink gasoline…

  12. Anonymous


  13. Kohai

    What’s nice is the pickup truck in the background. Maybe they can tow their confused ethnic identities in it?

  14. cari

    After putting together these life-size model cars, Tim, Robby and Stan were mortified to realize they hadn’t washed their hands of glue before posing for this picture.

  15. dawg

    is it christmas already?

  16. Mo

    The Fellowship of the BLING.

  17. Alex Kaseberg

    Yo, yo, yo check it awwwwiiight, G. Deeeez iz my boooyyyyyyyz . . . what’s that Mommy? Do I have to do the dishes now? Oh, poop.

  18. Lil Burro

    This week’s feature matinee, “Spawn of the Pep Boys”!

  19. Megs

    Now where did I put my sunglasses…

  20. pix

    One of these things just doesn’t belong…(poc-a-dot-door song)…One isn’t wearing a while t-shit and bandana…what happened to the mob mentality! I’m confused!

  21. Cybbis

    The reason #1 for not robbing amy jewelry stores located near any nuclear plants.

  22. tiff o knee

    come on man hurry up and snap the picture so we can put moms jewelry back in her room before she gets home!

  23. Alex

    Bling Lesson #1:
    Look constipated at all times.

  24. Anonymous

    We just wish we were dumb, phat, and ugly. Oh right… we are! That’s why we drove our hoopties out to the middle of nowhere and took a picture.

  25. Alice

    it’s all about the florsecent yellow shorts. oh baby. oh baby.

  26. jasonclick

    Why the Stooges and the Fast and the Furious don’t mix.

  27. Anonymous

    G to the I to the M to the P..

  28. Cay

    Write them a record n call them boyzone!

  29. jasonclick

    Right before their audition for The Fast and The Curious (XXX).

  30. Furry

    They stand unaware that the miliions of dollars they also stole is blowing awy in the wind…

  31. lexy

    trust me guys..this will definately get us laid!

  32. Jeremy Adams

    See dis brown mole on my arm…. dats da real color of my skin… da rest is just a birf mark

  33. ENAR - an original one by Nick and not some poser's. This name is getting raelly really long but hey, its part of a really long joke and if anone tries to copy me i'll sue their pants off.

    I cant see what so funny about 3 homosexual guys…

  34. Anonymous

    the mayberry possee

  35. Anonymous

    Masterbation…It is a terrible thing to waste…

  36. Jason

    Wassup! We hardcore muthas! Nevermind that we live in the backwoods of Georgia, and I’m dating my cousin.

  37. julia

    you best recanize fo you git yo wig split and i bust a supersoaker up in this piece.

  38. Erica

    My main man da Flame, I caint believe you lef yo T-shirt and bandanna in yo phat razor skoota basket. Damn, man, we was sposed to be matchin for this piture!!

  39. V-DOG

    Fathers!!!!!!!!!!! Do not let your daughters date these bad-asses!!!!!!!

  40. cyberJ

    Clearasil’s new poster boys

  41. Big johnson

    you know you’re a homo when you catch your self “iced-out” with fake jewelery standing next to someone else’s car

  42. Quique

    Got Fag?

  43. Anonymous

    Hurry and take the picture before mom realizes her jewlry is missing…

  44. Troy McClure

    Later lets all ride each other like ponies. . .

  45. Troy McClure

    It’s funny cuz she’s my mom and aunt, and she’s your sister and mom, and she’s somehow your grandma, my sister, your mom, and your aunt.

  46. Anonymous

    Model 1: Dude, have you seen where my bandana went?

    Model 2: Dude, you have a tattoo

    Model 3: Sweet, what does it say?

    Model 2: Dude

    Model 1: Has anybody seen my bandana?!

  47. ViperXX

    Yo dog, yo getting a Dell

  48. fisher

    Beverly Hills Bloods

  49. SuperTech

    Dude, take the picture already. We gotta get back to the Dairy Queen before we lose our jobs.

  50. kelly

    Guy 1: Carol, just pick one already ok?
    Guy 2: Dude. I did NOT drive all the way to the mall to try on jewelry for your girlfriend.
    Guy 1: Carol, the guys and I wanna go, come on, pick one already so we can leave!
    Guy 3: Heyyyyy…this ain’t half bad. I like the way this sparkles.

  51. Anonymous

    another reason why black folks are afraid of Idaho…

  52. claudia

    We’re really too young to drive but look at our pre-pubescent bods and our jewelry please.

  53. Castellano

    Trojan’s newest ad….”Don’t let accidents like this happen to you”

  54. littlemermaid

    these poor,poor boys…are they retarded or something?

  55. Jason

    “So, uh, are we supposed to look like we don’t sleep with each other when we pose for this pic?”

  56. Foolio

    OOOH! i want MY s**t pushed in too!

  57. Foolio

    hurry! the guy who owns these cars is coming! oh crap, its his jewelry too… come on guys hurry!

  58. Foolio

    “can you tell that im horny?”

  59. corym

    trade the jewellery in for some 17 inch rims.

  60. Slow Burn

    Girls everywhere want to know where these guys get their lipstick

  61. Punkenuff182

    thug life in the forest preserves of compton.

  62. bobbo

    straight outta utah came a brotha named steven from the group honky’s with steven. 🙂 ::: look at that one dude’s expression. He looks like he has downs

  63. onebad427

    Junk import car: $15,000
    American Racing wheels: $600.00
    10 lbs of jewelery: $200.00
    Looking at this picture after you turn 18 & realizing you lokked like a TOTAL DICK: PRICELESS

  64. onebad427

    Junk import car: $15,000
    American Racing wheels: $600.00
    10 lbs of jewelery: $200.00
    Looking at this picture after you turn 18 & realizing you looked like a TOTAL DICK: PRICELESS

  65. onebad427

    Junk import car: $15,000
    American Racing wheels: $600.00
    10 lbs of jewelery: $200.00
    Looking at this picture after you turn 18 & realizing you looked like a TOTAL DICK: PRICELESS

  66. brian

    And this one time at band camp…

  67. Cat

    Drugs are bad, especially when you mix them.

  68. Anonymous

    Chains so icy, I got chill bumps on my neck.

  69. AmbientBleue18

    Future Homosexuals of America, Unite!

  70. Newt

    Hey, guess what…YOU’RE WHITE

  71. Newt

    The only three guys in the USA who saw The Fast and the Furious

  72. Broken

    proof that you can tell who will remain a virgin for the rest of their natural life.

  73. julia

    “Let me cover up my nipples, i’m a bit cold from all this ice i’m wearin’. haha, we should post that on our website!”

  74. Micah

    When crack-babies grow up…..

  75. Micah

    The Midwestern Virgin Home-doggie in their natural habitat.

  76. Katrina Crow

    “I wanna be a black man yo!”

  77. klobenkai

    wanna eat mah taco?
    (and still in time to finish math homework
    and attend accordion lessons)
    hey ma!!! i dont have any clean underwears in my drawr!! Is oprah on??

  78. klobenkai

    sburban boys these days…shameless

  79. klobenkai

    the guy with the yellow pants has a HARD ON!!!


    apparently, its not that obvious!!

  80. klobenkai

    the guy with the yellow pants has a HARD ON!!!
    apparently, its not that obvious!!

  81. (pdw)

    Now, which one of you is shaving already?

  82. rj the magnificent camel

    “my grandpa works at a pawn shop.”

  83. Justin

    Maybe if we act tough the laughing will stop.

  84. brian

    Albert Ice Stein – Invents Bling in 1998.


  85. alex

    wonder how much their copy of photoshop cost

  86. Anonymous

    “Yo, i wish i didn’t live in the suburbs.”

  87. Anonymous

    Maybe if we act tough the voices will stop.

  88. Kelli

    “Come on guys, we better get the cars back to my dad’s garage and put the jewelry back in my mom’s room before I get my allowance taken away!”

  89. sammyiscrane

    “Kriss Kross Will Make You Jump, Jump!”

  90. Anonymous

    Hey, hurry up and take the picture before the owners get back.

  91. Lay-Z

    Yo…its that hottest thing hittin the streets straight out of north side Chicago boyeee, the White Boy Playaz feturing Lite Bread, Caucasian Rob, and Fresh Bobby Vanilla

  92. vespa boy

    The boyz from the wrong side of seaseme street.

  93. Jim

    The rap trio pose for thier new album about life in the hood, “Please get your foot off my head i’m late for chess practice” goes right up to #1

  94. Anonymous

    The Bloods farm team at training camp.

  95. Anonymous

    look at those stupid wiggers

  96. SailorBob

    We be sraight from the West Side ghetto of Dexter Iowa foo

  97. egg

    vanilla Ice, snow,and eminen start the new rap group (cwa) crackers with attitudes

  98. Jordan Woll

    The “bad boy” from Nsync, the “bad boy” from Backstreet boys, and the “bad boy” from 98 degrees join together. Their record will be on shelves on thursday……and that’s where it’ll stay.

  99. Lynne

    I pity da foo who uses Photoshop to add more sparkle.

  100. Maxx

    Couldn’t get any more white if you made a sandwich with em.

  101. lyrcom

    Reason #1 for parents not to let their 15 year olds out of the house and into the public.

  102. Paddy

    We reckoned wearing headscarves and healing crystals would get rid of the lice but now they’re on the rampage

  103. Paddy

    Hey! Photographer! You promised to tell us what a ‘girl’ is…

  104. John

    Hello, police? You see, I live right across from the asylum… Yes, that asylum. Well, as I was fetching the paper this morning, the oddest thing happened…

  105. Elf

    ..Puh. Nuts.

  106. jere

    Fo Shizzle My Nizzle… SHiet….

  107. Adam

    the cover on the box of this gay porn was “Wow, look at us. We are friggin gay. What what.”

  108. tr

    Yo bruh, yo yellow sweat pants be killin da mood yo . . .word.

  109. Loonquawl

    “What do you mean we actually have to pay the credit card bill? I thought you said it was your dad’s card!”

  110. wurk

    Damnit, we all know white people can’t be cool. You don’t need to go a prove it.

  111. duster

    Jimmy felt weird when the photographer asked him to take off his shirt, but his friends said that it pays good money they get candy too.

  112. Anonymous

    “Yeah, we’ve been with lots of girls. No, really. Seriously.”

  113. Anonymous

    Future Jail Bitches Of America Officers, 2002

  114. Anonymous

    this is what happens when Boy Meets World comes agains the Eminem era.

  115. Allison

    I’ve seen this somewhere before….. oh yeah! at the middle school down my street…… damn lil’ punks!

  116. Christ Thalord

    someone needs to close-fist these bitches with some reality.

  117. jp

    Platinum-plated chains – 200.00; Camry deluxe low-rider megabass package – $11,500 each; Bugle boy extra slouch jeanswear – $22.50. Playing the background punks in the next ‘nSync video – priceless.

  118. sallamander

    Hang these three from the ceiling and shine a light on them and we’ve got a roller-rink disco ball.

  119. d.


  120. goo

    Since when did thugs start wearing flamboyantly gay shorts?

  121. Mamajama

    UMMMMMMM . . . . . . YEAH . . . OKAY??!

  122. Elli

    droppin bowz in my mitsubishi eclipse. you betta recognize!

  123. Elli...again

    “Hey guys, check out my Icy-Fros to the Bling Bling folex!”

  124. Mr. Ramon

    Still rockin’ they khakis with the cuff and the crease.

  125. FoxTrott

    Hey! Why these 3 ugly guys are blocking our vision ?? I want to see the cars!!

  126. Anonymous

    The New Three Stooges, this fall on the WB.

  127. jahmehl

    This is what happens when you shake the cover to JUNGLE FEVER

  128. Brian

    Yo, Drop Dem Zeros and Get Wit Da Hero!

  129. Shelley

    Michael Jacksone regrets bleaching his skin… so he has to act black.

  130. Pimp$hiT.ô

    They took the time in Photoshop or Paintshop Pro to make this picture, um, “bling bling.” Yet, they didn’t have enough time to correct the acne? Odd…

  131. dubz

    all right stop, collaborate and listen!

  132. diego

    Maybe I can hide my hilighter pants by making my jewlery shine.

  133. Drox

    How todays Obnoxious Youth act in todays filthy society

  134. Anonymous

    You whasssup man why yo lokin at us like that.. if ye dunt scazam me and my thugz we be bustin a cap in yo azz! Now scram! Biaaaaaaaaaatch!

  135. ninoBROWN

    H to the OMO
    G to the IZZAY!

    Holy shit! You couldn’t get more fag in a tabacco plantation…!

  136. n/a

    Totaly GAY! Wannabe? Somethin?

  137. n/a

    How you like my moms jewelery..

  138. Xenin

    i wonder how long it took them to work at mcdonalds to afford those rims.

  139. loteq

    Tinkerbells kids annoy the neighbors.

  140. vincent

    The Diaper Club

  141. oggie

    New Bling On The Block

  142. Anonymous


  143. Jan

    I Pitty the fool who touches my jewelery!…’cause my daddy is a police officer

  144. Akuma


  145. Samuel Clemons

    I hope Mr. T doesn’t find out that we took all his jewelery. BLING BLING

  146. no niguh with atitude

    loosers need i to say more?

  147. CloudNine

    I hope those guys over there don’t kick our asses for posing with their cars!

  148. Anonymous

    And kids think their parents looks stupid???

  149. Hecata

    White boys can’t RAP…er..jump for that matter!

  150. Xenin

    These 3 boys we’re last scene entering the area known as “Compton’s” and have not been seen for the past 3 months.

  151. magpie steve

    they look like they enjoy exploring each other’s rectums.

  152. Steven

    Not a gambling man but I’d bet the combined IQ of these three is less than the horsepower in that Mitsubishi Eclipse.

  153. Warren Fwy

    Posers who never been NEAR the ‘hood.

  154. Joan

    Three of the “Backstreet Boys” receive chemotherapy treatments…film at 11:00.

  155. Bloodthirster

    I’d kick their asses but I’m afraid they’d like it.

  156. Bloodthirster

    Anyone who messes with my niggaz messes with me.
    Mother: Steven stop posing for the nice photographer, diner’s ready*

  157. Don MatÈo

    Momma, their was this nice guy and he told us if he could preform anal sex on us he would would make us shine!!

  158. babylon

    the gene pool needs purging

  159. malice

    what rhymes with stupid?

  160. dh

    A’ight, yo. Anotha good meeting of the White Suburbanite Gangstas meeting. I’m bout to bounce to my crib and do some mu fukin’ editing in photo shop. Word.

  161. Anonymous

    It’s beginning to look alot like syphilis, boy is my ass sore. I picked him up at the five-and-ten he butt f*#ked me once an then, I saw the sores he had on his own back door….

  162. Anonymous

    I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…I’d like to show the world a joke…oh, wait that’s us. Sorry guys I got carried away.

  163. Benjamin

    I think they should have their penis cut off.

  164. Iwan Sjokotov

    Tough version of the Backstreet Boys

  165. joewk

    Mrs Mopp’s sons model the new dusting-cloth range

  166. essence

    – Hey dude, you know were we can buy dope?
    -… not really
    – shit dude, maybe we could change to straightedgers then…
    – yeah, we could…

  167. Dairenn

    “Peep this, homies–we look like this and we STILL get chicks!”

  168. Jade

    Which one is Baby Spice?

  169. genji

    Wanna buy a watch?

  170. duckinashoe

    the “dark and scary and really ghetto alley behind the backstreet” boys

  171. lady playground

    well, riding that car was really jolly and very very GAY !!!!!!!!

  172. coley

    dudes….you’re white!

  173. Babylon

    Bitch betteh have mah money……………………………………. mom can i have my allowance?

  174. teej

    Bandanas: $10, Jewelry:$2500, Tripped out sports cars with all the extras:$100,000, Livin’ the thug life: priceless

  175. Mad

    With little personality or style, the guys tried to attract women with old fashioned way… with shiny things.

  176. Drae

    When White boys go Black, on the next Montel…

  177. Anonymous

    Equality gone horribly wrong!

  178. Anonymous

    The Future Bitches of Cell Block D.

  179. 3gerFromBelgium

    Which bastard has stolen our bicycle …

  180. sumapqueailikethesquilpic

    inverted oreos unite!

  181. kittykat

    You hate us ‘cus were white, don’t you!

  182. kittykat

    You hate us ‘cus we’re white, don’t you?

  183. Fenris

    All that bling bling gangsta crap – $20424. Being made fun of on – priceless.

  184. Fenris

    In the ancient culture of the 21st century, large flashy jewelry and words like “bling bling biatch” were used as mating calls for adolescent boys.

  185. Tortured soul

    What is that they say, oh ya, BOING, BOING

  186. inked

    Born in an era when their own culture had been devalued and homogenized, a lack of family and community left them to figure out the world and their place in it completely on their own, and everything they saw, heard or read demanded they worship the twin evils of money and violence–these 3 boys are doomed. Wait, that’s not funny…

  187. Iron_Mike

    Maybe with the nice cars and flashy jewlery no girls will notice thier small penises

  188. Zorbs

    I have my arms crossed this way to hide the razor burn on my chest.

  189. kevin

    3 gay guys after a glad party!!!

  190. kevin

    This a a true picture for poser around the world.

  191. kevin

    Well we all know they like the coch!

  192. Travis

    you know you are a fag when you have fake jewlery like them and standing by neighbors car

  193. ozma

    someone should alert bea arthur that these guys have run off with her…everything.

  194. katrice

    y’all know the chuckem be tenda. biotches. and wha? (blink blink)

  195. ozma

    katrice say the ROSEMARY chuckem be tenda up—- granpappy say he need some cariBOU– the virtual vittles done made him celery sick

  196. joe


  197. TopWhizzer

    This one time, I saw two guys kissing in a park. That was the gayest thing I’d seen until I came across this picture…not literally, that would be hideous.

  198. Mikomadness

    Fag, Fag, and Fag.

  199. Dan

    Yes, they really do spend their whole day regulating their neighborhood while looking like ramrodded fudgepacks.

  200. Gram

    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  201. Jethro

    Top ten things not to do with your life:

    10)Buy spray paint to make fake chrome jewelry
    9) Pay your neighbor to take photos by his cars
    8)Buy clothing that still won’t fit you even if you weighed 500 pounds
    7)Try to look like a hardass even though you just got done watching the PowderPuff girls
    6)Regulate your neighborhood like your in a gang
    5)Try to get on the cover of XXL by taking gay pic’s like this and sending them to the magazine editor
    4)Buy fake tattoos and try to pass them off like the real deal
    3)Look Gay
    2)Act Gay
    1)Be Gay

  202. Karl Marx

    Some say its cruel to take pictures right before you beat the crap out of some people, but this was a kodak moment if I ever saw one.

  203. KiwiBird

    Someone please pull those bandanas down and buy them some clothes…

  204. Beaf

    Their speed in bed is comparable to each ones car on the road, respectively.

  205. Beaf

    5 minutes later a real gang rolled by shot all three of the wigers and stole everything.

  206. Anonymous

    Auditions for the porno spoof, “Came in 60 seconds” only found three boys willing to apply.

  207. Ken

    “Were the White Boyz, We take no crap, We just deliver – The White rap”
    “We like your shirt, We like your tie, We even like your wife – Just kiddin’ guy”

  208. bobbyDigital

    New Kids On The Bliz-ock

  209. DrMynx


  210. Anonymous

    …were think were such hot shit

  211. Sim

    The gene pool just dried up.

  212. CD

    really officer we were not having gay sex out here in the woods….i lost my gold tooth under the front seat and we all got in the back seat to find it…and and all of our pants down around our ankles????well it got real hot, ya know with the phat leather seats in my ride and all….

  213. CL

    man, for an antidote to this wackness, come check the update for

    see you in hell

  214. zatterat

    All this cash, cars and jewels, and we still can’t hook any ass.

  215. C-Man

    Which ones abercrombie and which ones fitch. I recognize – boyeez

  216. stimps

    bwahahaha…you fools actually think posing like that is gonna make you more popular?? BWAHAHAHA morons…:P

  217. ldydestiny

    Hey, you on the left, when is your sex change opperation?

  218. nathaniel


  219. cutetexasgal



  220. cutetexasgal

    Huh, huh……Hey, Beavis….think we’re gonna score?

  221. cutetexasgal

    “…..and all the girlies say I’m Pretty Fly – FOR A WHITE GUY

  222. cutetexasgal

    Ice, Ice Baby, duh-duh-duh-duh-dada-duh-duh
    Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby…………


  223. B-Man

    Eddie Murphy: You know honey, our son’s sure are pretty when they put on there chains and bracelets. Do you think we should tell them they are adopted now?

  224. Anonymous

    see, people really do buy this act

  225. Anonymous

    mid-west-siiiiide! /\/\ \/\/

  226. Don

    “word to ya motha”

  227. DUDE


  228. Anonymous

    This picture is from a website. These guys put the site together to make fun of people who are actually like this. I have lost the address or I’d post it. It’s a halarious site. If anyone else knows the addy post it please.

  229. alan seaton

    yo check da pants, yeah thats right their the color of my pops fishing bait, whats up?

  230. Resisobilus

    Once the effects began appearing, Eminem’s producers furiously rechecked the subliminal messages they had put in for the error.

  231. Les

    And to think, our future is in their hands – God help us all!

  232. annonymous

    All you people that have something negative to say about these boys are stupid, jealous, shall I go on!… Who cares if their wiggers, their hot, especially the one in the middle, he’s on fire!!!!

  233. Anonymous

    All you people that have something negative to say about these boys are stupid, jealous, shall I go on!… Who cares if their wiggers, their hot, especially the in the middle, he’s on fire!!!:O

  234. Anonymous

    Grandma to grandkids: “The fast car and the partially exposed underwear caught my eye, but it was the fake sparkles on his gaudy jewelry that made me fall for your grandpa.”

  235. Anonymous

    does anyone know their names?!?!?! Please write me back!!!!

  236. BillyJoeBob

    Dude, I gotta get my moms bracelets back before she takes away my Prelude.

  237. Max Capone

    Kinda makes you long for the good ol’ days when kids just pretended that they were devil worshippers to freak out Mom and Dad.

  238. ?@Ò‡n„ –e £a M?ÄÆtÈ!

    The finalists for the Vanilla Ice look-a-like contest.They have the right gay looks but can they copycat like the one and only?

  239. B

    GOT HOMO??

  240. Reut

    Bad Boys for life!

  241. cheeta

    hey guyz ur lookin pretty sexy…..


  242. K

    Neon Green Pants- 15$
    Cheap 80’s costume jewelry- 29$
    Bandana- 2$
    Stupidity- Priceless
    There are some things money can’t by for everything else there’s jobs at Burger King.

  243. fred

    This is gayer than Liberace singing ‘where are the men’ while standing in a sperm shower.

  244. d stinch

    Geez, where can I start, how about the nice zits on the left,and the sweet yellow wind pants on the 80’s man in the middle (is that a fanny pack in the back you are hiding), and without the kid thats built like his anorexic sister on the right we wouldnt have big brother and friends cars. Thats a total of 200 pounds of pure muscle between all of them, So lookout ladies they might stare at you, but as soon as their mom turns and looks in the back seat of her 88 aerostar shes gonna slap ’em.

  245. k

    Here take my money!!!
    I dont want trouble


  246. duckami

    baby cause I’m a thug…all day everyday

  247. Jade Shelbi

    Oh yeah, we ghetto, fo’ shizzle.

  248. AK

    Fathers, Keep your Sons inside, or the fags trio will get them!!!

  249. Scott S.

    It’ the “Toss Salad Gang”!
    They practice on each other.

  250. Chris H

    This Is why women should swallow more often

  251. yogurt

    Good god, Vanilla Ice has children!?

  252. Digital Thug

    Shit! I should have putted on my shirt… My tits are standing up!

  253. Digital Thug

    Oh man! I should have putted on my shirt. My nipples are standing up!

  254. Jontar

    What high school freshmen do on the weekends after they get bored of frequent masturbation.

  255. Audiodoode

    Yo, when we be growd upp, we tradin dis stainless steel for some crazy, silly, gumby gold.
    Iss a bling thing, you wouldn’t unnastann.

  256. alex

    I never realized kids came out of the closet at such a yound age

  257. hollywood

    dont throw them a ball they might get confused and start jumpin around

  258. justin

    New Kids On The Block 2004. Tha Hardcore Tour. Coming to a city near you.

  259. corn fed

    We wish we was black

  260. Marclar

    Dudes, we’re gonna get sooo laid! No more wearing blindfolds and giving each other handjobs for us!

  261. Ncxikyu

    “I’m the white equivilent of Shaft!!!”

  262. Nicky gay boy

    “I’m the white equivilent of Shaft!!!”

  263. Trevor

    I’m wearing swimming trunks,But i better be careful when i jump in the pool,i might get my aunt’s jewlery ruined.And we have to give her the big poster that has cars on it back to her.

  264. Rusty

    goddamn WIGGERS, WIGGIN’ IT UP!!!


    Immature lil boys at its best!

  266. grizzlychicken

    Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

  267. Antonio

    Mom’s SURE to let us stay up after 11:30 now!

  268. Mario Lopez

    yo essay, this is comming straight out of the MEXICAN MAFIA u BETTER ACT like a regular old WHITE boy cause u aint in the ghetto, u aint poor, and u r NOT GANGSTER and take them mother fuck’n white tees OFF REMEMBER U R A WHITE BOY

  269. Mario Lopez

    you WIGGERS AGAIN {DAMN} let me give u a piece of edvice either u r born a banger or u have grown up in the ghetto and became a banger
    i’m crip’n Comptan

  270. Robert

    “You are under arrest!” Quote from the police.

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