boo bomb


What the bomb squad does for fun. [from tyson]

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74 Captions for “boo bomb”

  1. athadamus

    one second later a Mushroom cloud was all that could be seen for miles

  2. andrew

    all though it seemed like a good idea at the time, johns prankster days were soon to be over

  3. Brian

    Dude, I have your legs in this magic bottle!

  4. Mark

    What The???

  5. hero

    That day a part of Jim died. Not because he was embarassed by the prank, but because it made him cut the wrong wire and explode.

  6. Jack

    The Big Bang, the sequel

  7. mystic

    mark claimed that one day they would look back on this moment and laugh and laugh……
    …..frank disagreed…pulled out his revolver and shot mark in the face

  8. Kat

    unhealthy work inviorments

  9. Katharina

    Pesten op het werk!!

  10. Don Mat├ło

    Hey, Mike, this really is the BOMB!!
    Your jokes blow, Steve!!

  11. dave

    I know my keys are somewhere in there!

  12. dadro

    This is for that time you stole the Ring Dings out of my lunch, dickhead.

  13. babylon

    cure for constipation

  14. simoo

    birthdays were always fun in the squad

  15. Van H.

    John never trusted the jokes of Frank to be totally harmless. Quickly understanding the possible implications of this particular one, he threw down his shovel and ran like hell…

  16. dh

    Dude! I found your Crown Royal! You don’t have to do this!
    Alcoholism kills.

  17. brian

    Mulder and Scully at the Boardwalk

  18. Steve 1

    Dr. Pickering is about to try out a hole he has spent decades digging… from England to France. The evidence of his labours covers the landscape. Some say he is mad. But he would have forgotten his lunch, had a colleague not spotted the oversight just in time.

  19. Adam

    i love watching Bob shit his pants in these suits! They’re soooooo self contained

  20. Benjamin

    Oh shut up! It’s just a bomb!

  21. mary

    the US Special Forces had found the bomb, but alas, it was time for lunch.

  22. Iwan Sjokotov

    tik tak tik tak tik tak…………

  23. zagood

    Just then, Private Stapinsky realized that without a lighter the “Flaming Poo” trick was reduced to a bag of shit in his hand.

  24. xoot

    Don’t blow the bomb yet! It’s time for lunch!

  25. siddslater

    We have secretly changed Joe’s prank bag with a bag of dog shit. Let’s see if he notices…..

  26. Anonymous

    Heh, we’ll see who’s ‘Defuser of the Month’ after this! Damn suck-up.

  27. Lay-Z

    Hey sarge, I found the bomb those Al Quada guys left, now all I have to do is….. (PVT Jones of EOD’s last words)

  28. Anonymous

    Ahhhhhhhhh..Mann…I really shoudln’t have had that extra bean burrito last night…I think I have the runs…I can barely hold it…I think I will just cut the red wire and get out of this friggin suit…

  29. Milo

    Ok, this is it, I’m commiting suicide. Just cut the wire and my shitty life will over in a sec. I won’t feel a thing, everyone will think it was an accident. 3…2…1…

  30. b00mHauer

    BOOM baby !

  31. Salamander

    April Fools Day reaches the desert with a bang.

  32. Jade

    Pop goes the weasel…

  33. Pretty Big Duck

    Tatooine (AP): Before entering the Sarlac Pit, the xenobiologists wanted to make sure they had their trusty bagged lunches.

  34. Shocky

    Ok, I’m cutting the black wire…gosh, defusing a bomb is the most nervewracking thing I can imagine….

  35. Cybbis

    Hey Jimmy, I can’t get this bag open… ah you’re busy.. never mind… I am just gonna open this the easy way.

  36. bert the squit

    Im telling yer we get a lot more oxygen in here than in that bag

  37. Alex Kaseberg

    Right after the prank, Larry cleaned out the crap in his suit and then beat the crap out of Stanley.

  38. Raymond

    I have no hair

  39. AliasMoze

    Even after the notorious paper bag affair, Bob’s his hiccups remained.

  40. -=Ken.Mr=-

    bomb squat testing their new protective suites… : it’s paper-bag-resistant

  41. Bert

    Listen, John ! Think I found a way to raise our danger-bonus !

  42. Mr. Ramon

    Those are the 2 biggest turds I’ve ever seen, man. You better check them out to make sure they’re not bombs while I fart into this paper bag and then pop it in your ear.

  43. xjr

    heehee… he’s gonna kill me for this one! …*BANG*

  44. mr snuggles

    and then george turned away and cried with disgust “why is one of your hands a bag and the other one so small and shrivelled?!”

  45. Nick

    I thought Gilligans Isle ended a while ago…

  46. Anonymous

    hey man, you lunch is here.

  47. Anonymous


  48. Anonymous

    Damn, I forgot. He can’t hear a thing in that helmet.

  49. thecraichead


  50. Justin

    “Ok, If i just cut the red wire here, and put it here.” BANG!!!!!! “Christ! You damn fool, I’m going to kill you!”

  51. gunrunner

    hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville…

  52. phuc-u

    next week on Jackass

  53. ktownman

    How funny is that!!!!!!!

  54. Anonymous

    Court marshall.

  55. Beaf

    Where did I put that land mine again?

  56. Mikomadness

    Afghanistan egg hunt.

  57. fisher

    Allright, Ted, the hole to Afghanistan is finally dug. Now hand me that Blimpy fart you’ve been saving and we’ll show Osama what it really means to screw with America!

  58. kuuk

    i know a guy that sucks dick…

  59. Anonymous

    If only his this bag was his sac…

  60. scooby

    Definition of a bastard

  61. B-Man

    Webster’s definition of a SONOFABITCH!

  62. james h

    Vacationing at the Bikini Islands just isn’t what it used to be.

  63. mugwump

    OK OK you win … heres your lunch bag back … but my Mom says you have to go play in your own yard this afternoon

  64. Anonymous

    This worked for Speedy Gonzolaz once

  65. bob

    mua-hahahahahahaha evil laugh

  66. bob


  67. SatansPuppy

    Clear..We Need A Doctor!!!

  68. Atrocity

    When we landed on the moon, many thought it was a hoax. But this photo prooves we can make it as far as pluto. Now what bitch!

  69. K

    Pop, BOOM!

  70. Audiodoode

    A new, proactive approach demonstrated by the new shipping & receiving supervisor at “Stool Samples R Us”.

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