This is the advantage of seeing the cruise missile before it hits.

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49 Captions for “boing”

  1. Wompum

    Habib just remembered he missed his camel.

  2. Karen Berreth

    “No, Ahmed, You’ve read that Pan story too many times.”

  3. Fenris

    this is funny but the 9/11 pictures arent huh?

  4. plankton

    Just a few seconds later tragedy would strike Pan-al-Arazeri and his lost boys when the hellfire missile launched from the unmanned CIA predator drone killed them all in a spectacular yellow-orange fireball. God Bless America!

  5. Anonymous

    i don’t get this

  6. Kim

    Your Tax Dollars At Work
    see article on real price of gas at
    First Blush

  7. Steve 1

    Afhan boy looks on as an Afghan warrior practises his new mutant powers of levitation

  8. corym


  9. BigM

    Next time on ‘Amazing Stories’: Osama will demonstrate he is no fake prophet by walking on water.

  10. bANAAL

    Midget attacks Afghan boy

  11. wb22gprix

    Afghanistan’s new war machine…the flying broom.

  12. Babylon

    Screw you guys.. I’m going home…

  13. James

    Oh no! The flying elves are back!

  14. bANAAL

    Because Abdul couldn’t pay for those expensive flight lessons he had to find alternative ways to fly into a building.

  15. ferkee

    Two Afgan youths proudly display their newest deserter ornament.

  16. Moscow

    I wonder where he will crash.

  17. Lex Mansky

    The lone member of the Taliban airforce takes off oh his broom

  18. wb22gprix

    Who’s making fun of somebody? There’s a guy seemingly flying in the background.

    When I submitted this, and when I saw this Associated Press photo on CNN, I was not thinking about people in Afghanistan, yeah it sucks for them, but there’s a guy flying in the background! Ok?

    But of course we can make fun of people with defects, facial piercings, and personal blunders, right?

  19. born

    Afgan soldier plays Quiddich.

  20. BanYas

    Trying to get away from his new found fame, Harry Potter seeks peace and quiet in afgan caves. Altough recognized, American troops shoot anyway.

  21. SickCylo

    Abdul’s secret weapon: the float shoes from final fantasy.

  22. xoot

    Was it the wine?

  23. fkline

    The Taliban Space Program: yet to cross the 10 foot high mark

  24. Pete

    Afghani piÃ’ata

  25. Anonymous

    war is not funny.

  26. Raymond

    i have a towel on my head! fuh fuh fuh.

  27. Anonymous

    The man in the background was hung when he failed to observe the school zone.

  28. ComaCleaR

    Crouching Afghan, Hidden Laughter.

  29. zorba


  30. Anonymous

    Ha ha. All these people are gonna die. Sweet.

  31. Waldo Izenta

    “They made a special seat, just for me guys! Wheeeee!”

  32. Kilroy

    It’s comin right for us!!!

  33. The Beaver

    Abdul was happy to jump on the trampoline untill it was his turn to drive the tank.

  34. Big M

    Mohammed lives! and he’s flying high once more…

  35. Big M

    Revenge of the flying Afghan Warriors

  36. MalCog

    Afghan tank captain makes ingeneous use of captured taliban as a mine sweeper.

  37. 9Nails

    Tank bungee-jumping, the next X-treme sport in Afghanastan!


    Boing! This is a Holy War! Boing! I walk on air! Boing! All praise Alah! Boing! This is a Holy War! Boing!

  38. Drake

    After surviving severe bombings, Abdul jumps from his tank and breaks his neck.

  39. Anonymous

    The Afgan Flintstones Musical opens production with “The Great Gazoo”

  40. Anonymous

    yeah, those tanks can be a bitch when they sneak up behind you and scare the shit out of you. really makes ya jump, eh abdulah? heh, heh.

  41. Lauren

    Unbeknownst to the soldiers, the new Afghani tanks come equipped with an “ejection seat.”

  42. kowcop

    they are now cleverly disguising their catapaults as tanks.. look out

  43. alan seaton

    Dude I thought the DMV revoked your dad’s Jaheed anti-aircraft tank license?

  44. Joe

    Dude.. izzat.. I think it is! Harry mohhammad Alzear Ackbar Potter

  45. Impfac

    A small band of rebels attempt to capture a strategic child in Afghanistan.

  46. bubba

    man these anti-gravity boots ROCK!

  47. corn fed

    look its mary popings back there!

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